Saturday Sort-Story Review

Saturday #ShortStoryReview: Nile Crossing by Katy Beebe

Saturday Short Story Review

Hello Everyone! Hope you all are having cheerful weekend! Today’s short story review is on – Nile Crossing by Katy Beebe.


Expected publication: October 23rd 2017 by Eerdmans Books for Young Readers

Read Date: October 7th 2017

Pages: 34

Stars: 4/5

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Khepri lives in ancient Egypt, happily fishing alongside his father in the waters of the Nile. But today, Khepri will have to replace his fishing pole with the reed pens of a scribe: it’s his first day of school. As he and his father travel to Thebes, Khepri faces his anxieties about starting school and eventually finds a sense of peace.

From the author of Brother Hugo and the Bear, this gorgeous and poignant book delivers a relatable story in an unusual historical setting.


The story was imagination of the education system and lifestyle during the ancient Egyptian time period. And story take place in that era. It was about the boy, Khepri, attending his first day of the school. How his day rose differently, instead of going to fishing he visits school, how different he feelt and thought about that day, and how he overcame his anxiety of new day and new school.

What I liked_edited

There was the mention of various Egyptian Gods, what are they for. The picture of the Gods were illustrated on the same page to show children how they look. In the school while making friend Khepri learn to write. On that page how ancient Egyptian used Papyrus and Reed to write was told in easy language. Few information given were really good like, there are 700 sign used in Egyptian text and ibis, the bird in this Hieroglyph, is first sign of God Thoth’s name which was also illustrated in the book. There was glossary at end of the book as well. This picture book is good as a history lessons for children.


Khepri’s fear of first day in the school was narrated in innocent way. I liked that he also understood that he would make friends in the school and he has nothing to fear. So this was not like in modern way how parents explain their children importance of school and what he will expect on first day of the school but it was totally like the ancient period when children learn everything by experience and do not voice their fear it to parents. The story was in the time period (c. 1550 – 1070 BCE.)  which was mentioned in the last few pages of the story and period was explained in a way children could understand.

Illustrations were like paintings, landscape and details in appearance of people were taken into consideration. This book is for academic purpose where teachers could tell stories and at the same time teach about Egyptian history.

why not 5 stars_edited

I feel, this is little advance for children. Definitely not for 5 – 7 yr. children. They may not know half the words in the book like hieroglyphs or scarab, even though glossaries were given or can understand about Egyptian history. So it might not cover wide audience.


Overall, I liked the story and all the information about Ancient Egyptian and schooling system in that era. I recommend to children who are interested in learning history and for school libraries.


Author: Katy Beebe

To know more about author click Here.

Illustrators: Sally Wem Comport

Publisher: Eerdmans Books for Young Readers

*** Note: I received review copy of this book via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review. I am glad I got a chance to read this book. ***

What do you think about the book and review? Have you read this story? Share your thoughts in the comment-box below.

Happy Reading! 🙂

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