Least Favourite Tropes
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Least Favourite Tropes & Tropes Everybody Hates/dislike But I’m Okay With It

Least Favourite Tropes

Hello Readers! Another post that I wished to write for long time but didn’t because you know writing a discussion topic is out of my comfort zone. Tropes in books are much-discussed topic and I have seen so many bloggers listing their favorite (I’m going to write that as well) and least favorite tropes in my 4 years of blogging period. Now that I’m braving to write a discussion post, I felt it’s high time (even though I’m late) to write about my Least Favourite Tropes. I’m also listing here Tropes that Everybody Hates/Dislike but I’m okay with, specifically if done well, rather than writing a whole new post and also there aren’t many of such tropes as well.

Least Favourite Tropes

Love triangle – Do have to explain! Twilight sparked the dislike for this trope first. I have said it many times I hated Jacob (Sorry but not sorry). It was like he was forcing his love on Bella and then falling for her daughter who was just baby! Another reason is, girl ends up with boy I don’t like. Better example, the famous Grishaverse. I honestly found both Darkling and Nikolai much better than Mal. I swear I would have thrown Mal in Shadow Fold so Alina could be with any male who wasn’t thinking about holding her back. Another famous example hunger game! I never liked Peeta. Anyone would be better than him. I can keep going and there are many books out there that would prove what I’m saying.

Main character, specially female, doesn’t know they are beautiful – I often laugh at this. I find it utterly unbelievable. Oh and it gets even more hilarious when that character compare look with another beautiful looking character and feel miserable about it, keep thinking how boy was in love with her instead of that other girl.

Kissing or sex in middle of battle or tense situation (often happening around climax) – I mean seriously how can they think about canoodling when whole army is after you, people are dying or putting their life at risk, world is shattering or anything worse that is happening and saving your ass should be on top of everything but nope, all they do being on top of each other! the very last thing that should be in their mind! 🙄

Boy being jerk because he doesn’t know how to act around girl he loves and that basically causes hate-to-love/enemies-to-lovers romance. I usually like hate-to-love/enemies-to-lovers romance but not when it has this logic at the base and I don’t get it. Can’t you just be nice to girl, try to talk normal or anything but not be jerk and avoid all the drama, misunderstanding and miscommunications! what’s logic behind “oh, I was just being jerk because I loved you” and surprisingly (okay not exactly surprisingly) girl understands that and boy is forgiven!😐

Damsel in distress – Why it has to be like that? Can’t girl do something herself about her situation! I don’t understand why girl had to rely on someone else, wait for someone to save her and get her out of her pathetic situation! (Classic example- Cinderella)

Tropes that Everybody Hates/Dislike but I’m okay with it

Chosen One – I have read few chosen one books and I enjoyed most of them. Most readers don’t like it as it has become cliché but I’m still not tired of it and they are sure most interesting if done well.

Insta-Love – I don’t exactly hate this trope. I mean I get it it’s not realistic and unbelievable to fall in love instantly when you hardly know the person but I’m okay with it if it’s love at first sight and also develops gradually, basically if it’s done well.

Miscommunication Trope – Yup, it’s not something everybody likes and sometimes it can be irritating making me scream ‘Oh God, just have proper conversation’ but sometimes it also make story interesting and dramatic specially in romance and I’m always in for drama in Romance genre.

Royal Politics/ Politics in books – I always enjoy politics specifically in fantasy because in real world it’s so much mess, hopeless and murky thing but at least in fantasy I can have hope things would turn out okay in the end.

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Thank you for reading! Let’s chat…

What do you think about this post?
Do you agree or disagree with my points?
Which is your least favourite trope?

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