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How to comment more on non-interactive book blog posts? #DiscussionPost

How to comment more

Hello readers! Comments, blog hopping, interaction with book bloggers are much discussed topics. Many book bloggers talk about why Comments are important for a book blogger or how do you feel about interacting in book blogging community or how sometimes it can be stressful, how some bloggers feel guilty for not commenting and so many different things related to comments and interactions we hear but I never read a post that says how to comment more on non-interactive blog posts.

We all agree, comments are most valued even more than views as it forms a base in connecting with book blogging community which is why we basically are here. It makes us appreciate what we do, time we spent in creating post, motivates and inspires us to keep continuing and make more quality content.

When we read how to increase interaction or comments on your book blog we often hear ‘write interactive posts’ like Book tags, Book discussion posts, and recommendation lists. They are easiest to comment. But many times I have seen or heard and even felt myself at loss what to comment on review or spotlight or cover reveal posts, and many such non-interactive posts that are part of book blogging. They are what I published most in my 4 years of blogging and it made made me over the time learn how to comment more on such posts.

How to comment more on non-interactive book blog posts?

Read posts

So obvious, I know! But many don’t even read such posts properly and feel ‘I don’t have anything to say because I haven’t read the book or familiar with, or ‘. I don’t believe that. I’m sure you can find something to write about if you have actually read the post.

Focus on highlights or aspects of the book

Even if you are skim reading the posts you can focus or highlights and aspects of book that you can comment on, like-

Theme or concept of the book- You can talk about books you have read with same theme or concept if you like to read books on that particular theme or concept.

Characters – Type of characters mentioned in post. Do you find them interesting that you might try the book or make you not to pick the same or similar kind of book. How do you find dynamic or relationships. If you can relate to them.

Negative points – Weirdly I find myself curious about those and I read them more. Even when I haven’t read a book I could see what blogger is talking about and if I agree with blogger’s point or not.

Tropes – My favourite point and I mostly comment of them, if I like it or not. Recent book I read with similar trope.

First thought at glace

This is for spotlight or cover reveal posts and even reviews. What’s the first impression the post is making. You like cover, did synopsis made you curious, what particular thing you find attractive, like mention of witches, forbidden magic, second chance, character’s journey… basically tropes or such points are easy to notice.

Answer the question

Even if you don’t have time to read posts some bloggers make it pretty easy for readers by adding question at the end of post. You can simply answer them in comments. This is something all bloggers should do, add questions at the end of the post and make it easy for readers to interact. I don’t know why it should be limited to Bookstagram!

Anything would be better than nothing

I know how everyone hates just generic comments, ‘Great post’, ‘Great review’, and so on… but I think it’s better than nothing.

Make it a habit

Basically if you make it a habit to at least comment on 2 or 3 blog a day not matter what type of post blogger has written, over the time you will feel more at ease and it will come naturally to you.

‘This post is a part of Blogchatter Half Marathon.’ 

Thank you for reading! Let’s chat…

What do you think about this post? Do you find it difficult to comment on non-interactive posts? Do you have any tips to comment on such posts? How do you comment more on blog posts?

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Hi, I'm Yesha, an Indian book blogger. Avid and eclectic reader who loves to read with a cup of tea. Not born reader but I don't think I’m going to stop reading books in this life. “You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.”


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  • Stephen Writes

    This is such a great post with amazing tips! I like commenting on posts – sometimes the issue is thinking of something meaningful to say. I find your thoughts on this super helpful, Yesha!

    By the way, I promise to catch up on all your recent posts very soon, I’ve missed them 💙

    • Books Teacup and Reviews

      Thank you, Stephen! ❤ It’s really common to feel at loss what to say in comments. I’m so happy you found this helpful.
      That’s okay, my posts aren’t going anywhere. Read whenever you have time. 😃

  • Lashaan Balasingam @ Bookidote

    Fantastic post, Yesha. I tend to comment even on non-interactive posts because I personally WANT to support the blogger in their desire to support authors/books. I also only do it for bloggers that I know CARE about what I say and LIKE interacting with me hahah

    By the way, this did make me wonder, is there any reason why you bother commenting on my co-bloggers posts even if she never visits you and most of the time doesn’t even reply to you? I sort of feel bad that you put effort on leaving comments on her posts when she probably doesn’t bother doing the same for you. 😮

    • Books Teacup and Reviews

      Thank you, Lashaan! Your co-blogger does reply sometimes but yes she might not be visiting or liking my posts.

      I comment mostly because I like content, you both share same blog. I honestly don’t comment on her blog or anyone’s blog expecting something in return. I usually comment because of one of the reasons 1) blogger is my favourite 2) I love content 3) blogger is commenting on my blog regularly and I would like to return favour.

      If I keep thinking about it or feel discourage that bloggers are not visiting my posts, like, share or comment , return the favour because I’m doing it regularly on theirs, I have to, in long term, stop blogging as it wouldn’t be healthy for me or my blog. It shouldn’t be forced or because of some obligation, right?

      And most bloggers do come around, start visiting blog and comments over the time. So, we can hope.

