Merciless Stars
Cover reveal

#CoverReveal : Merciless Stars by Candace Robinson @literarydust @midnighttidepublishing

Hello readers! I’m pleased to be part of the cover reveal of a new fantasy romance by Candace Robinson, Merciless Stars. Please check out the book details and beautiful cover in this post.

Book Details

Merciless Stars by Candace Robinson
Publication Date : March 9, 2022
Publisher : Midnight Tide Publishing
Genre : Dark Fantasy, Romance

Merciless Stars


Two sisters. Two loves. And a secret that can destroy them both.

For years, Silver has used her magic to draw the same human soul, Keelen, from the afterlife and place him into a wax raven she created. Each visit, her impossible relationship with Keelen deepened, leading Silver to want more than friendship. Yet it isnโ€™t until after Silver and her queen sister, Afton, are forced to defend themselves from an enemy king’s guards, that Silver discovers a way to give Keelen human life and become Aftonโ€™s weapon.

Afton had never given her heart to another โ€ฆ until she met Ragan. Just when it seems sheโ€™s found true love, she must temporarily push her feelings aside and accept a betrothal contract from the enemy king to keep her territory safe. But when Afton uncovers a danger that threatens all she has built, the sisters must put a stop to it before everything they love, including their sisterly bond, shatters.

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What do you think about the book and cover? Have you read any book by the same author? Are you going to add this to TBR?


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