Why I Don't Listen Audiobooks
Discussion post

10 Reasons Why I Don’t Listen Audiobooks #DiscussionPost

This is the most discussed topic and I have commented so many times on fellow bloggers’ posts Why I Don’t Listen Audiobooks that I can write post just by combining those comments.

It’s not that haven’t tried audiobooks. I listened ‘The Jane Austen Society’ book last year and only tried because I was also given an e-book as well. I liked listening it but at the same time I wasn’t comfortable listening audiobooks. Here is why-

Why I Don't Listen Audiobooks

10 Reasons Why I Don’t Listen Audiobooks

1. I’m used to words in front of eyes. It makes me focus on book, I can remember things easily. It makes me visualise scene or story more clearly. That didn’t happen with audiobook.

2. I love the feel of book. It’s also a reason why I prefer physical books.

3. I felt it took more time listening audiobook than e-book or physical copy. If you don’t know I have 2 years old daughter. She sure would make me pause and replay in middle of sentence countless times until I finish the book.

4. I get easily distracted with audiobook and then I have to go back listen again which makes it tiring and longer time to finish the book.

5. I can’t possibly figure out where I left. I do remember, replaying whole chapter because of this reason.

6. Difficulty in taking notes. It’s irritating to pause and play every time I want to note down something.

7. I can’t bookmark page, highlight sentences, or check meaning of the word. How do you exactly bookmark in audiobooks in hr/min/sec?! That would be jumble of numbers in my notes. I love to highlight quotes. I even highlight things I don’t want want to write note, small things like family, characteristics of family member, setting, places mentioned in book. I don’t think that is possible with audiobook. And let me be honest, English is not my first language, I can’t spell all words or names I’m not aware of or places correctly. I wouldn’t even know the meaning of some new words. It would be pain to google them specifically if I don’t know the right spelling.

8. What if I want to search something in book? I didn’t take note of something but I do remember a particular word in book, something I want to include in review, if it’s e-book it’s easy to search, if it’s paperback I’m sure I would know where that might have appeared, it might be difficult but I will find it eventually but I think that is impossible in audiobook.

9. Accent – I recently read somewhere reader didn’t like accent, and had difficulty in understanding what was being said and ultimately the story. Well, Britishers taught us Indians English but we have our own dialect and it is said what we speak is Indian English. I’m not sure if I can exactly understand American English! Different accent that has difficulty in understanding is serious issue for non-English person.

10. They are costly! Now that is most important point. My pocket isn’t exactly overflowing with money, is it? If I have that much money I would acquire all special edition books than spend it on audiobooks. I’m thrifty person by blood and nature. I wait for a year or more to get huge discount on books.

Would I try Audiobooks in future?

I don’t think so! Maybe if I have e-book or physical book along with audiobook. Or only if someone is going to create an app that has highlight, bookmark and search option for audiobook. Even better subtitles like movie!

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Thank you for reading! Let’s chat…

What do you think about this post?
Do you agree or disagree with my points?
Do you Listen Audiobooks? Why and why not?
Which book format you love most?

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Hi, I'm Yesha, an Indian book blogger. Avid and eclectic reader who loves to read with a cup of tea. Not born reader but I don't think I’m going to stop reading books in this life. “You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.”


  • ashley @ socially awkward bookworm

    Great post! I actually like audiobooks, especially when I am doing mindless things and have the time to listen. BUT if I don’t like a narrator’s voice, then I end up not liking the book or have a hard time wanting to listen. At that point I usually quit listening to the book and read it myself.

  • Jazz

    I’ve never actually listened to an audiobook, but I keep meaning to give them a try. I know quite a few people who listen to them while doing other things, like walking, working out or even just doing housework. Despite not having listened to one yet, I still think audiobooks are great as they give people who might not necessarily be able to read a physical book – such as visually impaired people or people with reading disabilities such as dyslexia – the opportunity to enjoy literature. Great post!

  • Lashaan Balasingam @ Bookidote

    Audiobooks definitely isn’t for everyone. I’ll always prefer written word over oral. How am I supposed to appreciate the writing too if I only hear the words? 😀 And it’s so true that audiobooks are insanely pricey! 😮 Great post, Yesha!

  • Tarang

    So relatable, every point makes sense. I haven’t tried audiobooks. I don’t want to. I want to read, not listen someone saying so many things for such a long time.

    But thing is that I didn’t think I would ever be comfortable with kindle books but now (that I have the device, thanks to my brother. I wouldn’t have bought it myself) I prefer Kindle version as I find it convenient. But that’s different, no?

    • Books Teacup and Reviews

      So glad you agree with these points. I tried two audiobooks actually. Second I forgot to mention here as I stopped listening that in middle and started reading ebook. The Jane Austen Society was much better, I got it from publisher and has voice of Richard Armitage so obviously I’m being a bit partial but the point remains same- It took me longer to finish the book no matter how much I enjoyed Richard Armitage’s voice.

      I was using kindle app before but after the device I enjoy reading eBooks. I still prefer paperbacks but I agree Kindle device is convenient and books are more cheaper than audiobooks. I don’t even have to buy, all I need to send file to kindle so I say there can’t be any comparison with audiobooks. It’s totally different. 😃

  • Rabbit Hole Reader

    Totally agree! The only time I have ever been able to focus on them is when I’ve been on public transport – they bore me to be honest. This is what non-readers must feel like about books in general :o!

