Trailer Park Trickster (Adam Binder #2) by David R. Slayton

Trailer Park Trickster by David R. Slayton is thrilling and addictive urban fantasy

Trailer Park Trickster is entertaining, fast-paced, thrilling and addictive urban fantasy about secrets and family drama with a complicated plot and relationships.

thrilling and addictive urban fantasy

Trailer Park Trickster (Adam Binder #2) by David R. Slayton

Publication Date : October 12, 2021

Publisher : Blackstone Publishing

Read Date : March 28, 2023

Genre : Paranormal / Urban Fantasy

Pages : 285

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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They are my harvest, and I will reap them all.

Returning to Guthrie, Oklahoma, Adam Binder once again finds himself in the path of deadly magic when a dark druid begins to prey on members of Adamโ€™s family. It all seems linked to the death of Adamโ€™s father many years agoโ€”a man who may have somehow survived as a warlock.

Watched by the police, separated from the man who may be the love of his life, compelled to seek the truth about his connection to the druid, Adam learns more about his family and its troubled history than he ever bargained for, and finally comes face to face with the warlock he has vowed to stop.

Meanwhile, beyond the Veil of the mortal world, Argent the Queen of Swords and Vic Martinez undertake a dangerous journey to a secret meeting of the Council of Races . . . where the sea elves are calling for the destruction of humanity.


thrilling and addictive urban fantasy

Trailer Park Trickster is the second book in Adam Binder series that starts right where the first book White Trash Warlock starts taking Adam back to Guthrie to figure out what happened to his great aunt, Sue, which leads to digging old graves, a family reunion with complicated and twisted history.

Writing is engaging, imaginative and steady-paced with alternative dual perspectives of Adam and Vic. Adam’s perspective is all about investigating Sue’s death and other unfortunate events that indicated the Binders are the target of the evil druid while Vic’s perspective takes us to ‘the other side’ which is all about two Elf Houses on the verge of war and Elf politics.

Most of the time when it’s the dual perspective I like the one better than the other but here both perspectives are amazing. It gives more depth to the world and characters. The plot, like the previous book, is as complicated and serious but this time all the dry humor and conversations made me laugh and smile just as much. Like the plot, the relationships between characters are as complicated.

Adam is just as Amazing as first book. He is lovely, kind, compassionate, and just as wrapped in all the complicated feelings and doubts. I’m amazed how he saw the positive side of everything his brother and Death did, and also how readily he jumped in harm’s way to save relatives who weren’t good to him. The author emphasized his goodness in many ways indicating how it makes him different from the general nature of the warlock and it’s the biggest reason why he caught the attention of the powers of the world. It was interesting to see the change in his power and what he did with it.

Robert was really good in this book. I loved he was making up for everything wrong he did, being there for Adam, trying to understand him, his magic, and offering to help him even though he wasn’t powerful like him.

Vic is perceptive and adaptive. He learned fast about the world and his connection with Adam from Argent. He cared about Adam and I loved how he was ready to accept everything about him and related to him and it is also why he was mad at Adam for keeping so many things from him.

In Adam’s defense, he reacted exactly the way Adam expected but at the same time, it told more about him. He was shielded in love and a happy childhood that kept the innocence in him alive but after what happened in the second part he was forced to shed that innocence and question how he sees things and look at it from the angel he never thought he would as a cop. It was the most emotive scene in the whole book and I felt for him. I loved how he came around it and what changed his mind in the end.

I absolutely loved Argent and Silver. They are starting to grow on me. I could see why Adam liked them even though he felt weary around them. They both were amazing, they both cared for Adam and so for Vic. I have soft spot for Argent and I feel bad for Silver too for what he had to do. I can’t wait to read more about them.

I wouldn’t call this romance so if you’re expecting that after first book, you would be disappointed. I wasn’t expecting it somehow so I felt fine with it. In fact, I liked author took it slow with Adam and Vic as their relationship was pretty new, Vic was new to Adam’s world and as specified in the first book both Adam and the world are pretty complicated. I loved how author tested their relationship here and how all the events strengthened the bond between them.

I loved the world even more. Many things are cleared more related to the world, its rules and schemes, and Adam’s power and actions, Vic’s power, and more. It was great to meet new characters, Winter elves of The Sea of the Land or Elves of the West and their power. Like the previous book, there is well-written LGBTQ representation, the layer of family drama, secrets, abusive childhood, poverty, and survival.

Revelation of the mystery behind the druid and its intention was well written. The twist and turns were not shocking but it was really good. I enjoyed the climax both in Adam’s and Vic’s perspectives. I was expecting a huge fight scene at the end but it was pretty short and also very surprising, ending the book with a cliffhanger and another hint of what is to come next.

Overall, Trailer Park Trickster is intriguing, entertaining, fast-paced, and dark paranormal urban fantasy about secrets and family drama with complicated plot and relationships.

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