Savage Lover by Sophie Lark
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Savage Lover by Sophie Lark – mafia romance with fast and furious vibe

Savage Lover is a refreshing, thrilling, and action-packed mafia romance with fast and furious vibe.

Savage Lover

Savage Lover (Brutal Birthright #3) by Sophie Lark

Publication Date : September 16th 2020

Read Date : October 26, 2023

Genre : Romance / Mafia Romance

Pages : 417

Rating: 4 out of 5.


Previous Books in Series –

Brutal Prince (Book 1)
Stolen Heir (Book 2)


Two people who believe they’re unworthy of love… until they meet each other.

Camille Rivera is drowning. Her father’s sick, her brother’s in deep with a dirty cop, and her mechanic shop is failing.

Nero Gallo is the neighborhood psychopath. As vicious as he is gorgeous, Camille has watched him burn through every girl in a ten-mile radius, breaking hearts and never, ever getting attached.

Which is why she can’t believe it when Nero saves her from a seriously sticky situation. They’ve lived next to each other all their lives — is it possible she never really knew him at all?

Camille is about to learn that the only thing more dangerous than trusting Nero is falling for him.

The Lark Notes:
I like to call Savage Lover my “James Dean meets Fast and the Furious” novel. Nero is a mood — he’s passion and anger and violence wrapped up in an all-too-tempting package. Camille is completely down-to-earth and she’ll do anything for the people she loves. They’re opposites, but exactly what each other needs. – Sophie

“Savage Lover” is the wild and reckless third act of the “Brutal Birthright” series. It’s a stand-alone bully Mafia Romance, complete with HEA and no cliffhangers. It contains blazing hot bedroom scenes for mature readers only!!!

Review of Savage Lover

Savage Lover is action-packed and thrilling mafia romance that follows the story of Nero Gallo and Camille Rivera.

Camille is poor girl who works in her father’s garage for a better future for her younger brother but when he gets involved with the wrong type of people suddenly she is buried under a heap of problems – she now owes a drug dealer and has to work for him to pay off that debt, her father is sick and need surgery but they don’t have insurance, and an opportunist police cop is hassling her for information about drug dealer she is working with, and their mechanic shop is failing.

She hardly has time to keep herself afloat and even less for the neighborhood’s heartbreaking and violent psychopath, Nero Gallo. But when he helps her out of blue, it’s hard to miss the connection. She has seen him fighting and sleeping with almost every girl in the town since high school but she never really knew him and once she starts getting to know him she learns the most dangerous thing than Nero himself is falling for him.

Writing is as good as previous books. I’m surprised to see there was less violence and feels less mafia book than previous books. Unlike previous books, this focuses less on family and more on romance and plot. Cars, heist, and chase adds more thrill to the story.

Both Camille and Nero were amazing but it’s hard to say who I liked the most. Camille has lots of baggage. It was heartbreaking to see other kids giving her hard time in school because of her work in the garage and who her mother was. She is hard-working, selfless, and loyal. I loved how she stepped forward to save her brother and never bent under the weight and pressure of all the trouble in her life.

It was amazing to see her facing the drug dealer and also the cop. She is more bad-ass than I thought and she is real fighter in this story. It was lovely to see her finally having one person with whom she could open up and be herself.

Nero is crazy, impulsive, unpredictable, and reckless. Like his family, I never imagined him to fall for anyone before this book. I didn’t take him seriously before this book as I thought his father and Dante who actually made plans for something and he just acted on it or did whatever they said. But I could see how wrong I was to underestimate him. I liked the way he came up with a solution for their recent problem and how he planned the whole heist was amazing.

His past trauma was touching, it made me want to hug him. It was one of the things that connected him with Camille and also cars. I knew he loved his car from the first book but didn’t know he made it himself. His passion for cars is similar to Camille’s. It was lovely to see him care for Camille and how he protected her, respected her, and fell in love.

Romance is as the characters were, crazy, hot, and burning, but there is also build-up. It’s also different from normal romance as there is no normal dating. Their first kiss is after the car chase with the police, they share their secrets when one of them is high on drugs, their dates are visiting each other in their garage and sex is more in the car than in bedroom. Both Camille and Nero felt like made for each other.

Climax is action-packed and adrenalin-filled. I couldn’t guess how Nero would shake off that cop and carry out the heist and what would happen once the cop knew what he did but all was wrapped perfectly. I loved that official family meeting at the end. Now I can’t wait to have Dante’s story.

Overall, Savage Lover is a refreshing, thrilling, and action-packed mafia romance with fast and furious vibe.

You might like Savage Lover if you like,

Mafia romance
Fast and Furious vibe
Strong heroine
Opposite attracts
Bad boy/Good girl
Rich boy/poor girl
Action-packed plot
Spicy romance

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