Authors I discovered in 2022
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Authors I discovered in 2022

Hello readers! Who doesn’t like to discover new authors! At least I do and I read lots of new authors throughout the year. No matter how late it is for this post I’m sure going to shoutout all new-to-me authors I read in 2022 and enjoyed their books so much that I’ll be looking out for every other book they have written or will write in future. Here is the list of New Authors I discovered in 2022 and highly recommend these books if you still haven’t read them yet-

Authors I discovered in 2022

Authors I discovered in 2022

1. Elizabeth Everett – A Perfect Equation

I read historical romances the previous year but I think this author truly made me fall in love with the genre.

2. Sally Page – The Keeper of Stories

Like I said in my Best books of the year post, The Keeper of Stories was a gem of the year and I can’t wait to see which other precious stories author creates.

3. Amie Kaufman, Jay Kristoff – The Illuminae Files

I know both these authors are world popular and I’m late reading their famous Illuminae series but after reading the series, I know why they are popular and I’m sure I will enjoy all their individual books too but as much as their co-written series? That I have to see.

4. Beth O’Leary – The No-show

I have previous books by the author in my kindle so I can’t wait to read the author’s books. Hopefully, I will be reading them this year.

5. Tessa Bailey – It Happened One Summer

I plan to get sequel and other books by the author. They have been in cart for some time now.

6. Jordan Ifueko – Raybearer duology

If you are fan of fantasy and still don’t know about Raybearer duology, I’ll just say put aside all books on your TBR and read this. Author created a fantastic and mesmerizing world that I’m sure any fantasy lover would love it. As for me, I’m sure will be reading all future books by the author.

7. Nan Fischer – Some of it Was Real

At first I was a little hesitant about Some of it Was Real but it exceeded my expectations. It turned out really good and I absolutely loved the characters and concept of the book.

8. Kristin Beck – The Winter Orphans

I will just say I love love loved The Winter Orphans and I would sure love to read more from the author.

9. Pernille Hughes – Ten Years

Ten Years wasn’t the best book for me this year but yes, I enjoyed author’s writing and I would love to read more books by the author in future.

10. Freya Sampson – The Lost Ticket

I loved the way author created a story keeping Bus 88 at the center. It was a unique, wholesome, soulful story of the year.

11. Kristan Higgins – Out of the Clear Blue Sky

I kept seeing books by the author around the book world for some time but finally, when I got a chance to read her books, I have to grab it and I’m happy to say I absolutely enjoyed the author’s writing. As of now previous books are quite costly for me but if I see the price going down or find them in the library, I’ll get them.

12. Jessica Martin – For the Love of the Bard

I just love the idea of Shakespeare-obsessed hometown and romance in it and it had my favorite second-chance trope. I never read or watched any Shakespeare drama but this book made me wish to watch them all.

Thank you for reading! Let’s chat..,

Have you read any of these authors and their books?
Are any of these on/will be on your TBR?
What new authors did you discover in 2022?

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