  • WendyW

    Another great discussion post. I agree with your points, and I’ll add one more. I don’t listen to many audiobooks because they take so long to get through. I can read a book much more quickly. But, back when I had a long commute they were a lifesaver.

  • Lady Tessa

    My mind totally wanders when I try to listen to an audio book. I do better when I go on a walk by myself but usually I have someone with me so it doesn’t give me enough opportunity to finish even one audiobook.

  • Briana | Pages Unbound

    I don’t really listen to audiobooks, and a lot of these are the reasons why! I can’t stand half the narrators, it takes forever to listen to a book, and I get distracted and miss 50% of it anyway. I never thought about the accent thing much, but I would say I have some difficulty with accents in general. I watch Doctor Who with the subtitles. :/ So I can see that people might struggle with particular narrators in that regards.

    • Books Teacup and Reviews

      Thank you for your opinion and glad to see you agree with me. I used to watch all shows with subtitle. Now that I’m watching more and reading books I don’t often need it but it can be issue for readers with different accent like me. At some point we stop pausing and rewinding to understand what is being said and just go along with it. Like you said half of the time we are distracted and won’t have enough grasp to write proper review.

  • Claudia DCD

    Love how a lot of the problem was an inability for notes, cause same! Only time I did an audiobook was when I was so sick, I had lost that inner narrator voice while reading. So I popped on an audiobook, at like 1.5x speed and grabbed the book to follow along.

  • Teri Polen

    I didn’t get into audiobooks until a few years ago. Sometimes the narrator can make or break a book for me – I’ve come across some wonderful ones and others made me quit listening. I usually listen to one when I’m doing things around the house, but if I still had a little one at home, no way would that be possible, lol.

  • Dilip

    I listen to audiobooks because it gives me the comfort of doing it when I working out, jogging etc. Having said that, I really don’t enjoy audiobooks. Primarily because I like the feel of the book in my hand and that joy of physically flipping the pages as I read. And another thing about physical books is the fact that I can show off my library (haha)..
    Nice post. Enjoyed reading.

  • Mischenko

    I agree with everything you say here, Yesha. For me, it’s mainly a distraction issue. I don’t like to have to take lots of notes, and I always feel like it’s a must with more in-depth audio stories. Sometimes the narrators ruin it for me too. Every now and then it’s works out nicely though.

    Excellent discussion post! ❤️

  • coffeestarsbooks

    I’ve never managed to get on with them. The few times I’ve tried, I’ve gotten so distracted that I forgot I was even listening to something, and had to start the book again :’) I just can’t concentrate on them. But even though they’re not something I enjoy, I am really pleased that audiobooks are a thing, and that they make reading more accessible for people.

  • Maya Rajesh

    i agree! i actually don’t like audiobooks at all; they are slightly weird. i love pronouncing names in my own way and it ruins some of the fun of reading the book your way

  • happytonic

    I agree with all your points! Incidentally, this is why the level chose for my audiobook challenge this year is Weekend Warrior-5-10. I do majority of my reading on public transport and it is very difficult to listen to audiobooks on trains because of the noise level.
    Great discussion point, Yesha!

  • Joanne

    I have recently become a fan of audiobooks but can relate to a lot of what you say. They definitely take much longer than reading an actual book! I can’t just sit and listen as my mind would wander. So I listen if I’m in the car, or out for a walk or pottering in the garden. It’s a good way for me to ‘read’ extra books. I know what you mean about them being expensive though. I did have Audible for a while but now use my library app as I can listen for free from there. 😊

  • Noriko🌷

    I used to listen to audiobooks but I no longer, either. There are way too many hit-and-miss with audiobooks because A) I am awfully particular about narrators, B) my listening skills still leave a lot of room for improvement which means I need to rewind over and over, and C) I want to have some room for my imagination.

    Just like you, I can digest and process a book much better with physical format (including e-books). I also highlight and add short notes quite often but I cannot do that with audiobooks.
    But I think my biggest niggle with audiobooks is the fact that sometimes audio delivery (aka narrators’ performance) have me harbor negative impressions toward characters. To elaborate, there are times when a dialogue is totally fine in writing but kind of off-putting or even annoying with audio. Some characters may come across aggressive or stuck-up than they actually are.
    In a nutshell, I don’t want to have any narrator intervene my imagination. I want to have my own image about a character than force-fed one represented by the narrator.

    I don’t think I’ll ever go back to listening to audiobooks unless my eyesight goes extremely bad and need to resort to audiobooks. Great post, Yesha! Love this discussion 🙂

    • Books Teacup and Reviews

      Thank you, Noriko! You included so many important points and I agree with you. I have heard from readers that they enjoyed book reading themselves but couldn’t while listening the same book. Narrators make huge impact when it comes to audiobooks.

  • Anindya

    Absolutely right you are. Audio books are a complete no no for me. Audio for me is strictly restricted to music and radio, and tv for audio visual. But, for reading, it’s either physical books or e books these days. Books cannot be heard, they should be seen and read. Nothing can replace that.

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