7 Years of Book Blogging
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Looking back at 7 Years of Book Blogging, A Gratifying Journey

Hello Readers! It’s 7th blog anniversary today! Well, it sounds cliche to say and I might have said it before but yes, I can’t believe it’s been 7 years! 7 Years of Book Blogging, seven years of sharing love for books feels like it went so fast with many ups and downs and many cherished moments like my favorite fantasy books.

I have been thinking what to write for this milestone. As I was looking back at past book blog anniversary posts I published, I couldn’t help but notice I have talked about almost everything so far. Beginning from gratitude to what I learned, and what advice I give and follow, to Q&A, and goals and dreams. That gave me idea of to link back all anniversary posts and reflect on it for this to mark the milestone of 7 Years of Book Blogging.

7 Years of Book Blogging

1st blog anniversary

I remember I wrote 1st blog anniversary post. It’s big milestone for all new book bloggers and so was for me. I thanked every one who shared and liked my posts, share first post and first follower but somehow I can’t find that post! Must be because of lack of proper tag or it might have got lost in site transfer. Luckily I could find rest of the anniversary posts to link back.

What I still resonate with that post is I still feel a huge gratitude towards towards all the readers, followers, and regular visitors who have journeyed alongside me all these years and sharing their invaluable thoughts in the comments section. You all have kept me motivated to keep blogging even though blogging itself has changed a lot in 7 years.

2 years of blogging

I talked about how I felt after 2 years of blogging which was pretty short and simple with stats. I liked how I called this blog “little blog” in the title. After 7 Years of Book Blogging, the blog still feels small in numbers.

Fact check, I have got pretty big stats last year, but I don’t see follow count rising so in that aspect it’s still small but the blog have grown big in age and I also feel I write better than those posts in my first year of blogging.

3 years of blogging

I seemed very excited for getting NetGalley approval badge in 3rd anniversary post and I wanted to learn speed reading. Now, after 7 Years of Book Blogging, I don’t care for NetGalley requests and approval as now I have tons of e-galleys there that I still haven’t read. Now I wish I get less pre-approved NetGalley widgets so I can actually go back and read all old galleys I have received so far.

As for the speed reading, I don’t think I have progressed much in that. I have always been one book at a time person and I still am. I think up to this year to next I could read 2 books a week and it stayed that way until my kid turned 1 year old. After that my reading schedule have messed up big time and now that I have job I don’t have enough time to read.

4 years of blogging

I did Q & A post on 4th anniversary. I actually enjoyed looking back at this post. There was a question, “what is your absolute favorite genre?” and I answered, fantasy and romcom. That hasn’t changed over the time. As for the most memorable post, that has changed in 7 Years of Book Blogging. My memorable/favorite posts are –

Why I didn’t like Mal in the Grisha Trilogy

Shadow and Bone Netflix Show Vs Books

My Good and Bad Bookish Habits

5 years of blogging

I enjoyed writing 5 Years of Book Blogging post. I talked about What i learned in 5 years of blogging, what I still struggle with and what advice I have been following and still follow. I still believe in what I said and I still struggle with things I have been struggling 2 years ago or all these time.

I’m still not most organized person. I still don’t have drafts ready to post. Most of the time I write and post on the same day including this post. I don’t publish post on same time and I still struggle with time management, finding balance, I still find it frustrating if I cannot read every day… list just seems to be endless!

I’m trying time blocking thing. It helps but it’s still new and I often fall back to my old habit of spontaneity throwing all schedule out of window of my 14th floor flat. Honestly, at this point it feels like I can’t have the balance I want with life, books, and blog until my kid is older, independent, and living on her own.

6 years of blogging

I talked about blogging highlights, goals and dream on 6th blog anniversary. Looking at goals, I haven’t achieved them in last one year. I’m still not sure if the idea of fandom site it good enough as I don’t have enough time for it. Again, I will think about it when I’m old with no responsibility of kid and retired from job. As for the dreams last year, they stays a dream!

7 years of blogging

Looking back at all these years, I find solace in the journey from that tentative first year of blogging to the present mark of 7 years of Book Blogging.

As I keep transparency to my stats I intended to share all time stats that we could see yearly for every month but now Jetpack has decided to not show me my own blog stats on laptop as I have ads on my site! It will only show mw stats if I pay! That I will now. Mobile stats doesn’t give that much details so here is generalized view of my all time stats-

all time stats

I don’t have any plans for future years of blogging. Honestly, I’m content to proceed at a steady pace, embracing each day as it comes, hoping to to navigate the ups and down of blogging life while juggling the myriad responsibilities of everyday life alongside this blog which is as much part of my life.

So here we are, at the threshold of another year, another chapter waiting to be written. And I thank you all for being a part of this journey with me.

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