#BookReview : You Are Mine by Miranda Rijks

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You Are Mine by Miranda Rijks
Publication Date: November 25th 2019
Publisher: Inkubator Books
Genre: Psychological Thriller
Pages: 270
Stars: ★★★★★

Rupert has spent years searching for his perfect wife. Now he’s found her.

Her name is Charlotte Aldridge and she’s wonderful. A talented artist, modest and beautiful, she’s everything he ever dreamed of. Her hair, her eyes, her mouth – every little detail is perfect.

Rupert is confident that when they meet, she’ll fall in love with him just as he has with her. After all, he’s a wealthy British aristocrat. And he’s handsome – the relentless gym workouts and extensive plastic surgery have seen to that.

But what if Charlotte can’t see that they’re a perfect fit, that they’re meant for each other? Well, Rupert can be very persuasive. His father taught him certain methods which are extremely effective. Methods that can turn the most determined, ‘I don’t’ into a meek and submissive, ‘I do’….

A chilling, up-all-night psychological thriller, You Are Mine is perfect for fans of Mark Edwards and K. L. Slater 

*** Note: I received this book from the publisher via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review. Many thanks to NetGalley and publisher. ***

Other book I read by the same author:

You Are Mine was creepy psychological thriller that had creepiest villain I ever read. It was about loveless and emotionless upbringing and its psychological effect, how it shapes a person, mindset of psychopath and mainly about limerence- extreme love obsession.  

Writing was fantastic, gripping and fast paced. Setting of old mansion in Sussex with its vast property, hall of pictures, ball room and punishment room made the book even more unnerving. Book was mainly set in present narrated both from Rupert and Charlotte’s POV, alternatively. There were intermittent chapters from the past that gave the picture of Rupert’s childhood, his family and upbringing and how the characters in this chapters were directly or indirectly responsible for what was happening in present.

Book started with Charlotte’s art exhibition, pictures she created six month before the tragedy in her life, but she was distant far away from happiness. She was still grieving for her fiancé. Her inspiration died with him, she struggled to paint and maintain economical condition. Surprisingly, on the first day of exhibition she met aristocratic man, Sir Rupert, who offered her huge amount for painting his portrait staying at his mansion. Charlotte had to accept the offer to pay her debts even though she had her doubts and felt uncomfortable. But she couldn’t have guessed what she was getting into by accepting the offer.

I was curious to see when and how Charlotte will see through Rupert and his intentions, why he chose Charlotte and what methods he was going to use that was mentioned in that synopsis, If Charlotte will escape this psychopath or succumb to his persuasion.

First half of the book outlined the characters. Charlotte was decent character. She was physically week mentally broken because of her fiancé- Matthew’s death. She was normal girl with good looks, simple life and great talent, she couldn’t get into any sort of trouble until Rupert stepped on her life. I was glad for her sixth sense, I just wish she would have reacted to it earlier but I know that wouldn’t have stopped Rupert, would it? Her resilience and determination to fight Rupert was great but she was not strong enough. Of course she had a chance but she was too polite and wasted to grab it. And that dragged her into nightmare.

I loved Charlotte’s sister Jodi and their sisterly bond, the role she played. She was utterly brave and strong person.

Author has knack for creating hell of twisted and demented psychopath. Rupert was one horrible character. He was self-centered, materialistic, typical aristocrat who thought he could buy everything with his money, even love. His character showed how far a person monster can stoop to get what he want. I had to agree he had troubled childhood, I didn’t approve the way he was treated at school or at home. He clearly needed guidance with love and care and of course a psychiatrist. No matter how sorry I felt for 15-yr-old Rupert, I hated him as much. He never understood no or what true meaning of love was.

I definitely held all the characters in his life (his father, even that cook, and partly Simone – she might be a bitch but she was clear from the very beginning and I agreed with her views) responsible for creating this psycho and letting him roam free. He didn’t deserve pity or a chance or the impression people had in their mind. Oh hell he didn’t deserve to breathe one molecule of oxygen. You see he made me so angry. I was so shocked, horrified and disgusted reading his POV. But I must say he was smart and brilliant in the book.

Now I could predict what he did to get Charlotte and why, some in the beginning and some within first half. There was no big suspense and still I couldn’t have guessed what happened in the second half. I thought first half was scary but my goodness, the second was epitome of scary. I lost the count how many times I cursed while reading it. The methods he used and what he did to her was dreadful.

Climax was tense and tragic. I wish I could change it. End was great. After reading this book I so wished I can cast some magic on my daughter that can ward off psychos of the world.

Overall, it was dark twisted, riveting psychological thriller. I highly recommend this to fans of this genre.

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