7 Reasons Why I Don't Read Multiple Books
Discussion post

7 Reasons Why I Don’t Read Multiple Books At A Time #DiscussionPost

7 Reasons Why I Don't Read Multiple Books

Hello Readers! I hope you all are well. I have said many times in comments around the blogosphere whenever someone has asked, I’m one book at a time person. It’s not that I haven’t tried multiple books at a time, I have… I tried that again this week… and I FAILED! So here are Reasons Why I Don’t Read Multiple Books At A Time

7 Reasons Why I Don’t Read Multiple Books At A Time

1. It takes the same time!

One of the reason I read, Why one should read Multiple books at a time was, “you can read faster and finish more books.” Well that didn’t work for me. I’m not fast reader. There it is the fact. I call myself average reader when it comes to speed. When I tried reading multiple books at a time, I could read 2 or 3 books in a week, depending on page number and When I read one book at time the number of books page numbers were almost similar. So what’s the point!

2. I like to give attention to books

I love reading in detail. I don’t like to skim pages. I love to absorb content (of course, good one) and give my 100% attention to book. Even to those books I’m not enjoying so I can give specific reasons why in my reviews. If I don’t give attention to book, I find myself struggling to write book reviews.

3. It’s easy to remember thing with one book

I like to take notes while reading but only initially. After around 30% (that’s my usual observation) I don’t stop reading to take note. I sometimes keep reading till the end. If I’m reading multiple books I risk mixing characters’ characteristic with other book I’m reading simultaneously. It takes my brain longer to remember what I read in which book when I write review and even have to go back turning pages of books to verify what I remember. Who has that much time!

4. One book is always better than the other

That’s the case most of the time. I find myself liking one book better than other books I’m reading simultaneous and then I focus on that book more and eventually I’ll be finishing that first putting other books aside. And that’s in a way one book at a time.

5. I struggle to get back to the book

This kind of continuation of previous point. I put aside book I didn’t like as much as the other one and then getting back to that book takes time. I don’t exactly forget what I read but as the other book was so good and I’m still in that mood, it take to to adjust that mood and myself to completely different story and it’s ultimately going to affect my rating which is not fair to the book.

6. Reading different genre or format also not helpful

Before tell me reading different genre simultaneous or ebook with physical copy or audiobook in middle of ebook and physical book should help. Let me tell you it’s like point 4 and 5 all over again! Give me fantasy with thriller, I’m going to prefer and focus more on fantasy and ebook with paperback, obvious paperback wins and you know I don’t listen audiobooks.

7. Organizational skill issues

Now, you know I’m terrible at organising things. I’m last minute spontaneous person be it life, book or blog. I have blog calendar only to remember tour dates (that too I manage to forget!). And even when I see that review date coming a month or two ago, I don’t start reading book until near date. Reading a week before the date is what I stick to ever since I started blogging. Reading multiple books makes it hard and add stress to it.

Will I Try it ever again?

Not unless book is anthology. It’s easy to drop anthology after one story and pick it up again as long as I write review on that one story before dropping it for another.

Thank you for reading! Let’s chat…

What do you think about this post? Are you one book at a time or multiple books at a time person and why?


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Hi, I'm Yesha, an Indian book blogger. Avid and eclectic reader who loves to read with a cup of tea. Not born reader but I don't think I’m going to stop reading books in this life. “You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.”


  • Briana | Pages Unbound

    I laughed at “it takes the same amount of time.” I agree! You’re not really reading “faster” by reading multiple books. It takes the same amount of hours to read the book, but it might actually take LONGER in terms of days if you’re splitting up your available hours between 5 books!

    • Books Teacup and Reviews

      I know, right? I still haven’t finished a nonfiction, collection of essays i thought to read simultaneously before I wrote this post. It isn’t even long but I keep putting it down as every other book I’m reading is more interesting and from preferred genre.

    • Books Teacup and Reviews

      Thank you, Lashaan! Yes, it depends on how one organize the day. I can only sit to read for once or twice a day or sometimes I just keep reading throughout the day if I don’t have anything important to do. So, switching books doesn’t make sense or never works for me.

  • Rae Longest

    I’m the opposite. I enjoy being able to put a book down at a particularly slow part (or at a particularly exciting part I want to prolong by anticipation) and switch gears. Usually I don’t read from the same genres, but read non-fiction, historical fiction, a character driven novel, etc. You get the idea.

  • Cherelle @ A Bolt out of the Book

    I echo your sentiments! I agree especially that one of the books will end up being more enjoyable and I would forget the other completely, even if it has potential I would not remember much and be less motivated to pick it up again! You made a good point about it taking the same time too! Thanks for the great discussion, Yesha!

