Book Reviews Can Be Enough For Book Blog
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Book Reviews Are Important & Book Reviews Can Be Enough For Book Blog #DiscussionPost

Book Reviews Can Be Enough For Book Blog

So I saw this title ‘Are book reviews enough for you blog?’ while I was searching for topic to write and I instantly clicked on it. It was written by Sumedha @the wordy habitat and I enjoyed reading her thoughts on this topic. I thought I would like to share my thoughts as my immediate answer to Sumedha’s question was totally different from her and it was, YES! Book Reviews Can Be Enough For Book Blog.

This is also something everybody thinks about as now-a-days reviews are not getting that much stats or views or interaction, and everyone care about those things. Only recently I wanted to try new things that is this book discussion posts and I’m enjoying writing them and I can see the perk of them now but I still say book reviews can be enough for your blog. Here is why book reviews are important

Book Reviews Can Be Enough For Book Blog

I wrote book reviews for over 4 years and I think I’m doing fine with it. Book reviews are and will always be my thing. I feel really comfortable writing them. It’s easier for me to write them as I don’t have to come up with whole new topic. I just have to gather my thoughts and points and write it down. They give me satisfaction at the end.

It was the purpose of starting this book blog. I created this book blog to share my thoughts on books. Of course, there are other ways you can do that but book reviews give me a way to let it all out. Nobody in my house ever listens to what I have to say about book or rant about book or character. My blog, for me, is platform to share it. They are base of my blog and always will be.

I don’t agree if someone says, “nobody likes to read reviews”! Every book blogger reads reviews, maybe not immediately, they might be doing it on Goodreads or social media or somewhere else, but they will read review, specifically, when they plan to buy a book. Readers of my blog read them even when I post book review on genre they don’t read.

A list post can tell you what to read and I agree but how much that list reveals about book, a theme or concept? Reviews give clear view if you would like the book or not, would like to buy it or not. Is there something specific that might trigger you, put off the book and hook you to book; a trope you don’t like or love; character’s voice or whether there was development, type of narration… I can keep going on how many things you can discover in review and that too without spoiler.

Book reviews will always be important for both authors and publishers. They are part of marketing and help in increasing sale as, obviously, we buy books if they have good reviews, word of mouth is driving factor, and we are going to put our money into something that is well liked, or popular, and we believe we will like and how all that happens, Reviews. Author and publishers love a good, detailed book review. In my 4 years of blogging most of their primary approached was for book reviews.

I know reviews are not very interesting to read when you haven’t read the book yourself so why people still read them on book blogs? Well, you can ask readers of my blog! Or let’s just say why I read book reviews, apart from adding that book to wish list/in cart/get it from library 1) for inspiration or motivation 2) I do notice review structure and admire the way different people talk about books in different way 3) for support 4) a way to interact (It’s definitely possible with reviews even though you haven’t read book. I think should write a post on that as well).

You must be thinking, alright Yesha, got your point, but they are still not getting the same popularity. Okay, I get it but now bloggers have found different ways to spice up book reviews, like-

  1. Bullet point review
  2. 5 or 10 minute review
  3. Book series review
  4. 5 or 10 things why you should read the book (or should not!)
  5. Fangirling/rant
  6. Mini reviews
  7. 10 or 20 reaction while reading the book
  8. book discussion with fellow blogger

Let me know if I missed any in this list!

‘This post is a part of Blogchatter Half Marathon.’ 

Thank you for reading! Let’s chat…

What do you think about this post?
Do you agree or disagree with my points?
Why do think book reviews are important?
Do you write reviews in any different way than usual?

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Hi, I'm Yesha, an Indian book blogger. Avid and eclectic reader who loves to read with a cup of tea. Not born reader but I don't think I’m going to stop reading books in this life. “You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.”


  • Ann

    I like writing reviews. Sometimes it hard to promote and get others to read them. I don’t think people even see the dropdown menu or the menu on the homepage on my blog.

  • Carla

    I agree Yesha. I started my blog to review books and share my thoughts with other book lovers. I read reviews and have added many books to my TBR based on them. I have read and loved books that I otherwise would not have read if I did not read some good reviews on various blogs I trust. I am not worried about stats, although if people read my reviews and like or comment, I am happy. Great discussion topic.

  • विकास नैनवाल

    I think it should depend on the book blogger. If they enjoy writing other kind of posts on their blog then that’s good but if somebody likes writing only reviews than that’s great too. At the end of the day we are all here because we love to blog. So that must be the priority otherwise we’d just be puppets dancing on someone else’s tunes.

    I try to mix and match things as i tend to get bored of writing similiar stuff. I also try writing in different languages as english is my third language and once i get bored of writing in a particular language i switch it. Although i try to do it in different blogs.

