Favorite New-to-me Authors in 2019 (Part I) #FavNewToMeAuthors

Hello readers! 2020 has started nicely but I’m not reading new book by new author as of now. I still need to finish review requests I got in 2019 but that’s not the topic here. I would like to tell you all about new authors and their amazing books I discovered in 2019. There were many new authors I discovered, (that reminds me to add a count of New and old author in 2020 excel sheet). Most of them were great and few I were okaish but it always amazing to read something new and fresh.

So, here is list!

1. Miranda Rijks

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I have read just one book by Miranda Rijks and I can say she write amazing psychological thriller. Deserve To Die was thrilling, tense, spine chilling, unnerving, addictive and intriguing page turner. It was written flawlessly. I loved author’s style the way she kept the nervousness alive from the very first page and it didn’t die until the end. It was clever book with intricate plot that kept me guessing the next move of that horrible villain. I have another one in my kindle ‘You are mine’ by Miranda Rijks and I cannot wait to read it and rest of the book by this author.

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2. Jennifer Donaldson


In last 2-3 months I mentioned this author and this book of her ‘I Know You Remember’ many times. This was fabulous YA psychological thriller that I keep recommending. It was about obsession, dysfunctional family, abusive parents and their addiction issues, friendship and jealousy. It had many layers. That big twist at climax was mind-boggling. Characters, plot, twist and end everything was perfect in this book. I wish to read more books by Jennifer Donaldson.

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3. Jo Jakeman


Safe House was clever psychological thriller. The plot was layered with elements of misreading and misjudging a person, guilt, betrayal, manipulation, lies, deceit, blind love, unhealthy relationship, and facing past to give it closure. Gripping writing, suspenseful plot, intriguing characters and atmospheric setting left me wanting to read more by this author.

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4. Liz Davies

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Liz Davies wrote this lovely, entertaining, humorous, realistic relatable romcom with lots of family drama. It was feel good story that had a good message of importance of sharing burden, being supportive, understanding each other’s perspective, and bringing back the spark in relationship and enjoying Christmas as a family. Writing was wonderful, entertaining and engaging.

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5. Malia Zaidi

I discovered Malia Zaidi through Emma’s blog tour and I got to read all 4 books by her. Lady Evelyn Mystery series was compelling cozy mysteries that I enjoyed so much and kept recommending throughout the year. It was historical mysteries that was about post war trauma, social values and prejudice, scandals, social differences and preconceptions, tragedy, dysfunctional family, finding peace with past and learning various aspect of humanity. Phew, many insightful topics were covered throughout the series with exquisite, graceful and flawless writing. Each book had wonderful setting and mysteries that I loved to solve along with main character. Hmm, I don’t know if the series continues or not but I would love to read more from this author.

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There are more new authors and their books I discovered in 2019 but I didn’t want the post too long so, I will post part II tomorrow. I hope you enjoyed the post and may have found new books and authors to add to 2020 TBR.

Let’s discuss!

Have you read any of these book or other books by the same author?
Which new authors and books you discovered in 2019?

Happy Reading!!

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