Saturday Sort-Story Review

Saturday Short-Story Review: Dead over Heels by Theresa Braun

Saturday Short Story Review
Hello Everyone! Hope you guys are enjoying Saturday. Today’s Saturday Short story is, Dead over Heels by Theresa Braun.
Dead over heels
Published: November 16th 2016 by Frith Books
Read Date: July 12th 2017
Stars: 5/5
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Blurb (in my words)-

Veronica meets Sebastian via online dating. They decides to finally go for real date and meets at the haunted restaurant, The River House. Veronica has fascination for the paranormal things but Sebastian go along just to impress her. Veronica feels connection between them on very first date. They actually experience weird thing there. On celebration of one month anniversary they visit the same restaurant but this time they are really haunted by the ghost. Ghosts that have connection with both of them that will turn their just started romance to real scary. What will happen with them at the end?
My view:
The more good the story, the lesser words I have to say for the book. It make me speechless and I just end up saying just read it. That’s what I felt for this story. What an appropriate title and cover! I loved it.
This is emotional ghostly short story. Both characters were developed and nice. The story was narrated by Veronica, protagonist.
My favorite from the story.

I never knew that finding the one would be such a double-edged sword.

This short story cover love, vengeance, hate, anger and ghosts. The story exactly picked my interest when Veronica was waiting at meets restaurant to meet Sebastian where she was pointing out why she was finally interested in Sebastian and their meeting later. That part was bit humorous. The twist was totally unexpected and scary as hell. The story of ghost couple was real sad, emotional and horrifying. It tested their love. And in desperation of saving their love Veronica take a decisions that had totally unexpected end. 2 twist in just 38 pages was very remarkable and amazingly written by author.
End– it was unexpected. Though I liked the end, I want to see what happened later from Sebastian’s Point of view too.
Overall, Dead over Heels was quick, dark, tragic paranormal romance that will make you feel why it ended.

Who should read it? Those who like to read horror short stories would enjoy it.


Author: Theresa Braun

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*** Note: I received review copy of this book from the author, in exchange for an honest review. I am glad I got a chance to read this book. ***

What do think about the story and my review? Have you read this story or any of the book written by Theresa Braun?

Happy Reading! Have a cheerful weekend! 🙂


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