Bookstagram Tools I Love and Recommend
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Bookstagram Tools I Love and Recommend

Hello Readers! Reading many creative posts, watching booktubes made me want to get out of my comfort zone and try to come up with idea for the post that is not reviews, tags, blitz or cover reveal posts. Every book lovers are already on bookstagram and .

Taking pictures, for me, is easy thing. Bookstagram community is enough to inspire me for taking decent picture. It’s editing and posting, writing captions and hashtags that takes most of the time and is most difficult.

I had my bookstagram – books_teacup_n_reviews – ever since I started my blog. When I changed my bookstagram theme or at least tried to have some kind of theme last year, I tried many apps or tools available out there but only few suited me. that made the difficult task easy. So here is list of apps/tools I love to use for my Bookstagram and I recommend.

Bookstagram Tools I Love and Recommend

Bookstagram tools I recommend

For Editing-

1. Snapseed

Features of snapseed

I love Snapseed curve.

Editing curves are available in almost all editing apps. If they are not there in app you’re using, please use some other app. They are life saver. You don’t have to adjust brightness, contrast, shadow, highlight and all other individual features one by use. Simply adjust the curve the way you like. Here is the example-

2. DIY Book Designs

I read more ebooks on my kindle than paperback. I don’t like those B/W kindle covers and pics. I want original colourful books covers on my kindle. I was using adobe mix or some other app (some people use Canva) where I have to adjust book cover on my kindle and most of the time due to angles I couldn’t do it accurately and those annoying grey lines were showing and you can say just looking at pics that I manually adjusted the book cover on kindle. when I asked Laura @ bookie_mama_bear how she adjust covers on her kindle so perfectly, she suggested me this online tool.

All you need to do is select Kindle format or other phone or tab format you see here (Authors can use ‘composite’ that have ebook, paperback and hardcover in different combination for their book), upload book cover, select PNG one and downloaded kindle with book cover pic.

Here is how your downloaded pic will look like-

All now you need to do is add this pic to your edited pic. For that I use next tool PicsArt

3. PicsArt


Select pic where you want to put that downloaded ‘kindle with book cover’ pic. Select ‘add Photo’ from tools you see in bottom. Adjust the pic however you like and save to your gallery.

I also like Replay tool in this app that can make the pic magical. There are so many ready formats, all you need to do is follow series of steps already set in that format, make or skip the changes you want and bingo.

Edited with Preset

4. Adobe Lightroom

Sometimes I’m not satisfied with Snapseed curve and overall result. I upload final pic in Lightroom and use presets (they’re under the name “Profile” among tools) to give the pic final effect. I like Modern ones as my theme is bright and colourful. It pops colours in image really well. I also like “detail” tool to adjust noise and colour reduction, sharpness, and clarity and all.

For post/ caption / schedule/ hashtag

1. Preview

This is life saving. You can have space between lines in your caption, schedule the posts, and directly add it to you Instagram. Best feature is hashtags. If you have bought the plan you can have suggestions but as I’m using free one they don’t appear to me but you can add your group of hashtags in setting. Hashtags for review post, hashtags for wrap-up post or whatever you like and when you’re done writing your caption in comment select the group you have added. You don’t have to write each hashtags individually every time in your post. see here-

You can follow on Instagram. Their tips are really great.

Thank you for reading! Let’s chat…

Did you like this post and recommendations?
Are you using any of this apps/tool?
What Bookstagram tool you love most and recommend everyone?

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