Why I Comment on Other Bloggers' Posts
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Why I Comment on Other Bloggers’ Posts Even If They Never Visits My Blog?

Why I Comment on Other Bloggers' Posts

Hello readers! Last month I published post on how to comment more on non-interactive book blog posts. It was really good to see what fellow bloggers thought about it and from the comments I received, specially, question from Lashaan @Bookidote, “is there any reason why you bother to comment on bloggers’ posts even if they never visits your blog and most of the time doesn’t even reply?” I also received comments that said they would only comment on blogs that are interactive with them. Now that made me think and gave me idea for this new posts, “Why I Comment on Other Bloggers’ Posts Even If They Never Visits My Blog?”

Why I Comment on Other Bloggers’ Posts

We all know benefits of commenting and we can find many posts ‘why we should comment’ or ‘why we should reply comments’ but why do we actually comment, what is the reason behind it specially when someone doesn’t returns the favour or won’t reply back, won’t check our blog when we regularly comment on their blogs?

It made me think ‘Should anyone feel obliged to check my posts, like, share, or comment because I’m doing the same for their blog? Should anyone feel guilty for not replying comments or not blog hopping enough or for not returning favour? Why do I exactly comment on those blog and how do I feel about it? should I keep on commenting?

I wasn’t really sure how this post will turn out. I haven’t come across a post that discussed these questions. I changed titled many times and then thought the original question makes it right. I wrote and rewrote this post few times and finally settled in this format- Answering my own questions.

Should anyone feel obliged to comment on bloggers’ post who visit their blog and comments regularly or feel guilty for not returning the favour.

I don’t think so. I know the bloggers who said they would comment only if blogger is commenting on their own blog and I know they don’t literally mean and I wouldn’t say that sounds bad and I know they do feel bad about it. But there can be many reasons why someone won’t check blogs or comment or reply back and we should respect those reason.

First and most obvious is very common is lack of time – I know bloggers have life in addition to managing blog, being part of community, connecting with bloggers. And that life is, actual job or family, or health and many other things that obviously come before blogging. It’s never exactly bloggers doesn’t want to comment but more like they have limited time, including me.

Another point is, it’s literally impossible to comment on every blog we follow or we come across. Even though when we don’t have life (that’s not possible, I don’t believe that), we still cannot do it. This is huge community and we are going to find many amazing blogs over the time. It’s exactly like we can’t read all books out there in the world.

Third and most dreadful is blogger is not interested or doesn’t like content – Hard to accept but it’s reality. Not everyone is going to be huge fan of your blog just like we don’t like every book we read. No need to feel bad if you feel this is the case, we can work on that and there are going to be people who love our blog but this can be one of the reason and we cannot just force people to love our content.

To the main question, What is the reason for commenting on other bloggers’ posts when they don’t comment or check my own blog

Most of the time why I comment is because,

I like content
I love the blog and person behind it
Blogger is commenting on my blog regularly and I would like to return favour
It helps with visibility of my blog and to discover other blog

Expecting anything in return is not something on the top why I comment on other bloggers’ post. I just have to enjoy their content.

How do I feel about it? Should I keep on commenting? Is it waste of time?

Does it feel bad? It would be a lie if I say it doesn’t. At some point I/we all do think about it and feel why we should do it but as I said before there can be many reasons why we are not getting anything in return.

We shouldn’t feel discouraged about it. If I keep thinking about it or feel discourage that bloggers are not visiting my posts, like, share or comment, return the favour because I’m doing it regularly on theirs, I have to, in long term, stop blogging as it wouldn’t be healthy for me or my blog.

Should I stop commenting on such blog – I don’t think so! Mostly in my experience, bloggers do come around. They start visiting my blog and comments over the time or whenever they have time.

Like I said, it shouldn’t be forced or because of some obligation, right? Just comment if you like the content without expecting anything in return and hope that it won’t go unnoticed.

