Why I prefer Physical Books
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10 Funny Reasons Why I prefer Physical Books

So today I don’t have anything to post (yup, no reviews! I’m also surprised) and I had this idea to write why I prefer physical books over ebooks for some time but wanted to make it different. Luckily (or not if I fail to make it as fun as I thought) here is what my brain came up with at 2 a.m. when I couldn’t sleep….

Why I prefer Physical Books

Why I prefer Physical Books

1. Papers smell good. Devices… I don’t know! Have you tried smelling your device? I don’t have sweaty hands and I’m pretty hygienic but it only takes imagination.

2. No screen glares/ brightness adjustment with physical books – Do you know how much trouble it is to adjust brightness when your kindle or tab or phone suddenly goes bright or so dark you can barely read? It interrupts reading.

3. No battery issues with physical book– I can’t say how many times I have stopped reading in the middle of an exciting scene because the battery of e-reader is low.

4. No WiFi issue! WiFi is must and if it doesn’t work you can’t download the book you wish to read or continue in another device when one device’s battery dies…

5. No Plugging require on every wall of your house! And then there is the case when the electric plug/socket for charging your device is not near to the bed or sofa and you want to read at the same time!

6. Kids and devices don’t go along well, you know!

Picture my kid instead of that book in 4th pic of this meme when she realizes there is no Youtube in the device.

It’s even bad when a kid snatches the device from your hand and throws it. You should see cracks on my kindle (there are no corners undamaged!!).

Even worst when a kid keeps pressing on the screen while you’re reading and you don’t know the location of the page you’re reading!!

7. No Distractions of social media.

8. You can’t annotate ebooks the way you can physical books.

9. You can easily find your book, unlike your devices…

10. As for the font issue with a physical book, there is a magnifying glass to solve the problem...

And that’s it! I know there are lots of cons of physical books too and I can already think of a similar post but for now, let’s just be happy with this…!

Thank you for reading! Let’s chat..,

What do you this about this post?
Can you relate to any of these?
Why Do you prefer physical book or ebook?

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