If You Give a Grump a Holiday Wishlist
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Delightful Fake Dating Holiday Romance – If You Give a Grump a Holiday Wishlist by Ann Einerson

If You Give a Grump a Holiday Wishlist is entertaining, delightful, fun, and lovely Fake Dating Holiday Romance with a Hallmark vibe.

If You Give a Grump a Holiday Wishlist by Ann Einerson – Fake Dating Holiday Romance

Fake Dating Holiday Romance

If You Give a Grump a Holiday Wishlist (Aspen Grove #0.5) by Ann Einerson

Publication Date : December 7, 2023

Read Date : January 24, 2024

Genre : Romance / Holiday Romance

Pages : 180

Source : KU

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Should I have trusted my tyrannical boss when he promised he’d get me home for the holidays? Absolutely not.

He gassed up his private jet and decided he’d be joining me so we could close this massive deal before the new year.

There are three conditions to him coming home with me:

1. My family can’t know that he’s my boss (See note above about him being a tyrant)
2. I will absolutely be getting a big fat raise
3. He has to help me with my holiday wishlist

What’s worse than my boss stealing Christmas? Him pretending to be my boyfriend.

Since he’s faking being in love with me, my mom put us together in my childhood bedroom with just one bed to share.

When the mistletoe comes out, I can’t help but wonder what would happen if my hot as coal boss and I were underneath.

Jack Sinclair is nothing but determined to get everything he wants this Christmas and it looks like I’m at the top of his list.


If You Give a Grump a Holiday Wishlist is delightful and entertaining holiday romance that follows Preseley Stafford and her grumpy billionaire boss Jack Sinclair.

Jack is attracted to Presley ever since she stepped into his office but as she is his PA, he tried to keep things professional that made him look jerk, uptight ass**** who doesn’t give Presley time off. Presley applied for two weeks off to spend the holidays with her family but at the last minute Jack asks her to reschedule that she refuses to do at any cost so Jack invites himself to her hometown, Aspen Grove.

For Jack, it’s a perfect compromise as he gets to be with Presley outside the office but her family isn’t welcoming much when they lie Jack is her boyfriend and her family isn’t holding back about their opinion towards her tyrannical boss. But the more time he spends with Presley and her family, the more he falls for her and gets to be part of the close-knit family he never had before.

Presley isn’t happy with the change in her holiday plans with Jack tagging along to her hometown and as he is now her fake boyfriend they have to share her childhood room with one bed at her home. But the more she knows about him outside the office the harder it becomes to resist her feelings for him.

Writing is entertaining, gripping, and fast-paced with dual perspectives. I loved the description of the characters and setting of Aspen Grove and the two weeks of holiday tradition that was full of fun, Christmas spirit, and many heartwarming moments.

Presley is bold, lively, kind, and fun. I loved her confidence from the beginning, how she stood up for herself, and how she called out Jack to his face for being a jerk and his disrespectful. I’m just surprised it worked in her favor. I’m sure if I tried that I would be out of job and yet I wish I had that sass in me as well. I loved how she could understand Jack and how spending the holiday with him made her happiest.

Family dynamic was amazing. It was lovely to meet Presley’s family. I was also surprised along with Jack to know she came from a rich family who are richer than him. They are down-to-earth and unlike him not a single Stafford worked during Holidays. Her mother was just fabulous. She is really something and I loved the trick she played that I couldn’t figure out until it was revealed. Her three protective older brothers- Harrison, Dylan, Cash- added more fun to story. I felt sorry for Jack for the prank they played and at the same time it made me laugh and appreciate their love for Presley even more. Lola (Dylan’s daughter) was the best, she has that Stafford gene in her and I can see her turning out more like Presley.

Jack is young billionaire who built his company on his own. He is loner and isn’t close with his family. With most of his staff, he is unapproachable, intimidating, uptight boss who never cared for them. Even with his attraction towards Presley, he tried to treat her the same that didn’t work well when they were forced to spend the holiday together in one room.

I liked how being around Presley and her family made him realize how bad his behavior was. Even though his reasons were not wrong looking at the professional aspect, I liked how he owned up to his mistakes and won heart of not just Presley but also her family.

Romance is great filled with tropes, banter and hot and sizzling chemistry. I liked there was less drama here and the issue wasn’t that big between Presley and Jack. What I loved most is how the author balanced romance, family relationships, small-town setting, humor, and holiday spirit in this short novel.

The reaction of her family to finding out Jack is Preseley’s tyrannical boss is both fun and surprising. Climax was beautiful. Absolutely loved Jack’s proposal. I wanted to shake Presley for ruining it but I’m glad it wasn’t long-lasting and the way Jack pursued her later to change her mind. The end and epilogue is perfect. I can’t wait to read next books in series as soon as they are released.

Overall, If You Give a Grump a Holiday Wishlist is entertaining, delightful, fun, and lovely Fake Dating, Small Town Holiday with Hallmark vibe.

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Hallmark vibes
Amazing family dynamic

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