Thank you for Reading! Let’s chat…

What do you think about this post? Why do you comment on other blogger’s post? Do you ever feel bad for not interacting with bloggers or when someone doesn’t reply or comment back or visit your blog? If so, how you deal with it?


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Hi, I'm Yesha, an Indian book blogger. Avid and eclectic reader who loves to read with a cup of tea. Not born reader but I don't think I’m going to stop reading books in this life. “You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.”


  • Cherelle @ A Bolt out of the Book

    yesha this was such a thoughtful post i loved it! i honestly never thought much about it, usually i just comment on those posts that interest me or blogs of bloggers whom i enjoy chatting with, same here i would honestly love to comment on all posts but many a times time doesn’t permit! i thought it was a very good point about whether we need to comment back in return to other blogs who show us so much support! <33

    • Books Teacup and Reviews

      Thank you, Cherelle! I do think if one has time show as much support, chat, reply and all but there is never any obligation on any blogger and everyone works with little time on their hand so it’s okay to do it at your own pace.

  • Lashaan Balasingam @ Bookidote

    Really glad to see how well this discussion post turned out to be! As we’ve already discussed about it previously, I personally make more time for people who show genuine interest in me and my content and then comment based on my interest in said post. What I do expect is that the person I’m commenting to shows some kind of interest to discuss or learn more about stuff and if that doesn’t happen after a couple of tries, I usually move on to invest my time in other people hahah Great post, Yesha! 😀

  • peatlong

    Great post and some well made points.

    Just for myself – I don’t comment as much as I’d like but then, a lot of times, I just don’t have a huge amount to say. Hitting Like makes as much sense as going “enjoyed that read, might check out that book some time”.

    I do try and make a point of replying to every comment that people post on my blog (other than “thanks”) because I like the interaction and it feels polite, but I can’t go around expecting that from others. As you say, there’s no obligation.

  • Rosepoint Publishing

    totally right about lack of time, Yesha, and if i don’t comment regularly on your thoughtful blog just because i am so overwhelmed with writing my own blog, managing house, gardens, life–as you said. and then there is still supposed to be time for reading. usually, something has to give and i content myself by acknowledging my fellow bloggers with a like.

  • GoAnnelies - In Another Era

    I really enjoy everyone’s posts, but I’m just so bad at writing a comment. I just sometimes don’t know what to say, or I read post late at the evening but don’t reply yet and forget to come back later. I’ve stopped feeling bad about that though (especially as other people do leave comments at one of my blogs and I do appreciate every comment I get).

    • Books Teacup and Reviews

      No one comes back later as we have limited time. It’s either you write or don’t write and there is nothing to feel bad about it. I did write post on how to interact more on posts . Link was in the beginning of this post. It might help to figure out how to comment when feeling at loss when it came to commenting. Thank you! ❤

  • Jessica @ The Awkward Book Blogger

    I never thought about this before! I would always try and respond to every comment on my blog and follow people who frequently interact with my content. Whenever I come across a blog post that I like, I comment just to show that I appreciate their writing, even if they never respond back. Lovely post! <3

  • Amber Elise @ Du Livre

    Great post Yesha! I’ll be honest and if folks don’t drop by blog even once I usually stop visiting their blog lol. For me, it’s mostly about engagement. I totally get that folks are busy and time is precious now, but if it’s been months and I haven’t heard from someone, I’ll most likely stop commenting on their blog. For me it’s not even about getting comments on own blog, it’s about having someone to have a convo with, and I like blogging because I like engaging with other folks.

  • Anindya

    Reading your post reminded me of a post I wrote long time back, were I said that in order to be a better writer, we must read more. And if we read books, articles, blogs, we will definitely form some sort of an opinion about the content. That very naturally will prompt us to go into a communication with the writer, and thus we end up commenting on blogs. And that’s a good and great thing to do. We must comment on blog posts whenever it is possible. I agree with you that even if our own blogs are not read and responded to, we must share our opinions with writers whose creations we go through, even though we like it or not. Blogging is all about communication and connecting 🙂

  • bluereadergal

    Lovely post! I should try to comment more on other blogs. I’m also juggling life and being a mom. Maybe I’ll motivate myself to do it more. I do try to “like” all the posts I have come across.

