Steal Me (Haunted Roads #1) by India R. Adams

Steal Me

Published: May 31st 2016 by India’s Productions

Read Date: October 5th 2017

Pages: 313

Stars: 5/5

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When Maverick’s father dies, his mother slips into depression. Need of parental figure for his little sister Bailey turns him into adult of the house at early age. He take his family out of city to a small town, away from the haunting memory of his father.

Everyone has a story in the small town. So has Delilah who steals Maverick’s heart. Tucker, Delilah’s brother, sees a new hope in Maverick, the only person who can steal Delilah’s sadness and can make his sister glow again.

And then there is mystery of Haunted roads that was the reason of Delilah’s sadness. Will Maverick and Delilah get out of their grief and shine each other’s life with love or haunted road will end it all? What is the mystery of this haunted road?


Book was all about loss, grief, transformation, family, love and fight for yourself and for your loved one. There was everything in bits but majority was tragedy. Lot of. It was like characters are trying get over one tragedy, become stable and happy, another one is waiting to strike and threaten to shatter everything again. This was the journey of characters from tragedy to love and happiness, their walk out of tunnel of darkness towards the light.

Warning- few characters were abused in the book that might be disturbing. I didn’t cry I like I usually do while reading India’s books. I was on the edge of crying but didn’t. So, it was milder, for me, than Serenity and Destiny.


India creates amazing crew. I loved Tucker’s group and their love for each other. Most of the story was centered on Maverick, Delilah and Tucker. Other characters in the book, and even parents and family of the crew had their solid imprints in the book. Mostly all characters were fighter and had important, major role. Main and my Favorite characters-

Maverick– lovely brother and fighter. Strong, wise, smart, sensitive and most chivalrous guy in the book. Delilah– smart, bookworm, and romantic but layered with timid, emotional and sensitive and hidden under her brother’s protective nature. Tucker– Delilah’s brother. Amazing friend, fierce when it comes to protecting his sister, reckless, and struggle in understanding his own emotion for Viola. He was exactly like Rocco in Serenity. Viola – vixen is perfect word and nickname for her. Strong, can fight for herself, rough, straightforward, loudmouth bitch, but she is more than that- empathetic, observer, brilliant counselor, and lovely friend.  Without doubt she was my favorite character in the book. As I can relate with her. We both have our own mind. 😉 Bailey– what I say about this sweet little sister of maverick. She was the first one who took my heart in the book. She was most adorable character in the book and that make her my favorite.

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Loved this book right from character to concept, plot, writing and end. Such gripping story and great concept! This was the kind of the book that can touch everyone’s heart especially of those who has lost someone and those who has found a light out of darkness. One thing I like most about all India’s book is, though the topic is very serious, touching and emotional, there is always breathers here and there in the book that make me smile, laugh and blush.

Some relationships have hidden truths that few can survive. Only us strong ones can dare listen to, and have the balls to stay and bear witness to, the result of irrevocable damages. So tell me, Maverick, are you one of the strong?

The story was in two parts- one, Life of Maverick from his POV and other, Life of Delilah and Tucker narrated by Tucker.

First part– This part solely focused on Maverick and his Maverick’s relationship with Bailey and Delilah. He and his sister just won my heart in this part. This dude’s maturity level increased from 3 to direct 10 after his father’s death. Maverick’s struggle, becoming pillar of his family, his sense of priorities and love for his sister, the way he grew up and sacrificed his needs for his family was incredibly touching and heart-melting. He totally drew me into his world.

I admired him for the way he handled Delilah, her and his own emotions, and the way he protected his two girls. I was constantly thinking in this part, why Delilah was weak or wearing a shell, what happened to her and why it was spooking her. The secret was predictable but I didn’t know the reason behind or that whole scene was not revealed in this part. The character development of Mav, his mother, Delilah was mind-blowing in his part. The end of this part was unbelievable, and unpredictable.

Second part– This part focused on Tucker. His relationship with Delilah and Viola. We are back paddling here to Tucker and Delilah’s childhood. How they grew up what was their story, how he met his crew, what happened to Delilah, his POV for Maverick and Delilah’s relationship. This part told the tales of all character including Tucker’s crew which was not told or revealed in the first one.

The pieces about Delilah past that was missing in the first part during her relationship with Maverick was filled in this second part. But few things were still not revealed in this book. So I’m desperately waiting for the second to find those left out pieces. I was shocked that even Tucker didn’t know all about Delilah. Tucker and Viola were surprise in this part. Most brilliant character development was Tucker. He changed a lot before and after Maverick came in his life. I thought I will give this book 4.5 star because of Delilah’s timid nature, but this second part changed my mind as this part also have a reason for that too.

I learned lot of things about all characters in this part and that’s why I loved reading second part more.

End– It was broken. I didn’t expected that and it broke exactly at very important point which blew my mind. I was yelling ‘I want to know more, I want finish what was going on in the end.’ And then I was sulking because I have to wait for the second book. Author’s note about reason for ending book at this point didn’t help much.


Overall, loved this book. There were good turning points. Little surprises. Freaking rocket speed book. And I’m sure you will love to connect with characters of this book like I did. If you have read India’s book before and you liked her writing style, you will definitely love this book. And if you haven’t this is best book to start reading her work, because this was milder than other books by India.


Author: India R. Adams

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*** Note: I received book from the author, in exchange for an honest review. I am glad I got a chance to read this book. Many thanks to author. ***

What do you think about the book and my review? Have you read this book or any book by India R. Adams? What do you think about it? Share your thoughts in the comment-box below.

Happy Reading! 🙂

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