  • WendyW

    Great points Yesha. I just get to confused when I read more than one book at a time. My only exception is audiobooks, I’ll have an audiobook going for when I’m driving or walking, and just read a book when I’m in the house.

  • radiosarahc

    Exactly the same, it blows my mind how people can read more than one book at once, I’d definitely get confused. I can only watch one series at once for the same reasons….I give it all my attention

  • kat

    I so agree with number 1! It doesn’t take exactly the same amount of time to read a book whether you read just that one or another one as well. For me, I find it takes me more days to finish multiple books than if I committed to one, but, overall, the same amount of time. Reading multiple books is not something I like to do, either, but happens when I have a physical copy. I read to my youngest as she falls asleep at night in the dark and have to use my Kindle for the light, so I usually find myself reading the ebook at night and the physical one during the day, but it just takes so many days to finish both that I try not to do it often.

    • Books Teacup and Reviews

      I agree! I tried doing that reading paperback in morning and ebook in night because of my daughter but now I go to other room to read paperback at night to stick with what I’m reading. It makes annoying to read same book for 10 days while i could finish it in 2-3 days.

  • Kaya @ afictionalbookworm

    these are all great points!! my problem is i have no attention span and i am the most moody reader of all time LOL. usually i have multiple books (sorta) going! but you bring up good reasons why that’s uh not useful haha! wonderful 💜

  • Jasmine Zust

    I tend to read multiple books at a time, but I do what you said and I tend to enjoy one book more than the others, so I’ll end up reading one at a time. My problem is that if I don’t like a book, I struggle to finish it, so then I’ll start reading a different book!

  • Carla

    Just like everyone prefers one genre over another, or one book is loved by one and just meh for someone else, reading styles are different. I read more than one book at a time and it works for me. Normally what I read varies by what I am doing. I listen to an audiobook while doing chores like dishes, folding laundry, cutting the grass and switch to an ebook while sitting and relaxing. When I am outside relaxing, I read a physical book because I can’t see my tablet in the sun. It works for me, but certainly not for everyone. I totally understand your reasoning as well.

  • Julie Anna's Books

    These are all good points! I tend to prefer one book at a time, but when I do read two it’s either that one is an anthology or I’m balancing a fiction and a nonfiction read simultaneously. Sometimes I’ll pick up an ebook if I can’t bring a physical read somewhere, but other than that I do my best to stick to one!

  • Anika

    Interesting post 🙂 I read multiple at a time but they’re always in different formats because I use different formats in different situations (eg: audiobooks for travel), so it works but I must admit, one is always better!

  • Lady Tessa

    Whenever I try reading more than one book at a time, I find that one grabs my attention more and I focus on that one too. The only way I’ve been able to read multiple books at a time is to have one that I read first thing in the morning (and in the middle of the night, if I wake up) and one that I read in the evening for longer stretches of time. Sometimes I do this with very long books as the morning book because I am more relaxed trying to read a long book if I have 10 days to read it rather than my normal 2 or 3 days. But, otherwise, I just focus on one book at a time.

    • Books Teacup and Reviews

      I get your point about long books. They are intimidating to pick and read for long stretch of time but when they are like Crooked Kingdom and Priory of Orange Tree I can read them one at a time but I like the idea of taking more time with long books by reading them simultaneously. I can see it makes them less intimidating.

  • Zalia | All My Other Lives

    I never read multiple books either, for all the reasons you’ve said! I especially agree with point four about one book being better than the other. I always finish that one first and start a second book, but then I just pick my favourite between the two books and read that one, so I’m essentially still only reading one book! I also pretty much ONLY read fantasy, so it’s super easy to get books mixed up if I read more than one. Great discussion!

  • Simon T

    Interesting! I am firmly in many-books-at-one-time because it means I always have something that suits my mood at the moment. I wouldn’t want to be stuck reading something a bit more complex if it’s 10.30pm and I just want to wind down. But love hearing other people’s views on this!

  • nickimags @ Secret Library Book Blog

    Love your discussion posts Yesha and I totally understand your reasons for not reading multiple books. I’m also an impulsive reader and do the same as you unless it’s a blog tour book I can’t wait to read. I do read multiple books though and end up liking one more than the others. Also sometimes I get so overwhelmed by all the different books that put them aside and just read one!

  • SnazzyBooks

    I’m exactly the same – the only time I’ll have more than one book on the go is if it’s an audiobook as that’s just for when I’m walking/ doing other stuff! I stick to one at a time too. Great post!

    • Books Teacup and Reviews

      Thank you, Laura! Great to know you agree with me. I don’t listen audiobooks. Either I would walk/work or listen book and it definitely need more of my attention so there is no chance for me to reading two books at a time.

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