  • Teri Polen

    This is a great topic, Yesha. Tessa said almost exactly what I’d say. There are some bloggers that feel like friends, and I enjoy interacting regularly with them. If I see a blogger in my feed who’s read a book I’m familiar with, I’m likely to visit and comment there. I’ve commented a few times on some blogs but never received any interaction, so I quit visiting. Time is also a huge factor.

  • Jo

    Great post, Yesha! I can certainly do better at commenting on other blogger’s posts. I do try but – as you say – time is short, and life so often gets in the way. I shall make more of an effort going forward! 🙂

  • CJR The Brit

    This is an excellent topic!

    For me, time is an issue plus I go through the Reader here and sometimes it only let’s me go back so far (not sure if it’s WP or my signal or what!)

    I love reading and commenting on blogs but I think I follow too many and it’s hard to see them all!

    I also don’t expect people to comment on my posts just because I’ve commented on theirs, I commented because I was interested in what they posted and don’t expect anything in return 💜

    • Books Teacup and Reviews

      Thank you! Following many blogs and then trying read them all on WP feed is really time consuming and often tiring and it’s obvious we run out of time and have little or no time for comment and that’s okay.

  • WendyW

    Yesha, you always have the most interesting topics! I like this one. As a new blogger, I know it will take time for other bloggers to find and comment on my blog, and thats understandable to me. And as a new blogger, I find so many blogs have such interesting information for me, so it’s important to me to visit as many blogs as possible and learn more about this community. but, it is time consuming. If I find a blog, and I don’t have anything to say in comments I will at least “like” the blog post, or I’ll try share it on Twitter or Facebook.

    Thanks, this is such an interesting topic!

    • Books Teacup and Reviews

      I get that and not every posts makes us want to comment and also we have limited time and so much to do but it’s always great to like and share when we can’t comment. It’s another way to show support and it never goes unnoticed. Thank you! 🙂

  • Rae Reads

    Great post! ❤️ I try to comment on posts but it can be tricky to comment on every post. Mainly due to the time it takes. It’s always lovely to try and interact though ❤️

  • happytonic

    Yesha, this is such a beautiful and heartfelt post. I also loved your post about how to comment on non-interactive posts- I know it will go a long way to encourage people show their interest, appreciation,or simply curiosity.

  • Carla

    Great post Yesha. I could spend hours online and not visit all the blogs that I follow. I try to visit every couple of days at the minimum or if the title sounds like something I want to read regardless. I do not commend on all of them, many I just like. It is tough, and I have stopped commenting when I visit and comment and get no feedback or reaction. I do not expect people to like or comment on every post because I do post a lot, but I like it when they do. I do have several bloggers who I comment on almost all their posts, but that is because I like their content or have come to develop a blogger to blogger relationship. Definitely something to think about.

    • Books Teacup and Reviews

      It’s really great you check so many blogs that you don’t even follow. It take most of my time to check only blogs that I follow. Commenting more and when we get the feedback forms a bond or relationship, it’s how we make friends online. At the same time it never should be obligation. Thank you, Carla!

  • kat

    As a severe introvert, commenting on blog posts is basically my only form of human interaction. I used to be a much more prolific commenter regardless of whether the other blogger even dropped by my blog to look at anything at all. I just really enjoyed leaving my thought for the other blogger to enjoy. But being a mom to little ones during a pandemic really slowed me down, though I hope to return to prolific commenting soon! It’s always nice to leave someone a note, let them know they’re doing great. It’s so hard to get any attention here, so I especially love leaving comments on smaller and newer blogs.

