My Read-bait Words
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My Read-bait Words in the Synopsis or Reviews

Hello readers! I was looking for new discussion post ideas and came across a blog post on discussion Ideas @bookmarklit in which there was topic ‘Your read-bait words/premises’ and I immediately made list of My Read-bait Words in Synopsis or Reviews that makes me add the book to my TBR/wish list and i was surprised to see how big that list grew by the end.

Laren @bookmarklit has written a series of read-bait posts where she discusses the topic and gives book recommendations which is amazing idea that I might use for future posts but as of now I’m only going to list My Read-bait Words without book recommendations.

My Read-bait Words

My Read-bait Words in the Synopsis

  1. Mythogy (any kind of Mythology)
  2. Retelling
  3. Magic or supernatural power
  4. Quest / Road trip
  5. prophecy / Legend
  6. Witches/warlocks
  7. Elves / Fairy
  8. Dragons/magical creatures / Mosters
  9. Wolves / Vampires
  10. Immortal / Gods / Goddesses
  11. Dark / Twisted / Wicked / Dark ones / Darkling (you get the idea)
  12. My favorite books/authors in Comp title
  13. Competition / Trials (to be specific magical one where people dies)
  14. Ghosts
  15. Secret society


16. Kingdom / Queendom
17. Magical school/academy / Forest
18. Boarding school/university
19. Carnival/fair
20. Space
21. Underworld / Hell
22. Secluded setting / Haunted house


23. Heist
24. Forbidden (love/magic)
25. Rags-to-riches or vice versa
26. Plague/disease outbreak
27. WWI / WWII
28. Revolution
29. Apocalypse
30. Feminist
31. STEM


32. Bookish character/setting
33. AI / Robotic sidekick / Cyborg
34. Based on real person / historical figure
35. Secret heir
36. LGBTQ characters

Narration / format

37. Death (book is narrated by death)
38. Epistolary / podcasts/ mix of different formats

My Read-bait Words in Reviews

39. Found family
40. Enemies to lovers
41. Fast pace
42. Adventurous
43. Action-packed
44. Second chance
45. Fake dating
46. Con man/woman
47. Millionaire/royalty romance
49. Court politics / Political intrigue
50. Kick-ass heroines

So that’s it…. too many? Well, I read multiple genres and love many subplots.

Thank you for reading! Let’s chat..,

What are your Favorite Read-bait Words in the Synopsis/Review?
Do we share any similar words?

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