2023 in Book Serie

2023 in Book Series

Hello readers! I hope you’re well. Today I want to share with you my 2023 in Book Series. As you know I love reading series, I enjoy keeping track of all the series I started, completed, and ongoing throughout the year. So here are the series I read, loved, started and still reading that might finish in 2024 and I hope you find one of these interesting to binge read.

2023 in Book Series

Total Series I started and finished – 7
Ongoing series completed – 2
Series started – 4
Ongoing series still need to finish from previous year – 1

Series I started and completed in 2023

1. Winternight trilogy

Winternight trilogy

Without doubt, the best series I read in 2023. Perfect mix of politics, magic, myth, folklore, complex characters… everything I love in fantasy series.
My Reviews – The Bear and the Nightingale | Girl in The Tower | The Winter of the Witch

2. Twisted Series

Twisted Series

Most addictive series I read in 2023. I have often said they are not I would say unique and I was often not comfortable with sex scenes and yet I couldn’t put this series down. But I loved all the characters and their development in the entire book. This hooked me to spicy romance and I’m sure going to read more books by the author in the future.
My Reviews – Twisted Love | Twisted Games | Twisted Hate | Twisted Lies

3. Brutal Birthright

Brutal Birthright

Not the best or perfect series but yes it was something different than usual romance I read. This definitely made me want to read more mafia romance.
My reviews – Brutal Prince | Stolen Heir | Savage Lover | Bloody Heart | Broken Vow | Heavy Crown

4. Love & Tacos

Love & Tacos

They were not 5 stars. I loved the Ramon and Julieta more than Kiss Me, Mi Amor but I enjoyed the representation of Latin-American life and culture. I think there might be a third book as each book features the Montez brothers and there is a third youngest brother.

5. Adam Binder Series

I enjoyed White Trash Warlock and Trailer Park Trickster was my favorite but I was not satisfied with the end of Deadbeat Druid. It felt there was still something missing. But yes, this was different from other paranormal books I have read and I really enjoyed this trilogy.

6. Meandering Magicians Series

Fun and interesting middle-grade magical mystery series. It is great for young readers age 10 or more.

7. Adventures of Little Shambu

Another children’s book that me and my kid enjoyed. of course, she is too small to get the whole story but I’m sure kids age 7 or more will love this chapter books series.

Ongoing series caught up/completed

8. King of Scars

Rule of Wolves was my most favorite book in 2023 so that says enough about this. It was an epic conclusion of the whole grishaverse. I still hope there are more books in this world.

9. The Ledgendborn Cycle

Bloodmarked was not my most favorite in this series. I loved Legendborn but in this, I didn’t like Bree. I hope the third book turns out better than this.

Series Started and going to read the rest

10. Kings of Sin

Absolutely loved King of Wrath and King of Pride. It’s even better than the Twisted Series.

11. The Little Duck Pond Cafe

This I kept seeing around the blogosphere for a long time. I started this as soon as I subscribed to KU. Read first 2 novellas – Spring and Summer at Littke Duck Pond Cafe. It’s 25 novella series. I might be wrong but I think it’s still on going. I don’t know if I will read all of them but I’m sure reading 1 every month this year.

12. Lovelight series

I read first book, Lovelight Farms, and i really enjoyed cozy and fluffy vibe. I don’t have rest of the books yet but I’m sure going to get them and read as soon as I can.

13. Fractalverse

Enjoyed Fractal Noise in 2023 that I found a little slow but I have heard TSISOS is fast and adventurous so I’m sure I’m going to love it. I still need to get it and I hope to read it in 2024.

Ongoing series Still need to Finish from Previous Year

14. Sherlock Holmes

My Reviews – A Study in Scarlet | The Sign of Four | The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes | The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes | The Hound of the Baskervilles

What was your favorite series in 2023? Check out my 2023 in Book Series in this post and let me know if you have read any of these and loved them. Share on X
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