All That Sizzles
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All That Sizzles by Sakshama Puri Dhariwal – delectable Bollywood vibe romcom

All That Sizzles is refreshing, heartwarming, entertaining, and delectable romcom that would make a perfect Bollywood movie.

All That Sizzles

All That Sizzles by Sakshama Puri Dhariwal

Publication Date : December 20, 2023

Publisher : Penguin Random House India

Read Date : January 27, 2024

Genre : Romance

Pages : 328

Source : Author

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Wedding planner Tanvi Bedi is all fired up about her new project, the $100 million wedding of a media heiress. The only hitch is her client’s wishlist chef, Nik Shankar, who avoids weddings at all costs. But there must be something—or someone—he can’t resist.

Nik Shankar’s inheritance is in jeopardy due to his estranged grandfather’s absurd caveat: marry or lose his ancestral home. When Tanvi storms into his office, a surprising solution emerges—Nik will do the wedding if Tanvi poses as his fiancée.

What starts a recipe for disaster turns into a delectable feast of fiery passion. As pretense blurs into reality, Tanvi and Nik must confront their inner demons before their charade goes up in smoke.


All That Sizzles is entertaining, spicy, and delectable foodie romance that follows Tanvi Bedi a wedding planner and Nik Shankar the Michelin star chef.

Tanvi is the $100 million wedding of a media heiress and one of their non-negotiable request is Nik create the menu for the wedding reception. The only problem is Nik is unapproachable. He wouldn’t respond to emails and would avoid catering to such a large crowd at all cost.

When Tanvi finally got hold of him Nik made a deal with Tanvi, in exchange for catering the wedding she has to be his fake fiance for few weeks so he could get his inheritance from his estranged grandfather. It was amazing to see how their animosity and pretense turned into irresistible attraction and something deep and real.

Plot is flawlessly engaging, entertaining and fast-paced with the right amount of banter, humor, romance, and drama with the theme of healing old wounds, mental health, and forgiveness. All characters added their own charm to the story especially Tanvi, Nik, Bed boys and Ruq.

Nik is introvert, observant, and caring. I loved how early he could detect Tanvi’s guarded exterior, could see the vulnerability behind it, understand her reactions, and respected her feelings even though she hurt him often.

His personal life is a closed book that created suspense about what happened with his grandfather, why he hated him so much and why a dilapidated mansion meant so much to him. When it was revealed in the second half, I liked him even more for living the dream of his loved one and at the same time wanting him to get closure of his issues with his grandfather. It made sense why he cared about the mental health of his staff more than getting fame and making money.

Tanvi is brave, straightforward, and responsible famous for her unbridled reactions and no-nonsense nature that I always admire in heroines. I enjoyed knowing more about her close circle that included her brothers and friends – Nidhi and Risha (they both have their own stories covered in previous books by the author and I’m definitely getting those books pretty soon). I loved Bedi boys. Even though their appearance was intermittent and not long, I enjoyed sibling dynamics and how protective they were of Tanvi.

I loved how the author represented mental health throughout the book, especially with Tanvi’s childhood trauma that she wasn’t aware of until she started experiencing panic attacks. She misinterpreting them and not taking it well until she gets help was all portrayed realistically. I loved how she accepted her flaws and worked on by the end.

Even with some serious and heavy themes of the story, there is humor aplenty, some heartwarming scenes, and many spicy and hot scenes written so perfectly. The chemistry between Tanvi and Nik was the chef’s kiss (pun intended) and the fake relationship added its own spice to their romance.

Overall, All That Sizzles is refreshing, heartwarming, entertaining, and delectable romcom that would make a perfect Bollywood movie.

You might enjoy All That Sizzles if you like,

fake dating trope
he falls first
theme of mental health and childhood trauma
Indian romance
foodie romance
big fat wedding vibe

All That Sizzles is refreshing, heartwarming, entertaining, and delectable romcom that would make a perfect Bollywood movie. #AllThatSizzles #romcom #foodieromance #fakedatingromance … Check out #bookreview by following the link. Share on X

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