Better Than Fiction
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Better Than Fiction by Alexa Martin

Better Than Fiction is heartwarming, lovely, and touching opposite attracts romance with amazing representation of dealing with grief and learning to move on in life.

Better Than Fiction

Better Than Fiction

Better Than Fiction by Alexa Martin

Publication Date : November 8, 2022

Publisher : Berkley

Read Date : February 29, 2024

Genre : Romance

Pages : 336

Source : Publisher / NetGalley

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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Love isn’t always by the books in this charming romantic comedy about a bookseller discovering how to be the main character in her story.

As a self-proclaimed book hater and a firm believer that the movie is always better, Drew Young didn’t anticipate inheriting her grandma’s bookstore, the Book Nook. She’s in way over her head even before the shop’s resident book club, comprising seven of the naughtiest old ladies ever, begin to do what they do best–meddle.

Bestselling author Jasper Williams is a hopeless romantic. When he meets Drew at his Book Nook signing event, he becomes determined to show her the beauty of reading. He curates a book bucket list in exchange for her help exploring the local Denver scene for his current manuscript. From river rafting to local restaurants, Drew begins to connect with Jasper in a way she only thought happened in fiction.

When messy family ties jeopardize the future of the Book Nook, Drew is caught between a bookshelf and a hard place. She’s reminded that real life isn’t always big dreams and sweeping romance. But Jasper is the plot twist she never saw coming and he’s writing a happily ever after just for them.


Better Than Fiction is heartwarming and realistic opposite attracts romance that follows Drew Young who inherited a book store, The Book Nook, when her grandmother died but the irony is she doesn’t like reading.

Running a bookstore is not her dream. She dreamed of becoming a nature photographer but she has to put that behind her to keep her grandmother’s legacy- her only remaining connection to the woman she loved so much.

She is struggling with the grief of losing her grandmother, with the book store, fighting her selfish greedy father who wants to sell the bookstore after selling her grandmother’s house, and fending off nosey, well-meaning, ‘Dirty Birds’ book club old ladies (friends of her grandmother) not just trying to help with bookstore but also trying set her up with potential guys author.

When Jasper Williams, a famous romance author, comes to the bookstore for the author event Dirty Birds set up and learns she doesn’t like to read he makes a deal with her, she be his travel guide and show him places that help him with the setting of his current book making him a Colorado lover, and in exchange he will give her a reading list that will turn her into a book lover.

Now that is super interesting. I loved the concept of a non-reader inheriting a book store and meeting a guy who not just makes her fall in love with him but also with books. But the book mainly focuses on the theme of loss and grief, Drew’s struggle with choosing between legacy and dream, and healing.

Drew seemed a mess at first. She was dealing with many things and she is an anxious person. Though her voice is refreshing and touching making me root for her from the beginning, her grief is heavy and all-consuming throughout the book.

I loved her trying to make the relationship with her step-sister better and finally not looking past her childhood hurt, standing up against her father, accepting help when needed and taking the leap with Jasper, learning to take her dream out of the closet, and giving it spark once again.

But yes like in all romance books, there is a conflict that makes her behave a little single-focused and not looking beyond it. I didn’t like her overreaction to finding out about her grandmother’s secret and Jasper’s lie by omission in climax but I enjoyed how learning what her grandmother really wanted made her realise her mistake and make a big gesture to a person who is an expert in writing big gestures.

Jasper is so perfect. He is caring, understanding, funny and adorable. I loved how he supported Drew and helped her with her grief and dreams. My only complaint is, I wish there was more about him in the book. He is the opposite of Drew and perfectly balances their relationship.

I loved the secondary characters– Drew’s best friend- Elsie, her step-sister- Daisy, and Dirty Birds -who were not just the best support system in the world for Drew but also made the story light and fun. I google many beautiful Colorado scenes and mentions of places throughout the book.

Romance is sexy and lovely and perfectly balances with layers and other relationships in the book. The chemistry between Jasper and Drew is perfect. I loved their funny and romantic and their adventure together was the best.

Why 4.5 Stars –

While I loved all aspects in Better Than Fiction and I didn’t mind focus on the theme but I wish there was more about fiction or books or at least mention of a real list of book titles that helped Drew here because I would have loved to see what author recommended for a non-reader to turn them into a book lover.

If go into this thinking, “the title is ‘Better Than Fiction’ and the character owns a book store so there will be about books in here” then you’ll be disappointed.

Overall, Better Than Fiction is heartwarming, lovely, and touching opposite attracts romance with amazing representation of dealing with grief and learning to move on in life.

I recommend Better Than Fiction if you like,

Books set in a bookstore
Theme of loss and grief
Amazing secondary characters
Meddling old ladies and friends
MMC is a Romance writer
Opposite attracts trope
Beautiful Colorado setting

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Better Than Fiction is heartwarming, lovely, and touching opposite attracts romance with amazing representation of dealing with grief and learning to move on in life. #Betterthanfiction @BerkleyRomance ….. Check out full review… Click To Tweet
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