    • Books Teacup and Reviews

      It definitely depends on blogger and we all should keep in mind the purpose of our blog, why we are here and not to doubt what we love. It’s okay to just post reviews, readers would like it if they love your voice and if someone want to post other than reviews that is also okay.

  • Lashaan Balasingam @ Bookidote

    I feel bad for anyone who thinks they can just do other things instead of book reviews too. Book reviews tell us just as much about the book than the blogger! If people only care about numbers, they’re doing this whole thing for the wrong reason. 😮 Awesome post, Yesha!

    • Books Teacup and Reviews

      I agree with you! I don’t get it why it has to be about numbers. It should be about a place to talk about books. I might even understand if someone doesn’t enjoy writing review but then again it makes me think how exactly they will talk about books if not review it?
      Thank you, Lashaan!

  • WendyW

    Great post! I think book reviews are very important. I know that’s why I started to write them, I was tired of reading mediocre books, and used reviews to save time so I would only read books that I was interested in and got mostly good reviews.

  • Susy's Cozy World

    You did an amazing job with this post! And I agree with you on all the line. Truth be told, I love to write and read non review posts, too, and for a lot of different reasons (but I especially love to write non review posts because sometimes I enjoy a book and I want to share it with others but I couldn’t or wouldn’t write a review for it and again the reasons for it can be many), but I love to write and read reviews. I want to be able to talk about a book that I loved, about the characters that stole my heart, about anworld that blew me away, and my blog is the place to do it. (or it can be that I need to rant and vent some frustrations, it goes both ways) and I love to read reviews, both for books that I have read (fangirling together is so much fun, and often reading someone’s else thoughts can show you new things or perspectives, for example) and both for books I have not read. It may be that the review helps me decide if the book can be the right one for me (and my TBR is constantly growing because of all the reviews I read, argh!), and because I am interested in seeing what a fellow blogger think about it, even when I am not interested in the book by the least.

    • Books Teacup and Reviews

      wow, thank you, Susy! I get it why book bloggers write non-bookreview posts and why they are popular but like you said we also love book reviews. Oh and thanks for adding this point – ‘reading someone’s else thoughts on same or book you haven’t read can show you new things or perspectives’- I totally missed that point. I agree book reviews are why our TBR never ending.

  • Teri Polen

    As an author, book reviews are extremely important. They can make or break a book. Like you, I enjoy reviewing and discussing books on my blog because no one in my day to day life obsesses over books like I do. Reviews have convinced me to either read or not read a book, so I’ll always take time to check them out. Another great post, Yesha!

  • Briana | Pages Unbound

    I agree! I like writing book reviews, and I like reading them, though of course I don’t read every one anyone ever posts.

    I also think of them as the reason I started blogging – to discuss the books I’m reading in-depth with other readers. I do lists and discussions, too, of course, but they feel like completely different things and don’t give you a lot of space to really get into talking about what I’ve been reading recently.

    • Books Teacup and Reviews

      Thank you, Briana! Glad to know you agree with me. List post and discussion posts are great and many has turned to them because of stats and interaction but it makes me sad when book bloggers say reviews are not enough. It’s like saying book blogs are not enough when you have other platforms like bookstagrams, booktwitter, and so on.. It makes me also think how did I survive and grew if that’s true!

  • nickimags @ Secret Library Book Blog

    Another fab discussion post Yesha! It’s sad that book reviews don’t get many views as that’s the reason why book blogs exist. I can ‘t imagine any bookblogger thought they’d start a book blog just so they could join in with all the different book memes and tags! 😉

    • Books Teacup and Reviews

      Thank you, Nicki! I agree! when I started blog I didn’t even know about book memes, tags or awards. But new bloggers do know them and I have seen some of them posting only that kind of posts and only few reviews among the sea of tags, memes, discussion and all non-bookreview posts. It honestly doesn’t make me to follow them.

  • Swirl and Thread

    Thanks Yesha. Great post. I was only thinking about exactly this the last few days. How relevant are my reviews with so many alternative platforms and formats now being used.

    • Books Teacup and Reviews

      Thank you, Mairéad! I have seen bloggers having this dilemma. they stop posting reviews and start writing other book related posts because they feel book reviews are not enough. I hope this might change their view and I know not everyone enjoys writing reviews but one can change style and write it in a way that can be fun for both writers and readers.

  • Mischenko

    I have to agree that they are enough. Most of the time, I notice that my book review posts do better than my other side posts regarding music or flowers, etc. There are book blogs who only have book posts and they are super successful.

    Stats can be such a pain. I try not to look at them anymore. 😉 Excellent discussion, Yesha. Your blog is great!

    • Books Teacup and Reviews

      Thank you, Mischenko! I think it really depends on how you are writing reviews and readers do appreciate detailed review than just saying it was good or bad. Those who says reviews are not enough either might not writing it the way readers like or their audience is totally different and then there is case of their readers are not aware of books they are reading.

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