Settings I Love in Books
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Settings I Love in Books

Settings I Love in Books

Hello Readers! I love books with amazing settings and they are important aspect in book for me. They take me to places I have never been to and even imagine places that doesn’t exist. Yes, I see other things in books but if setting is boring or doesn’t play significant role I might like that book a little less. Reading so many books has made my taste for settings very particular. Most of the time I would decide to read book just because it has one of my favourite setting. So here are the settings I love in books –

Picturesque Small Town

Every body’s favourite! I haven’t come across a person who doesn’t enjoy small town setting, close knit community, a quaint village and a beautiful cottages and small shops whose owners know everybody in the town. Most important, gossips, busybodies and drama!

The Inn at Tansy Falls perfect armchair travel

Magical School

As fantasy lover how can I skip this one. Magical school hidden from normal people or school that has its own history and students coming from all over the world to learn magic definitely makes a perfect setting.

Castle or old big house

This make any story interesting and atmospheric with its big old walls, so many rooms and even better when character is forbidden to explore it.

reimagining of Classic novels

Library and bookstore

Every book lover’s favourite setting. This definitely doesn’t need much description. It makes book even better if the character is librarian or books store owner.


Books set in forests are another favourite setting. Fantasy, romance, thriller, horror… you name it. This setting can make any genre interesting to read, even simple survival fiction.

White Christmas

Christmas is my favourite setting in books. We don’t celebrate it, me being Hindu and it’s not really big festival in India and that makes any Christmas setting and story fascinating for me. ‘white’ is must as again it never snows where I live. And Like ‘Wild’ this setting also makes any genre interesting to read.


They are perfect setting that can include most my favourite setting I listed above- Picturesque village, Book store, white Christmas, and castle… and everything at sea side makes it even more lovely.


I love Paris in books. I have never visited Paris but reading it in books has made me want to go there. I have always enjoyed books with Paris.

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Thank you for reading! Let’s chat…

Do you agree with me? What settings you love in books?


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