First month of 2024

January 2024 wrap-up – first month of 2024

Hello reader! I hope you are well and had a great first month of 2024. January had been a busy month. A lot was going on and I hardly had time for reading and blogging so obviously my monthly goal went down the hill from the beginning of the month. I still managed to read in the second half of the month.

first month of 2024

January Highlights

Let’s start with something good. I received bookmail from Penguinster for my kid. They are for kids age 7 or more but she had reading material even though she doesn’t understand text well.

There were many social functions to attend this month. It was also our 11th wedding anniversary that half went in me working from home and my husband attending obligatory social functions with my in-laws. Not exactly a perfect day but we dined out and had a good few peaceful moments.

For the first time, I had a fight with one of the members in our flat or rather she came to fight with me because of my daughter. My kid hit her boy and according to her and the other kids she did it intentionally and I believe that, I never denied it I know she is mischievous and doesn’t understand it’s bad to hit anyone even in the fun, even after we have told her repeatedly. I made my kid apologize. I thought there was an end to the matter but no!

That boy’s mother said I should make her understand it is not right and yeah that was fine I would have done it when I took her home but me being foolish tried to tell her my kid is little and doesn’t understand such things which she took as an excuse. That made me defensive I said she said sorry so let’s not make it too big but guess her reply, she said “Your daughter didn’t even look sorry, you’re not looking sorry. As a mother you should apologise for what she did or at least say you would make her understand her mistake.”

Damn, I was shocked and offended as I don’t get how exactly one can make a 5-year-old look sorry enough! Why would I look sorry, they are kids, what does she expect? The only thing I could do was say okay fine, chill, and walk away.

Then there was some other family drama (they’re always on my husband’s side!). Can’t wait to see what happens in another social function in mid-Feb.

Reading Stats

Books read- 5
Pages read – 1353

The Best ones ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

All That Sizzles was the best book I read in January. I loved everything in this book- characters, theme, romance, their work life, family dynamics, unresolved family issues, and chemistry- and loved how well-balanced it was. It was a perfectly delectable fake dating romance.

If You Give A Grump A Holiday Wishlist was entertaining, fun, and short holiday romance with employee/employer relationship. Loved family dynamic in this as well and I’m definitely excited for the next book in the series to release this year. (review will be up next week)

Midaash and Maitreyi’s Magical Mayhem is a collection of retelling for kids. I loved the creative touch the author gave to old popular fairy tales. The magical setting and characters are amazing. (review will be up on 9th)

Almost best ⭐⭐⭐⭐.5

Next-Door Nemesis

The Next-Door Nemesis is entertaining, laugh-out-loud, and heartwarming rival romance. This makes amazing friends-enemies-lovers romance which is even better than just enemies to lovers. I absolutely enjoyed the banter, the pranks they pulled, and the chemistry. I’m sure going to read other books by the author pretty soon.

Good one ⭐⭐⭐.5

The Enforcer - Slow burn hockey romance

The Enforcer is enjoyable and steamy second chance hockey romance with all interesting tropes, and gripping writing but there was lots of angst, characters kept telling about their issues for most of the book that acting on it, and I didn’t even like their reason for break-up in first place which made it even too slow for my liking.

2023 Wrap Up

15 Best Books of 2023

2024 Reading and Blogging Goals

2023 in Book Series

Blog stats

Views – 14707
Visits – 11531
Likes – 288
Comments – 113

Comparative to last Jan turned out better in stats with just 8 posts published and also with me being not around as much as I usually am.

Plans for February

I’m going to mood read and hopefully finish A Day of Fallen Night that I put aside to read other books before functions starts in mid-Feb.

What was the best book you read in first month of 2024? Check out mine in this post. Share on X
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How was your first month of 2024?
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