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I was nominated for The Sunshine Blogger Award by Jay. Check out his blog This Is My Truth Now. He is amazing write and can write on any topic. You can check out his answers to this award HERE. Actually he did 5 Sunshine Blogger Awards so I’m giving a link to the one he tagged me.
Thank you Jay for nominating me. 🙂
1.) Thank the person who nominated you in a blog post and link back to their blog.
2.) Answer the 11 questions sent by the person who nominated you.
3.) Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions.
4.) List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post and/or on your blog.
Questions given by Jay and answers-

  1. What hour are you most alert during the day or night?

Both I guess. If I had enough rest it doesn’t matter. I’m light sleeper so I’m also alert while I’m sleeping. 😉

2. Who was the last famous person you stalked?

I don’t stalk. If you consider checking all blogs, twitter post, and Instagram of all bloggers I follow.

3. What courses were your worst and best in school?

Worst– Maths. English – I know! Believe me, people used to laugh at me whenever I opened my mouth to read a passage in school and at my terrible writing in college. That was so embarrassing. Thanks to them I took it upon myself tried to improve it and I’m still trying to be better.

Best– History – It was always difficult to remember all years and events accordingly. This king rule in this year and this was president this year, this year Britishers came to India and all…. I’m bad with numbers. But it was interesting subject and I liked to learn it and still do.

4. If you could let someone else takeover your blog for 1 day, who would it be?

Umm.. That’s difficult to decide. I guess I will make a group and hand over to them.
One who is good in writing reviewsNovel Deelights , Meggy @Chocolate’n’Waffles. I always love to read their reviews and both have a good style of their own. There are many more who write amazing reviews and inspires me that I can’t even list them but always share their post on twitter out of love.
One who is good with a discussion postMikaela @ The Well-Thumbed Reader.
One who is good in socializing, I mean always have something to write in comments that I really suck at. Noriko @ Diary of a Bookfiend and Mischenko

5. What country has the happiest people?

How can I say that!! I seriously don’t know. May be a place where there is no crime, no jealousy, no nosy people, everyone is free in every aspects, no one cares who is wearing what, no one care if you are married or not or you have kids or not, no stereotypes and hypocrites and… I will add anything else I can remember. Is there a country where all this is fulfilled? If so, they are happiest people.
So may be Antarctica. Or Mars. 😛

6. What lesson took you the most to learn?

That no matter what you do you can’t make everyone happy. So be yourself and stop listening to everyone.

7. Where do you go for peace and quiet?

Higher ground where no one can disturb and have beautiful view- Terrace. And that is why we have rented penthouse.

8. What person from before 1900 would you try to bring back to live today?

19th Century Writers. Weren’t they amazing? I would like to see what they will write in today’s world.

9. Where do you see yourself retiring?

Ohh, I don’t think that long. But definitely in my dream house with big library of my own and reading lots of novels.

10. What cartoon character are you most like?

So many..!! Tom & Jerry, Gwen Tennyson (Ben 10), Uncle Chan (Jackie Chan Adventures), Tweety bird and all loony toon characters.

11. What personality trait are you currently trying to change or improve?

I’m short tempered. So I want to change that.
I nominate– (if you don’t do tags/awards please ignore this)

  1. Norin-
  2. HariniBooks and Readers
  3. Meggy –Chocolate’n’Waffles
  4. Kyera –
  5. Angie-Angie Dokos
  6. Mischenko –ReadRantRock&Roll
  7. Bentley –Book ★ Bastion
  8. Priyasha – BOOKS AND CO.
  9. Mandy – Book Princess Reviews
  10. Stephanie-Stephanie’s Novel Fiction
  11. Krista and Dawlyn- Little Blind Book Finds

I’m picking questions from Sunshine blogger Awards for which Jay was nominated, that I liked most. Here they are-

  1. A quote or any saying that you love and follow.
  2. What life lesson took you the most to learn?
  3. What do you love most about YOU?
  4. What personality trait are you currently trying to change or improve?
  5. When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?
  6. What courses were your worst and best in school?
  7. If you had to stick with one book genre for the rest of your life, what would it be?
  8. What is your superpower?
  9. What are you currently watching on tv (Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, etc (that you would recommend?)
  10. What’s the weirdest or most unusual thing you’ve ever eaten?

Whoever come to this post and would like to do this tag consider yourself nominated. 🙂

Happy Reading! 🙂


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