Louder Than a Whisper: Clearer Than a Bell by Renée Paule

Louder Than a Whisper: Clearer Than a Bell by Renée Paule

Published: September 21st 2015 by CreateSpace

Read Date: January 21st 2018

Genre: Non-Fiction, Self-help

Pages: 174

Stars: 5/5

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Louder Than a Whisper; Clearer Than a Bell challenges the status quo of Humanity by inviting it to look at the morass of confusion, despair and uncertainty that pervade our society. Through a series of heartfelt essays this book examines topics such as ‘Pride’, ‘Desire’, ‘Responsibility’, ‘Betrayal’ and ‘Loneliness’. What are they and how do they influence our lives? These topics go deeply inside the human psyche to places many are reticent to visit. We’re uncertain about what we might uncover and let’s be honest, in a world that’s way too busy, it’s inconvenient to invest our time on uncertainties.

If we have nagging doubts about the purpose of our lives – most of us do – then surely these deserve investigation rather than a disinterested response of ‘Whatever’. We already know the consequences of ignoring what’s happening in our world; more war, more control, more crime, more hatred and more separation – only we can change it. The ‘journey’ we must all one day undertake begins within us and only through this journey will we discover our true nature. Fear creates the roadblock that prevents us from taking that first bold step to changing our world; fear of the unknown. The challenge is to overcome this fear and the inertia of getting started.

As with ‘Just Around The Bend’, only paperback versions of this book are illustrated.


I’m not going to divide this review like I usually do, so consider it more like discussion of what I loved in this book and why.

In the third book ‘Louder Than a Whisper’- that follows second book ‘On Just Around the Bend’ that takes us to next level of self-discovery after learning to question our age old beliefs in the first book ‘On the other Hand’- author tells us louder than a whisper in more clearer sound with a firm message to start embarking the journey of self-discovery in order to bring change in ourselves and spread the message in the world we live in. She clears out the point, our weaknesses and fears that are holding us back from the change, making them stronger through observations and self-examination and more importantly explaining why we should be initial and start it with ourselves first.

I felt so inspired and motivated by this book and at the same time very connected because I’m very direct person and I defy obeying what society says I should do to make them happy and I feel really grateful to know that I’m not the only person in this world who somewhat, if not entirely, (because we are different person and have different thoughts) have similar kind of thinking and also because it helps me to shape my thoughts, made me realize where I’m doing wrong and in a what way I should direct it.

“‘Alone’ doesn’t need any of society’s attraction and is free from struggle of trying to ‘fit in’.”

As author explained it very clearly in first two books and in this one as well that this book is not an instant recipe of removing our problem or problems in the world or society, it’s a path / a direction that lead readers to self-discovery, inner peace, and putting energy into right direction and author entirely leave it up to reader whether to follow it not and again questions us whether we want to change ourselves or just want to carry on with blaming the world and others.

“Self-help is exactly that, we must help our-self and remove ourselves from the belief that we can play into someone else’s energy field and expect it to power our lives.”

I loved quotations at the start of each chapters. There were so many deep meaningful lines in the book that I bookmarked. The narration and writing was very explicit, it felt like I was reading the discussion on particular topic with examples and illustrations. I loved this book even more than the previous two books as it involved topics like, Consolidation, Betrayal, Loneliness, desire, Am I good Enough, and Pride and other small essayed topics that were not deeply explored in previous books.

“One of the greatest miracles that we ignore is the miracle of our own existence.”

The topics I loved to read were –

Desire– I loved this topic and the way author questioned our need to desire something and why even after achieving what we desire we don’t feel complete or content and how the thirst of desire keep increasing leaving us unhappy and weak.

Am I good enough?– This was mind-blowing topic. We ask this question to ourselves whenever we try to achieve something or while we are on that path. We even look for the answer of this question from others! Why we need someone else’s approval to confirm whether we are good enough or not even though we know the answer of this question ourselves. Even if we ask others we expect to hear the answer what we want to hear!

This was the question that I asked myself many times in my life. Even with this blog. I constantly asked this question to myself and other as well. I really liked how this topic made me realize that I need to believe in myself than believing in someone else’s thought and I should stop seeking for approval. If I want something better from what I do, I need to seek answer in myself and try to improve. This was something that will help everyone.

Responsibility– This was very interesting topic. I was constantly told by people around me to start taking responsibility of life and my marriage, as a woman it’s my responsibility to give birth and blah blah. It’s not that I don’t want to have baby or anything, I know what I want and what not, but when people start telling this thing under the title of ‘responsibility’ it annoys me on high level. I was so much interested in what author has to say in this topic. I’m really happy to know the true meaning of this word, how everyone think about it, and what our real responsibility should be in this world as human being.

Betrayal– It just blew my mind to know how much we are betraying ourselves, our children, and our existence itself by not going on the path of change. This was most amazing topic in whole book and I so damn recommend everyone to read this one if you get the book.

“No-one can let you down, unless you depend on them.”

I loved all the symposium topics and poems ‘Hidden’ and ‘Who am I’. There were many other topics that I would love to tell about but that will be betraying author by me being a ‘spoiler’. So I’m ending my rambling here.

What I learned from this book is we are not perfect, no matter how much we love to hear people say that we are perfect but we are not. If we want anything good from this life, want to leave worries, fears, and all the dreadful things that are making us unhappy, we need to change, should start change with ourselves and that is Right Now.

Overall, this book is definitely effective, more than true, more direct and so much wise. It’s really great series that shows reader real perspective towards the world and society that is formed so wrong or I should say on-not-so-perfect base that helps us to see where the changes are needed and more importantly it shows the mirror clearly saying that if we want anything real and helpful, start with ourselves.

This is a kind of book that you would love to read again and again and every time you get more deeper sense from the book.


Author: Renée Paule

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*** Note: I received this book from the author, in exchange for an honest review. Many thanks to Renée Paule. ***

What do you think about the book and review? Have you read this book already? Have you read any books by Renée Paule before? If so,what do you think about them? Have you read anything similar to this before? Share your thoughts in the comment-box below.

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