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Your Secret’s Safe With Me by Rosie Travers
Publication Date :
February 18th 2019
Publisher : Crooked Cat Books
Read Date: March 26th 2019
Genre : Romantic Suspense / Humor
Pages : 289
Stars :★ ★ ★ ★ ★ /5

Career girl Becca Gates’ organised life is thrown into chaos when her mother, romantic novelist Pearl, announces her surprise engagement to Jack, a man she has only just met. 

Worse news follows when Pearl tells Becca she intends to leave London, quit writing, and retire to her new fiancé’s idyllic waterside home on the south coast. Becca is determined to prevent Pearl from making a disastrous mistake, but when she at arrives at Rivermede, more shocks await when she stumbles upon a familiar yet unwelcome face from her past.

As Pearl embraces her new life amongst the local sailing fraternity, Becca receives a grim warning that all is not as calm as it seems at picturesque Rivermede, and if she wants to keep her family safe, she should keep them away. 

But why should Becca trust the man who has betrayed her before, the man who broke her heart, the man who thinks he knows all her secrets?

Your Secret’s Safe With Me was a lovely Romcom, Women’s Fiction that revolved around Becca, her life, her relationship with her mother and Rivermede. It was about mother-daughter relationship, family drama, coming out of shadow, secrets and romance.

Becca Gates aka Rebecca was 39-yrs-old single workaholic editor and her mom’s PA. She was sensible and practical one of the family. She supported her mother through thick and thin. She was like second mother to Freddy. She was so good at keeping secrets. She didn’t confront her mother or jack about things she learned during her stay and even kept quiet about Alex’s real identity. She perfectly fulfilled the title of the book. But I didn’t appreciate her going along her mother’s wish settling at Riveremede while her heart wanted something else and then groan about it. But I could understand her concerns and staying at Riveremed did well. It helped her develop, come out of her mother shadow, found projects to work on independently and on the top of it she found her life and love.

Pearl Gates– Freddy and Becca’s mother- bestselling author of romance novels was wealthy, stubborn and notorious woman. At the beginning I felt for Becca, I could understand her concerns, protectiveness and frustration. Sometimes mothers can be tough to handle and she was epitome of it. But As I rea more in the book, I could see why Becca loved her even after all her faults. She was fierce, razor-sharp and protective mother who knew how to handle difficult family situation.

I also loved the way Freddy developed at the end. He really messed up his life but at the end his mind turned into right direction. All secondary characters were interesting to read and I loved to know them throughout the book.

It had captivating prologue and start. It began with Pearl announcing her engagement with Jack whom she met on cruise during her eight weeks holiday. This was her third attempt of happily-ever-after and Becca knew it was going to be as disastrous as her previous marriage and so she was determined to stop Pearl from making another mistake. But as soon as Becca visited her mother at Rivermede, she got to know her mother’s plan to settle at Rivermede. Jobless and houseless, Becca went along with her mother’s wish. Little she knew she would face her past she buried under her work 15 years ago. Past that warned her about secrets and danger lurking at the picture perfect Rivermede.  I couldn’t just put the book down without getting all the answers.

This was really interesting story and Becca’s voice made it refreshing and amusing. Her way of describing thoughts in both realistic aspect and in her inherited writer’s imagination was remarkable. Writing was flawless with beautiful picturesque setting of Rivermede, Jack’s riverside house which was exactly a novel worthy location. I enjoyed all the book titles characters imagined throughout the book.

What I liked most was, the way author layered main theme with village and its history, community and some well-known families of the village, gossips and dispute among them, and small stories of side characters- Jack, Stella and Mary. Pearl and Becca’s past and their journey towards success and riches was another favorite part of the book.

I also loved mother-daughter relationship. Their conversation/banter was realistic and it made me chuckle throughout the book. Their relationship was unique and lovely. I could see why Becca felt protective for her mother and Freddy and how it made her both frustrating and love them fiercely.

I started to like this characters coming out of shadow and second chance arc. And this book presented it brilliantly. All twist and turns were perfectly written, some I could guess, while some I couldn’t. I was all jittery at climax, I was eager know how the plan will work and how Pearl will react. End was satisfactory and delightful happily ever after. Epilogue was so so amusing. 

Overall it was juicy family drama and romance with quirky interesting characters and beautiful writing. I highly recommend this book. This was one of the best 2019 read.  

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Author Bio –

Rosie Travers grew up in Southampton on the south coast of England and loved escaping into a good book at a very early age. After many years juggling motherhood and a variety of jobs in local government she moved to Southern California in 2009. With time on her hands she started a blog about the perils of ex-pat life which rekindled a teenage desire to become a writer. Now permanently settled back in the UK, Rosie takes inspiration from the towns and landscape of her native south coast and enjoys writing heart-warming stories sprinkled with mystery, tragedy, comedy and romance. Rosie’s debut novel, The Theatre of Dreams, was published by Crooked Cats Books in August 2018. She is a member of the Romantic Novelists Association.

Social Media Links –

Website | Twitter @RosieTravers | Facebook | Instagram: @rosietraversauthor | RNA Profile

*** Note: Many thanks to author and Rachel for providing e-copy, in exchange for an honest review. ***


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