  • Lady Tessa

    My biggest issue is time. Some days, the number of posts running though my feed is overwhelming. I have bloggers that routinely look at my posts and either share and/or comment, so I prioritize those and others I stop by if the feed is a bit slower or something catches my eye – like I read the book too or it’s a discussion type post. I like discussion posts – they are fun and not genre specific. And I never expect anything in return though I am always grateful when bloggers take the time to stop by. Very interesting topic!

    • Books Teacup and Reviews

      Yes, I have observed some or most bloggers prioritise blog that like or comment their blogs and there is nothing wrong in that. It’s a way to blog hop in limited time one have. WordPress feed are always overwhelming and time consuming. Thank you!

      • Lady Tessa

        I prioritize but that just dictates the order that I look at posts. I do look through all posts typically. Even though I don’t always comment, I do always look and like each post. 🤗

  • Jess @ beyondthefrontcover

    This is such an interesting discussion! I don’t mind if I don’t get comments back on my blog – I understand people are busy, or they may not like my content etc and I’m fine with that. But, I do get annoyed if I comment on someone’s post and they don’t respond to that comment, I think if I’m engaging with their content it is polite to reply.

    • Books Teacup and Reviews

      I get that and I don’t know why bloggers wouldn’t reply unless they are not interested in interacting with people or they receive so many comments that they can’t seem to keep up. It’s really discouraging but we can only hope they come around eventually.

  • todd

    I enjoyed this post, great topic. And I like how the inspiration for it came from comments on another post, it’s always nice when that happens. For me I find I have many interests, some well outside the range of topics of my own blog, so I’m never at all surprised if folks who’s blogs I comment on don’t visit or comment on mine. That’s just fine. I don’t expect anything when I leave comments. I comment because I’ve enjoyed the topic or post and feel I have something to say about it, even if it’s just a small nod of respect. Of course, I always hope there will be some interaction and replying to my comments on their blogs. That is something that will keep me following and regulary posting, if me and the blogger can have these small comment-based converstaions on a shared topic of interest. There are blogs I follow and comment on reguarly, those who’s authors I’ve slowly gotten to know and like and whose topics I’m interested in. And there are plenty of other blogs I’d like to visit and comment on more often, or at all, but as you said, time is always an issue. So sometimes I may only read a post every so often and comment even less often, even though I’d like to more.

    • Books Teacup and Reviews

      Thank you! All thanks to Lashaan, if he hasn’t asked I wouldn’t have got the idea. Our thoughts align well on this topic.

      Yes, like, reply and comment in return makes us want to interact more, it’s like motivation but some doesn’t like that, some doesn’t have time or for some their purpose is totally different. But whatever the reason it’s always content first that makes us want to comment.

  • Briana | Pages Unbound

    This is a great discussion!

    Personally, I don’t stop commenting on someone’s blog if they never visit mine. If I comment on their blog ALL THE TIME, I might notice that they never seem to visit mine back, but I understand that they don’t have to. I’ll keep commenting on their blog as long as they have content that interests me and as long as they reply to the comments I leave on their blog. (I do sometimes stop commenting if I leave 25 comments and the blogger never answers any of them because I start wondering if they’re even reading the comments, if they even care, etc. and it feels like a waste of my time, but I see that as separate from expecting them to visit my blog to comment.)

    I have come across some bloggers who are really offended if you don’t comment back on their blog and have directly said so. I think one person might eve have stopped commenting on my blog because they felt I didn’t comment back enough.

    Part of it is, though, different content. Some people have said they read my blog because they like the discussion posts, but they don’t like the actual books Krysta and I review – MG, YA, fantasy, classics. So maybe they blog about some genre I don’t ever read, and that makes commenting back difficult unless they also have some more general discussion posts.

    • Books Teacup and Reviews

      Thank you, Briana! That’s so well said. I guess that’s fair and separate when bloggers don’t even like or reply regular comments for long time. I have noticed these bloggers are actually not in the sphere for interacting purpose.

