Best books I read in 2021

Best Books I read in 2021

Best books I read in 2021

Hello Readers! Usually, I post these best of 2021 posts in January but this time I wanted to write them in December like all end of the year posts should be. As you all know I read many good books and most of them ends up either 4 or 5 stars and there were around 40 5-star read! You might think that’s unbelievable or I’m too kind in rating books but trust me when I say I’m just lucky to enjoy most of the books I read. Now as for the Best book I read in 2021, it’s definitely foolish to list all 5 star books her and of course there were best of best books. So, I’m going to list only those best of best books that I loved so much and were unforgettable and I will keep recommending as much as possible.

Best Books I read in 2021

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Waiting For Tom Hanks by Kerry Winfrey

Waiting for Tom Hanks was lovely and entertaining romcom that revolved around Annie Cassidy’s search for her own Tom Hanks- her true love like romcom movies and Tom Hanks she adores. This was adorable, refreshing, sweet, and entertaining romcom with hate-to-love arc.

Asian YA Romance

A Taste For Love by Jennifer Yen

A Taste For Love was cute YA Romance that revolved around Liza trying not to be caught in potential Asian boyfriend trap set by her mother. This was heart-warming, delicious and fluffy Asian YA Romance with lovely characters and entertaining plot.

Women in STEM

Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood

This was amazing and entertaining romance that revolved around Olive a PhD grade student and Adam, a faculty member tangled into fake dating by accidental kiss that turned into something much more dangerous, love. Fun, refreshing, cute and steamy, and fast paced romance with all amazing trope and main character as a woman in STEM.

Romance with book store setting

The Beach Reads Book Club by Kathryn Freeman

The Beach Reads Book Club was heartwarming and uplifting romance that revolved around Lottie Watt, her book club, and bookstore owner Matthew Steele. A delightful, uplifting, entertaining and sexy romance with many hilarious moments and wonderful characters.

Rich People Problems

Rich People Problem by Kevin Kwan

This was best finale of Crazy Rich Asians series. It revolved around drama among three generations of three big family branches of one crazy rich asian family over disposition of vast estate now that the matriarch of the family was on deathbed. It was entertaining, gripping, fun, dramatic, and bittersweet fiction with some lovely, some insightful, and some poignant moments.

LGBTQ romance

Under the Whispering Door by T. J. Klune

Under the Whispering Door was beautiful paranormal LGBTQ romance that revolved around Wallace Price, a ghost, and his time at Tea shop (a way station after death) with ferryman that brought tremendous change in him. This was so original, refreshing, touching, heartfelt, and uplifting contemporary and paranormal M/M romance.

Historical Fiction

The Invisible Woman by Erika Robuck

The Invisible Woman was brilliant biographical historical fiction that was based on a real and very famous American woman who played heroical role in history. An inspiring, emotional, raw, gritty, well researched and well written biographical historical fiction about extraordinary American spy of the history.

The Dictionary of Lost Words- historical fiction novel

The Dictionary of Lost Words by Pip Williams

The Dictionary of LostWords was brilliant and well researched historical fiction that revolved arounds Esme, Oxford English Dictionary edited by James Murray, and how words shaped and defined Esme’s life. it was thought-provoking, informative, realistic, well researched and perfectly written historical fiction that read like memoir of Esme and OED. 

historical fiction review

The Berlin Zookeeper by Anna Stuart

The Berlin Zookeeper (previous title, The Zookeeper’s Daughter) was powerful historical fiction that revolved around the Berlin Zoo and its keepers. It was emotional, heart-breaking, and well written #historicalfiction that gave different view to Germany in WWII.


Shadow and Bone trilogy

Ruin and Rising by Leigh Bardugo

Ruin and Rising was strong final book in The Shadow and Bone trilogy. It was impressive, fascinating, entertaining and perfectly written.

Six of Crows

Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

Six of Crows was mind blowing and brilliant YA fantasy that revolved around Six characters and one impossible heist. It was thrilling, adventurous fantasy with so many twists and turns, amazing characters, and brilliant plot. 

Crooked Kingdom

Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo

This was fantastic sequel to Six of Crows that revolved around Kaz getting back one of his crew member and also what they were promised in the beginning of Six of Crows. It was was mind-blowing, brilliant, and perfectly written sequel to SoC with amazing world and characters.

YA fantasy

Six Crimson Cranes by Elizabeth Lim

Six Crimson Cranes was my most anticipated book of the year and like other books I read by Elizabeth Lim, this didn’t disappoint me. It revolved around Princess Shiori and her six brothers turned into Crane trying to break their curse and save their kingdom. This was efreshing, magical, enchanting, intriguing and beautifully written YA fantasy.

The Queen of Nothing

The Queen of Nothing by Holly Black

This revolved around Jude coming back from her exile, finding the scheme of her father to get the crown, and being the true queen of Elfhame. The Queen of Nothing was brilliant, fascinating, fast paced, flawlessly written YA fantasy with a mindblowing plot and characters.


The Inn at Tansy Falls perfect armchair travel

The Inn at Tansy Falls by Cate Woods

The Inn at Tansy Falls was hearwarming contemporary Women’s Fiction that revolved around Penelope Swift, aka Nell, and her visit to Tansy Falls that changed her life. It was was uplifting, delightful and feel good women’s fiction with beautiful picturesque setting making it perfect armchair travel and adventure. 

perfect book for spooky season

The Lighthouse Witches by C. J. Cooke

This revolved around Nordic folklore and mystery of missing Stay family. It  was dark, intense, atmospheric, chilling and engaging mystery with Gothic vibe and sci-fi and paranormal element made it perfect for Halloween read.

Thank you for reading! Let’s chat…

Have you read any of these or planning to read next year? Which were the best books you read this year?
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