Shadow and Bone Netflix Show Vs Books
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Shadow and Bone Netflix Show Vs Books

Hello readers! Yes, I finally watched Shadow and Bone season 1 and 2 and after my initial hesitations, I have to say I’m glad I didn’t stop watching it this time. I really enjoyed the show along with all the changes they made but do I like it as much as the books check it out in this Shadow and Bone Netflix Show Vs Books post.

Shadow and Bone Netflix Show Vs Books
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Shadow and Bone Netflix Show Vs Books

The show combines Shadow and Bone (Grisha) trilogy, Six of Crows duology, and King of Scars duology and I could see all of that in one show in one timeline wouldn’t have been possible without changes.

The arrival of the Sun Summoner in the first episode is the same as in the books. It was the second episode and third one that made me stop watching the show the first time because of so many changes from the books and I needed time to deal with it but now when I finally managed to watch the show I regret not watching it sooner.

What I liked –

I liked the introduction of characters, Grishas, Ravka divided by Fold, and the differences between the first army and the second army. I’m surprised they included so much in the first few episodes and both seasons are super fast-paced. After those first few episodes, I was hooked to the show and I honestly don’t remember where the first season ended and the second started.

Alina was mostly the same in shows as in books. One noticeable and likable change was she was sure about her feelings in the show. I’m glad all the drama and confusion of the love triangles was skipped in the show. The only surprise in her character came at the end of Season 2 and I can’t say yet if I like it or not.

As everyone said, Mal was really good in the show. He supported Alina through and through. There was no anger and fight or difference in opinions or views until the climax of the second season.

I loved Crows in the show. They are my favorite in the entire show like they were in books. There are changes in their part too. Kaz is of course as amazing as books and so is the rest of the crows. I never imagined Wylan so cute.

Zoya was the same as in books. She wasn’t likable in the beginning and she didn’t treat Alina well because of jealousy but she came around after Darkling destroyed Novo Kribrisk. She felt more cold and hard in books than in the show. I love she was spared from the love triangle in the show.

The backstory of the Darkling is fabulous. I don’t think it was there in books, at least not this clearly. We were just told he created the Fold because of a failed experiment, but not exactly how. In shows his story was more flashed out and I liked a brief view of how his life has been before Fold and what made him create the Fold. He truly felt morally gray character in the show.

He was also more humanized in the show which I agree with all other reviewers. I could feel the hard time he went through, how alone and driven he was in making Ravka safe haven for Grishas. His reason for destroying Novo Kribirsk in the show was more than a show and warning of the power (which was in book), it was also to stop Ravka from breaking into two parts by stopping the independence of East Ravka (that didn’t happen until Rule of Wolves). His feelings for Alina felt more real in the show while I couldn’t say the same in books.

I just wonder why they revealed his true name in the beginning! And why he is called General Kirigan? In books, he was known as Darkling only and his real name was only revealed at the end of Grisha trilogy.

Baghra was also amazing. I liked the change in how she died in the show.

I loved the world in the show too. Kerch was exactly how I imagined it and so was Ravka. It was great to see Novyi Zem. I liked the parts about Morozova’s journals and the revelations of the third amplifier.

That weasel Apparat got away with his scheming in shows as that whole part is cut short. He got too many pages in books and the author didn’t even kill him! But as there are so many changes going on I hope they kill him in the third season.

All the action scenes are fabulous. I so much enjoyed all the fights and that final battle.

What I didn’t like –

As I said it took me time to get used to changes. I love books as they have been written and it was hard to get used to all the changes I could see differences from the very first episode.

Crows originally in the books were hired to kidnap a scientist who made Jurda Parem that will take them to Fjerda (which is the best part of Six of Crows in books and I think this part they will show in season 3) but it’s Alina they have to kidnap in the show and so planning to cross the fold and sneak in the Little Palace which is all good.

But those who have read books can see breaking into Fjedan court and breaking into Little Palace has a huge difference. It’s like breaking into the deadliest place in the world impossible to enter vs a simple child play bank robbery. I knew it wouldn’t be as exciting as books and I was right. That heist was okay.

I also didn’t like Nikolai as much as in books. Book Nikolai is sassy, devilish fox. He has that charm and also the best dialogue in books that I couldn’t feel in the show.

I also don’t like how Inej and Kaz parted. Yes, Inej went on to hunt slaver ships in books but She and Kaz accepted their love for each other. They are the best ship in books and I didn’t like Kaz couldn’t drop his armors for Inje in the show like he did in books. I think that part will come in next season.

They killed David too soon! Who the hell will find the antidote for Parem now?

What surprised me most is –

The end of season 2! Mal and Alina’s relationship ended exactly how I imagined if Alina hasn’t lost her powers in books (I also mentioned that in my post on “Why I didn’t like Mal in books“). In show, she didn’t lose her power. Of course, the reasons here are different as Mal is different in the show.

Mal didn’t stay around as he lost the connection he felt with Alina all this time and now he isn’t sure if his love was true or was based on that connection that now he lost with his inherited gift. Alina is power in Ravka and now and he is a simple boy without power.I’m just surprised it happened in the show.

I’m also surprised with the cliffhanger. And now I’m curious if it’s really Alina or it’s the cost of Merzost she performed.

Overall, I really enjoyed the show, I ended up liking the changes in the show but the books remain the best for me.

Books Ratings (click on links to read full review)
Shadow and Bone Trilogy ( Book 1 | Book 2| Book 3 ) -⭐⭐⭐⭐
Six of Crows ( Book 1 | Book 2 )- ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
King of Scars ( Book 1 | Book 2 ) – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Show Ratings
Season 1 – ⭐⭐⭐.5
Season 2 – ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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