2023 wrap up

2023 Wrap Up – Yearly Highlights, Reading and Blogging Stats

Hello readers! Happy New Year! May you all get more opportunities to grow, love, and smile and read many more amazing books this year. Have you all published your 2023 Wrap Up?

New year comes with resolutions and goals, more promises that most of us or at least me can hardly keep throughout the year and yet this beginning of the year is still my favorite as I love to look back on how my, and also, everyone’s 2023 has been through favorite moments, books, numbers and colorful graphs.

So have a look at my 2023 Wrap Up

2023 wrap up

Yearly Highlights

  • We moved into our new house – Most of the year went into interior design and work but it was amazing to finally move in in August. It was sure one of the best things in our life.
  • My kid is fully potty trained – It has to be on the top looking at how much struggle we had for this. (it’s over! finally!)
  • Loved seeing so much improvement in my kid’s speech and conversation skills. – I remember last year this time I was saying we needed to work on it as she couldn’t even answer the questions we asked. Now she speaks a lot and we have to divert her to something else.
  • I loved seeing my kid turning into “mini-me”.
  • I started receiving Penguinster book mails – It was amazing to get more books to read with my kid.
  • My Kindle died around mid-year. Because of foolish choices I made years ago, I couldn’t retrieve the books I had in it so I still don’t how I’m going to read and review older NetGalley arcs! (Now I read books in kindle app on my iPad and phone)
  • I enjoyed making embroidery frames for my new house.
  • I got a job. (I had site revenues but it only paid for hosting not the books I wanted to buy. Now I wouldn’t have to rely on gifts or husband’s mood!) I can’t help but sing “I can buy myself flowers books…”
  • Of course, it wasn’t all rosey and sunshine. There has been a thorny bush I couldn’t weed and dark clouds that still hover but I’m not going to focus on that here.

2023 Reading Stats

So here are everyone’s favorite graphs –

My Excel shows 102 so I don’t which one Goodreads missed! Also, some books had more pages than the edition I selected in Goodreads and because of that there is also pages difference.

Books Read102
Total Pages Read28180

I could read most in June and December. September was the worst in reading and blogging.

I read Romance and Fantasy more. I wouldn’t mind if my blog turned into a Romance and Fantasy blog but I think that might take more time as I still love historical fiction and sci-fi.

I’m most surprised with this. I thought I read more ebooks as I receive many e-galleys and now that I KU subscription. It might be because of more series I read and also the book I received.

2023 Blogging Stats

Last year I wrote 140 posts. I expected less time to write posts this year but looks like I did better than I expected.

I was noticing more views every month but this is still a lot.

I should read more books like Twisted Love! ๐Ÿ˜‚

It’s finally good to see India in the first 3.

Thatโ€™s it! I hope you all had an amazing 2023.

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How was your 2023?
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