April 2024 Wrap Up

April 2024 Wrap Up- Not good month as I hoped

Hello Readers! I hope you had a great April. I was really hoping April will turn out better month but it was not a good month as I hoped it would be. Check out my April Highlights, book I read and what I watched in this April 2024 Wrap Up post.

April 2024 Wrap Up

April Highlights

April was busy month. I was hoping to have a good time but it quickly went downhill. But let’s start with the good thing. It was my 7th blog anniversary. (click on the link if you missed the post). Most weekends were great. I spent it with my family. It did meant less weekend reading time but I don’t regret it.

It seems like we have been cursed or something. We were expecting some good things and my husband was preparing for it since the beginning of the year but it seems all all hopes are in vain so far. I get how important it is for him but hate it how these things are causing arguments in the house. Dissatisfaction from the job for me made it even more frustrating month.

Good thing is I was able to do 30 minutes workout pretty much whole month. I also could manage to post on Instagram and on blog consistently. I’m going to my mom’s house this weekend and spend half of the summer vacation there, which will give us break from whatever is happening.

I also started a WhatsApp Channel. I created it so those who are interested in my content can have all my posts from blog and Instagram in one place. I know many readers have subscribed to emails or are following me on WP readers but posts can get lost in sea of emails and other blogs we follow. This is kind of newsletters but only with alerts of new posts that one can check whenever they want. If you would like to follow it here is the link –> https://whatsapp.com/channel/0029VaYnHOnHltY0EPGbhl07

April 2024 In Reading

Books Read : 11 (4 Novels + 7 children’s book)
Pages Read : 2086
Goodreads Challenge : 34/80

Books Read


A Day of Fallen Night is captivating, immersive, beautifully written epic fantasy with compelling characters and rich world. It took me a long time to read this book and mostly because of lack of time than the length but it turned out almost as good as its sequel Priory of The Orange Tree that now I wish I could have read this in one go than taking so long.

The Tale of a Naughty Prank is a delightful blend of humor, fantasy, and moral reflection with lively illustrations. It offers readers of all ages a great escape into a world of laughter and wisdom.

Both My Little Book of Holi and My Little Book of Diwali were cute and colourful book about celebration of two biggest festival celebrated in India. I enjoyed story behind why the festivals are celebrated.

Shelly the Shark that was afraid of the Dark is beautifully illustrated, engaging Animal fiction for kids age 4+ that has the potential to transform the fearful darkness of the night into something truly magical.

Mehar’s world of colours was lovely and heartwarming story of a kid struggling with her dream and trying to fulfill her mother’s expectation. I enjoyed layers in this story and message for both kids and parents. Review will be up next week.


Bride by Ali Hazelwood

Bride is a captivating blend of romance, intrigue, and supernatural elements, with characters and that Knot would stay in the my mind for long time. It was different from previous books by the author and I really enjoyed it. I recommend this to fans of paranormal romance.


The Lighthouse Family is poignant and beautiful literary fiction, weaving a heartfelt tale of family and siblings bond and forced immigration. This was my first translated fiction and now I want to read more translated books.

Keith the Croc that lost his Teeth is a delightful, engaging, and thoroughly enjoyable Animal fiction for kids age 4+, especially those on the cusp of losing their milk teeth.


I Won’t Wash My Hair

I Won’t Wash My Hair is beautifully illustrated book about the struggles children face in adhering to daily routines. I didn’t like the end message here but I think reading this book with adult around and having meaningful conversations can convey appropriate lesson from its narrative.


Pen Pal

Pen Pal was uninteresting, confusing, and disappointing erotica thriller. It turned out to be a far cry from what I anticipated. I didn’t like characters and not there was any depth. The whole Pen Pal thing was unnecessary. Marketing this as dark romance is super misleading.

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Blog Stats

April 2024 stats

What I Watched

I read this book last year. I might be wrong but the script was written before the book and movie came out after the book was published. So it’s the first book that was written based on the movie and I said in my reviews it would make better movie and I was right. I might write a post on movie vs book with more details but if I have to rate the movie it will be 4. I rated book 3.5.

Plans for May


I just want it normal. If nothing bad happened in May I would call it best month of the year!

Check out my April Highlights, book I read and what I watched in this April 2024 Wrap Up post. #Aprilwrapup #monthlywrapup #Aprilinbooks — > Click To Tweet
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How was your April?
Have you read or watched any of these or plan to?
Let me know the best book you read in April in the comments

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