Broken Vow
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Broken Vow by Sophie Lark – thrilling Mafia romance with a grumpy heroine/sunshine hero trope.

Broken Vow is fast-paced, action-packed, and thrilling Mafia romance with a grumpy heroine/sunshine hero trope.

Broken Vow

Broken Vow (Brutal Birthright #5) by Sophie Lark

Publication Date :  December 2, 2020

Read Date : December 3, 2023

Genre : Mafia Romance

Pages : 347

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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I’ll Protect Her… Whether She Likes It Or Not.

Riona Griffin is gorgeous, intelligent, and iron-willed. My perfect woman, except she hates my guts.

She thinks she doesn’t need anybody. But she needs me.

She’s being hunted by an assassin who never misses his mark.

I’m going to stay by her side, day and night, keeping her safe. Riona thinks that’s a fate worse than death but I know she’ll learn to love me.

If this hitman wants to kill her, he’ll have to go through me first.

“Broken Vow” is the wild and dangerous fifth installment in the “Brutal Birthright” series. It’s a standalone Bodyguard Mafia Romance, with a HEA and no cliffhanger. Contains steamy scenes.


Broken Vow follows the story of Riona and Raylan that takes place sometime after the previous book. This time Riona is targeted by an assassin and not her brother from the beginning of the book bringing Raylan back into her life after their not-so-impressive-or-cute first meet.

Raylan wants to help Riona not just because Dante asked him to but because he finds her challenging and also because the threat is serious. Riona was lucky the assassin couldn’t get to her the first time but the second time wouldn’t be easy and they are at a disadvantage by not knowing why she is targeted in the first place and who is behind it.

Riona would prefer to die than have Raylan and his chatty charming self around her all the time but the more she knows him the more she starts to respect him and it shakes her belief and determination to never get serious with anyone.

It was interesting to see how this life-threatening situation brought them closer, who is behind the assassination, and what they would do once they were free of threat as they live a different life- Riona is corporate lower and Raylan is planning to get back to his cowboy life with his family.

+ Writing is engaging and fast-paced. Plot is action-packed with tense sexual chemistry. I enjoyed new characters along with the old ones. Surprisingly we see less of Gallos and Griffins and we get to know Raylan’s side of the family more.

+ I liked Riona and her honest, bold, and cold attitude that made her who she is. In the first book, I thought she craves for her family’s approval but as I got to know her more in this book, I think it’s just her who thinks she has to prove herself to everyone. She makes it hard for everyone to get close, even her own family but Raylan is persistent and I liked he was the one who could got through her ice fortress and made her loosen up a little.

– While I liked her development in Riona I didn’t like how she gave up on everything she worked for in the end. I get she was happy on the ranch with Raylan’s family but it still feels like she gave up a part of her to be with him as she gave a lot of herself to the firm and I don’t think it was a family obligation until she looked at it through that angle.

+Raylan is amazing throughout the book. I enjoyed his sunshine personality and charming attitude. I admired him from the first page. Like Riona, I could see he loves his family and his family ranch where he grew up and I was curious what made him recruit for the army and choose life all over the world. When that part was revealed I felt for him. His guilt and what he missed by getting himself recruited is portrayed realistically. But it’s his mother I felt for most. I was happy if Raylan followed Riona back to the city after everything but it’s for his mother I wanted Raylan to stay back with his family.

– While I liked him getting over his guilt and the chance he missed with his father and family, I didn’t like how he kept telling Riona she wasn’t really happy with corporate life and it was with him she was really happy which wasn’t wrong in a way but as I said she gave so much of herself in corporate life and it was her life goal so he shouldn’t judge it just so she could give it up and stay with him.

+/- Romance is hot and sexy. It’s not every time we get grumpy heroine and sunshine hero trope in romance and I’m glad to have it in this book. It was perfect. The only thing I’m not comfortable reading is BDSM.

+ The climax is tense, thrilling, and action-packed. I wouldn’t have figured out the culprit and after the revelation, I accepted the facts but the author surprised me with another revelation near the end. I never thought there could be more behind the first revelation and I was even more surprised by the identity of the person behind the whole plot and also the motif. I was impressed by how Riona fought with her attacker and with the culprit. End is happily ever after and lovely.

Overall, Broken Vow is fast-paced, action-packed, and thrilling Mafia romance with a grumpy heroine/sunshine hero trope.

I recommend Broken Vow if you like,

Grumpy heroine / sunshine hero
Cowboy hero and uptight city girl
Mafia romance
Bodyguard romance
Forced proximity
Assassination plot

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