Bookish Pet Peeves

10 Bookish Pet Peeves

Hello readers! This is most discussed post I have seen around blogospehere. I don’t know a blogger who haven’t written the post or discussed it on social media. I remember myself commenting on some of such posts that made me list my own bookish pet peeves and surprisingly it didn’t take long for me to list them. It’s not like the way some readers list them including tropes and all as I already have written posts on tropes I don’t like but it’s related to books, physical and ebooks. So here are 10 Bookish Pet Peeves –

Bookish Pet Peeves

10 Bookish Pet Peeves

1. Return the order – I hate it when I have return the order. I have done that many times. It’s annoying when Amazon delivers new book that looks old or spines are scraped, corner are rough and bent. Worst of all was damaged cover. Last order I returned had hole in cover!

2. Stickers on the cover – I don’t like print stickers of “Now on Netflix”, “movie”, “best selling”, “shortlisted”…. why those things has to be with sticker on cover ruing perfectly beautiful cover? They could print them inside the book. I also don’t like price stickers leaving gum residue.

3. movie cover replacing the original book cover – Why would they do that is beyond me! I mean they are already ruining cover with stickers about movie and show but that’s not enough and they have to replace the cover with movie cover with actors on it.

4. No index in ebooks – Why the hell half the time they upload kindle file on NetGalley that doesn’t have index! I have habit of checking how long the book is, how many chapters are there. Sometimes I want to go back to particular chapter and it’s annoying when I have to remember at what percentage I read that particular thing when I could easily click on chapter if there was an index.

5. Adaptations ruin my imagination – You know often characters look and sound so good in my head and when I watch the adaptations that characters turns out totally different than image I had in my mind. Best example, Jace Herondale. He was my first book boyfriend and for long time. I loved his character and then movie happened that crushed my imagination. I have to say I like Jace in Netflix series better than movie but none was as perfect as imagination from books.

6. Synopsis happens much later in the book – I haven’t come across such books that often but I don’t like it when synopsis happens almost near climax. What’s the point of reading if I know most of the plot only from synopsis!

7. Getting disturbed constantly and then on saying something person disturbing gets disturbed! – Now that doesn’t need much explanation and I bet every reader has experienced this. What is most annoying is people think reading isn’t something that gives anything in return like real job and so it’s okay to disturb the person.

8. Having to leave book in middle of chapter/paragraph/sentence – That is linked with point 6. We get disturbed, we have to leave in middle to answer or do something immediately and then trying to find where we left the book, often making us reread passage and it take time to get grip in story.

9. Reviews and quotes in place of synopsis on the back of the cover – Can’t they place it inside the book? Shouldn’t there be a synopsis! How reader is supposed to know what the book is about without synopsis when they visit the shop!

10. Comment like “You have too many books already“, “Buying books is waste of money“, “you shouldn’t give reading this much time– I’m listing this last but this is top most pet peeve and it has happened more than any points from above.

Thank you for reading! Let’s chat…

What do you think about this post? What are your bookish pet peeves?


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