      • Lashaan Balasingam @ Bookidote

        Hahah you’re abaolutely right there. It’s just that 1) I feel bad when you and others don’t get replied and that she doesn’t blog hop for anyone for years now 2) if I comment on someone’s post, it’s cause I genuinely care for the blogger and their content and to see people get ignored saddens me 3) if a blogger rarely takes the time to get to know me, I just know they only care for their post, not the community hahah 4) what also makes me wonder all this is that if we had separate blogs, I wonder if MY followers would have ever found HER stuff or even taken the time to comment on her stuff, you know? 😂 Thanks for answering honestly, Yesha! 😁

        • todd

          It’s funny, Lashaan, I actually discovered your posts because your co-blogger visited and left a comment on my blog. I remember a couple of my first comments on both your posts not realizing there were two of you. It was a little later I realized you visited some of the same blogs I did. So even just a single interaction can lead in unexpected directions and result in discovering lots of other people and content. Just as it was a comment by Yesha on one of your posts that eventually led me to this one. 🙂

  • विकास नैनवाल

    You have made some interesting points. I too try to comment on as many blogs that i come across. I agree with your point on writing a question at the end of the blog post. I used to do it but then stopped doing them. Maybe i’ll start again. That is indeed a great way to start conversation

  • Kal @ Reader Voracious

    Great post and I agree that comments are my favorite part of running my blog for the community aspect. I make a serious effort to leave thoughtful comments on the posts I read whenever possible because I know the serotonin kick it gives, but this is so useful for ways to comment when you’re struggling with something to say

  • WendyW

    Such an informative post! It really helps new bloggers like myself. Thanks! And your blog is very interactive which is why I like it so much!

    • Books Teacup and Reviews

      Thank you, Wendy! That means a lot to me.❤ I try to add questions at the end but not all are used to answering them on blogs. I hope this might change for blogger who only write non-interactive posts.

  • Susy's Cozy World

    This was an amazing post and you give out some really helpful tips! I am often at a loss with cover reveals posts and similar because, to me, they are the hardest to comment (sure, if I know the author or the series it easier, and if it was for a book I was expecting or I am excited for that’s even easier, but this is a rare occurrence) and I am always feeling bad to write “nice cover/interesting post/whatever”. As a blogger I think, too, that they are always comment and that are better than nothing (when someone comment my posts I am always happy!), but I feel bad to write them, but you made me think of some suitable options!

    • Books Teacup and Reviews

      Thank you, Susy! I’m guilty of leaving generic comments as well. we all did that because of many reasons and you know it’s okay because no one knows what’s going on in someone’s life and they are still making time to read and comment on posts. but at the same time I believe we can come up something if we really want to and one doesn’t have have read book or have same favourite author. I’m glad this helped. 😃

  • Mischenko

    Excellent tips, Yesha. I do struggle with comments sometimes. Meaningful comments are always wonderful, but I don’t always have them. This is an excellent post. ❤️

  • Briana | Pages Unbound

    This is so great! Krysta and I were playing around with the idea of writing a similar post after also seeing a lot of people say they “didn’t know what to say when commenting.”

    And the first point is hilarious. Yes, you need to actually read the post! So many people skim, and then it’s really awkward when they say, “Oh, yes, I agree with X” when the post does NOT say X or “You should really mention Y” when Y is the first thing mentioned in the first paragraph!

    I also often like to pick out one thing I want to comment on. Like, it’s not necessary to address everything mentioned in the post. So I’ll think, “Oh, their point about the world building being like The Hunger Games is interesting” and just say something about that.

    • Books Teacup and Reviews

      I had these points in mind but wasn’t sure how it will turn out.

      I have seen readers commenting without even properly reading. It happens more on Instagram but also on blog as well. It feel bad to correct them that it’s not case and at the same time I feel I have to correct because what if the person got the book having all wrong things in mind and later find out it was actually ‘x’ instead of ‘Y’.
      I find it easy focusing on one thing.

      It’s always as amazing to read your comments as your posts. Thank you, Briana! ❤

  • happytonic

    Great tips, Yesha! I love the way you always ask some questions at the end of your posts…and tropes…love them or hate them- there’s usually a lot to say 🙂

  • Nehal Jain

    Omg yes, I couldn’t realte more! As much as I try, sometimes it’s just a pain trying to comment on a post that basically demands no comments 😐. But yeah, your tips are surely amazing! It does help to answer the questions asked by the reader, and to focus on the highlights on the blog. Lovely discussion!!

  • Inge | The Belgian Reviewer

    Great post 😉 Yesha! I don’t comment on every blog, not even after reading the post but nowadays I only tend to leave comments on blogs that I know sometimes leave comments on my blog. Why put energy in thinking of something to say (and I do find it difficult at times) if they do not ever comment on your blog? If I had lots of time I would probably not care and still comment but working full time I already struggle enough as it is ☺️

    • Books Teacup and Reviews

      Thank you, Inge! You have point, not everyone has time and you’re not alone thinking that why to do something when bloggers don’t appreciate your posts as well. I comment on some of the blog, and sometimes on new blogs as well and I have to say not all return the favour or even check the blog which just makes it disappointing. Well, we can only hope half of efforts will reciprocate and help in connecting more like minded people.

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