      It’s also fair when bloggers say they don’t like to read or comment certain posts as they don’t read that kind of book or genre but getting offended and saying that on face is really terrible. I guess we come across all type of people when we are here for long time.

      It’s like human psychology and nature for bloggers to expect something in return or else they would stop commenting all together. I personally don’t want to be that and that’s why I keep commenting without any expectations.

  • Eustacia | Eustea Reads

    I don’t comment on every blogpost because sometimes I don’t have anything to say, but I do try to like the post at least (although sometimes it feels like wordpress doesn’t save the likes).

    When I comment, though, I don’t really expect people to return the favour – I comment mostly cause I had something to say haha

    • Books Teacup and Reviews

      I have heard people complaining about wordpress not saving like. It didn’t happen to me and I hope it would never. I agree, we comment when we have something to say without expecting anything. It would only stress us if we worry about it.

  • radiosarahc

    Interesting discussion, I don’t expect a comment or follow in return for comments (though it always nice ha, ha). However if people comment on one of my posts, I do feel like I should comment on their posts – bonkers.

    Ultimately it is about enjoying the content and having something to say

  • EmmabBooks

    I comment on posts when they contain something of particular interest, not just when I like them. Great post, thank you!

  • Bookstooge

    Expecting anything in return is not something on the top why I comment on other bloggers’ post. I just have to enjoy their content.

    If one blogger follows another blogger they should do so because they are interested in the content, not because they expect some sort of follow/like back.

    It never ceases to amaze me how other bloggers think that them liking a post of mine somehow places an obligation on me to return the action. I’d really like to know where that idea came from and why it persists.

    Great post!

    • Books Teacup and Reviews

      Thank you! I have experienced that idea of like for like and such thing. What I think why it happens because, maybe, some bloggers check who liked or commented on their post and visit whoever done so to do the same or at least like the post to return the favour. It can be because they would like to invest their time only for bloggers who are interested in reading their own post. I might be wrong but it’s kind of human psychology.
      And also, i receive more comments ever since I started doing it more on other bloggers’ posts myself. If I don’t comment, I receive less comments. I don’t know how that works but it’s something I have noticed.

  • nickimags @ Secret Library Book Blog

    Another fab post Yesha! This is something I’ve thought about a lot over the years, and still can’t decide what to do about it. I must admit I get quite discouraged when people don’t reply when I’ve left a comment and actually find it quite rude and therefore don’t bother commenting if it’s happened a lot! I love the community and the interaction with everyone but I guess not everyone wants the same thing.🤷‍♀️

    • Books Teacup and Reviews

      Thank you, Nicki! I agree with you. I have noticed not everyone want to be actively engaged or are very interactive. It’s really sad that some don’t want to reply or care about comments but it’s what it is. We can only hope or ignore and focus somewhere where it’s appreciated.

  • Mischenko

    This is an excellent topic, Yesha, and it’s on my mind often. I’ve commented on blogs and never received replies. When that happens, I won’t comment again because the person isn’t interested in interacting with others. I refuse to waste my time then. I certainly don’t expect bloggers to come comment on my posts if I comment on theirs, but I do think it’s decent and in the spirit of blogging. It’s the entire reason why I’m here: to learn about bloggers and the books they read. Plus, I enjoy being loyal to others and supporting reviews regardless of whether I have an interest in actually reading the book. It’s so important to me.

    You make great points here. Thanks for always being so supportive and loyal, Yesha. You’re a favorite. ❤️

    • Books Teacup and Reviews

      I’m going to assume you’re not only one who feels one shouldn’t waste their time if other blogger is not interested in interacting. I recently saw a post discussing bloggers are turning off comments as they didn’t want to interact with others and it was really shocking as I don’t know why we are here if not to interact but like I said there can be many reasons.
      Thank you, Mischenko! you’re best and loyal as well. I wasn’t frequent commenter, but bloggers like you made me to be one. ❤

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