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Hello readers! I hope you all are well and had great week. My week had been a little better. I read one book and finished one started last week.

We took my daughter to Small children’s nature center in my hometown. It was much needed change and we had fun time. She loved it there. She didn’t like to go near ducks and turkey (probably found them too big) but loved rabbits, even touched one that was close to enclosure.

We watched a documentary movie, Seaspiracy, in Weekends on Netflix. It was really jaw dropping and shocking. I can’t believe if this keeps going by 2048 (if my memory is correct that’s the year they said) there wouldn’t a fish in Sea!

Last Week I Read

Rea and the Blood of the Nectar by Payal Doshi

This was was enjoyable, refreshing, adventurous middle grade portal fantasy set in India and magical parallel world. I enjoyed reading character growth, information on new world and family dynamic. If you love portal fantasy, parallel world, mesmerising world with lots of information, #ownvoice book with Indian culture, I recommend this book.

Ruin and Rising (The Shadow and Bone Trilogy #3) by Leigh Bardugo

Unlike most readers, I enjoyed this last book in trilogy. It was great to read more legends and myth of the world even at the end of trilogy. This gave answers to questions I had related to world and characters. It amazing to see how Alina and Mal would get out of the underground prison of Apparat, find Nikolai, amplifier and face Darkling again. Surprising part, Mal was much better and I loved Zoya. Romantic aspect was not that enjoyable. I wanted to shake Alina few time and yell “make up you mind, girl” but in face of overall enjoyment it paled and I could overlook it.

Currently Reading

Grief of the Undying (Ichorian Epics 3) by Emilie Knight

Time flowed around the Blood Warrior, Pen, who hardly noticed. Stuck in her own personal hell, stories of her powers spread, while she remained hidden.

Now a city that she has wronged is threatened by the Fang of Stymphalia, a serial killer stalking the night, leaving the corpses of women in alleyways with their throats torn out. Queen Aethra expects Pen to find this killer and save her people as penance.

Pen wants to right her wrongs and restore the Warriors’ honor, but she couldn’t protect her own family. How is she meant to save an entire city?

As she hunts the madman, she’s under more than the watchful eye of the queen. A stranger follows her in the shadows, and the gods themselves are watching Pen. She must find the Fang before more blood is spilled, discover the identity of her stalker, and hope the gods will leave her be.

I have read and enjoyed previous books in this series. It’s interesting world of Gods and demigods exists and revolved around Pen- the Blood Warrior, distant descendant of Maniodes, son of Nyx- who was punished with Undying curse for imprisoning Nyx (that was covered in previous book). I’m midway through this and it’s interesting to read world and Pen facing her past mistakes, guilt of hurt inflicted on others, trying to be better person and help people.

Next I’ll be Reading

Ozma (Faeries of Oz #3) by Candace Robinson, Amber R. Duell

At Ozma’s birth, the witch, Mombi, abducted and cast a spell on her, turning the infant into a male. Only when Ozma broke the witch’s curse did she discover who she is—the True Queen of Oz. Her freedom is short-lived when the Wizard, hungry for her power, imprisons her in a dark, brutal world, cut off from Jack and her magic.

Jack, too, was stolen as a child, forced to toil as Mombi’s slave. When he believes his lover died, Jack loses himself to an array of companions, while plotting his escape from Mombi.

Once Ozma is returned to the Land of Oz by a savior’s magic, she seeks to reunite with Jack while vowing to kill the two fae who ruined their lives. However, neither Jack or Ozma are the same as they once were. They must put their heartache aside to journey across the unforgiving land to stop the Wizard and keep evil from sweeping over the territories.

Perfect for fans of Laura Thalassa and Sarah J. Maas 

I was thinking to read this before month end but I had to take Grief of Undying first as I totally forgot about it. But I’ll be reading this in weekends and hopefully can finish it as soon as possible.

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Thank you for Reading! Let’s chat…

How was your week in reading? Anything exciting happened?
Have you read any of these books?
What are you planning to read this week?

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