Favorite New-to-me Authors in 2019 (Part II) #FavNewToMeAuthors

Hello readers! I’m continuing my favorite New-to-me Authors list. I hope you enjoyed Part I, if you missed the post here is the link Favorite New-to-me Authors in 2019 (Part I).

1. Sally Hepworth


The Mother-In-Law was character driven suspenseful domestic noir, a twisted family drama. It was story about dysfunctional family, money greed, obsession, loss, life struggle, and a complicated mother-in-law and daughter-in-law relationship. Characters made this book most intriguing and addictive. They all were flawed. They all had problems, problems they could solve if they have open to each other, shared feelings, and have dealt it wisely. There were so many things in the Book that stopped me to brood over while reading. I enjoyed this complicated and thought provoking novel.

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2. Zoe May

So I read 2 books by Zoe May in 2019. When Polly Met Olly which was cute and heartwarming and Perfect Match which was last book of the year and I haven’t published review of it (it will be up on 17th this month). Both books featured online dating but differently. In When Polly met Olly main character worked as matchmaker at dating agency who dreamed to be photographer while in Perfect Match protagonist tried to find her perfect dream man through dating site and was wannabe author. Both books showed quirks of online dating with good twist and turns, wit, humor, romance and insight.

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3. Megan Goldin


The Escape Room was riveting psychological thriller with revenge game arc and smart corporate setting. All characters were developed, unlikable, selfish, ostentatious, ruthless some even hateful. I enjoyed the action both elevator and former life employees. One can solve the mystery before second half started but the fun was to know whys and hows.

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4. Paula Daly


Clear my Name was amazing discovery. It was unique and clever thriller. Author did amazing job with plot and characters. I loved the concept of miscarriage of justice and work of Innocence UK. It was not usual thriller, story was slow and steady. It was like reading two stories simultaneously, one of Carrie who was wrongly convicted and another of Tess, not just her investigation of Carrie’s case but her personal life. Mystery and characters kept me filliping the page. The description of murder, characters, evidence, police procedure, and investigation was flawless. I’m sure I’ll read more books by this author.

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5. Christina Dalcher


Vox was most mind-blowing dystopian science-fiction book I read in 2019. I kept recommending this book throughout the year. I absolutely loved this setting which was horrible, sickening, and outrageous. It was mind-blowing, provocative, suspenseful, gripping, terrific and disturbing novel. I’m so excited for author’s new book ‘Q’ coming out in April. I’m goin to get it as soon as it’s out.

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Last post had 3 thriller author and this has 4. I read only few thrillers in 2019 but they all were good.

Let’s discuss!

Have you read any of these book or other books by the same author?
Which new authors and books you discovered in 2019?

Happy Reading!!

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