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The Ancient Evil Versus The Good Boy by Zachary Finn @vulpine_press // impressive paranormal novel

How far would you go to save your pet? Would you fight evil? Jon in this book did that! The Ancient Evil Versus The Good Boy was impressive paranormal novel with lovely and strong bond between Jon and his dog-Desmond and myth and legends related to burial ritual in Nepal.

impressive paranormal novel

The Ancient Evil Versus The Good Boy by Zachary Finn

Publication Date : June 18th 2021

Publisher : Vulpine Press

Genre : Paranormal / Horror

Pages : 242

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.


When Jon Riley begins volunteering at the Richter Street Animal Shelter, he hopes it will help bring some purpose to is life. After all, who doesn’t like hanging out with a few dogs after a tough day at work?

Jon quickly finds himself befriending, and eventually adopting, a mysterious dog named Desmond. But that’s when the problems start, and soon Jon and Desmond find themselves fighting for their lives against The Ancient Evil and its Shadow People.

Filled with possessions, flour-drenched battles, ancient cliff tombs, and a shadowy underworld, The Ancient Evil Versus the Good Boy follows Jon and Desmond through a gripping adventure and proves the lengths people will go to for their beloved pets. Especially when they’re under attack from something sinister…

*** Disclaimer : I received e-copy of this book from the publisher, in exchange for an honest review. ***


The Ancient Evil Versus The Good Boy was interesting debut paranormal and mild horror that revolved around Jon and his dog-Desmond’s fight against the ancient evil that found a way to attach with Jon’s house along with Desmond. The story was about legends and myth, self-preservation, loyalty, bond between human and animal, courage, and confidence.

Writing was lucid, easy to follow, engaging, and steady paced. Story was written in first person narrative from Jon’s perspective, like he was telling his own story which made it refreshing and fun.

It started with twenty-two years old Jon leaving behind his kick-boxing career and starting his new job at museum. He had self-doubt issue and to make himself feel better, he volunteered at dog shelter where he first met Desmond. He felt sad for Des, as nobody walked him for a week, nobody noticed him, and he had that mysteriousness to him, no information about past owner or anything. One walk with Des, Jon knew he was trained, calm, loyal, protective dog and he had to adopt him. But little he knew that one walk and adopting Des was going to plunge him into deadly and dangerous paranormal adventure.

It was interesting to read why Des and Jon were being haunted, why the evil spirit or being had attached itself to Desmond, how would Jon figure out the solution, could Jon save Des or would get hurt in fighting the evil, and how it is going to end.

Jon was developed character. He was strong, brave and smart. His love for animal and Desmond was admirable. It was amazing all things he did, how far he went, even to hte lair of evil to save his dog. It made me love his character even more. I loved how he fought his self-doubt when it crept up in her mind and never took a step back from fighting evil and saving his dog.

Desmond was amazing dog. I felt sad for him for not being walked or adopted even though he was lovely 2 years old pup. What happened to his last family was horrifying. Like Jon, I felt there was a lot to learn from him.

Bond between Jon and Des was best part of the book. I loved how they both understood each other and formed connection strong enough to do anything to protect each other. Whenever I read their time together in book, I felt myself smiling. It gave the book lighter touch.

First part of the book was set in Buffalo NY and The Old Stone House museum (I don’t if it’s same google was showing or not) where Jon worked. I could see where things were going and it was interesting to read Jon’s research in this part. I was surprised to see second part set in Mustang district in Nepal. The caves in burial cliff and valley around it was beautifully described.

I enjoyed reading myth and legend of ancient evil that came from Himalayan region and Nepal. I have heard many things about Nepal and Tibet from relatives who visited those places for pilgrimage or as tourist but it was first time I heard about sky burial and cliff burial. It was unbelievable, definitely not palatable but fascinating burial ritual. In book it was explained through story why people there believed in it and why they did it. I agreed with character, it was fascinating how both life and death, beauty and unpleasant sight of skeletons and ritual could coexist. I loved how author written a character who respected this totally different culture and their burial ritual.

It was thought-provoking and sad how people treat dogs and in what state they arrive in shelter. I loved the way author showed how they are better than us humans in so many ways, they forget after some time and some training about past ill-treatments and move on in life, even trust humans and protect them with their life without second thought.

Climax was tense and action-packed. What happened inside the cave interesting but at the same time I don’t know if I exactly understood that last part just before they destroyed the evil, was it nature or spirit or both. End was perfectly satisfying.

Why 4.5 Stars-

I might be only one but like I said I don’t get what happened just before end and why would spirit show itself to Jon.

Overall, The Ancient Evil Versus The Good Boy was well written, impressive, and fast paced paranormal novel with interesting burial ritual in different culture, its history and touching bond between human and animal. If you’re dog lover, like paranormal books, myths and legends, and you don’t want horror books scary but a little gory details, I recommend this book.

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