Book series i read in 2021

Book Series I read in 2021

Hello readers! I don’t know if you know this or if I ever mentioned or discussed it that I love reading series. I do enjoy standalone books and I read them too but if you give me the option and if I have to choose between a good series and a good standalone, I prefer series. Who doesn’t like diving into amazing world, seeing everything develop and be part of it? And I read many series this year, all I buddy read them with Toni @readingtonic. I wouldn’t have picked series after series if I was reading them alone.

So here is the list of Book series I read in 2021-

Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan

This was interesting series. I enjoyed first and last book. Middle was okay but it was fun to read about East Asian culture and rich people’s lifestyle and drama that comes with money. From synopsis, this series said Nick and Rachel were main characters but I think this series could have done just as good without any defining protagonists as secondary characters overshadowed protagonists throughout the series and it wasn’t exactly bad thing, in fact, I loved reading secondary characters more and they were the backbone of the story.

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The Folk of the Air by Holly Black

I love feisty strong female characters and this series has given me exactly that. Characters, world, politics everything developed with each book in the series and the last book turned out my most favorite book of the year. Side characters were unpredictable. Author wrote both main characters, Jude and Cardan, so cleverly. You feel for Jude and love her in the beginning and Cardan didn’t make good impression then there was change and development in second book that made them both complex, uncertain, and in last one, I so so loved Cardan and admired Jude. It was fantastic series and I now know why this series was popular.

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Well Met by Jen DeLuca

I did a series review for this. Something different this year. It wasn’t the best series. I loved first book but second turned out just okay and third was good but not as good as first one. I gave this series overall 4 star or something. I still would like to try other books by author in future.

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The Grisha trilogy by Leigh Bardugo

I loved world in this series. I totally and absolutely fell in love with author’s writing. I could see why many readers didn’t like this series as much as Six of Crows and of course characters weren’t perfect in the first book but they developed amazingly throughout the series, especially Alina. There was so much in the world and all characters were layered and there was much more to them. This series made me keep thinking about everything that happened and I could see why there was difference of opinions and at the same time how much discussion it created. It was definitely impressive series and I loved third book and the conclusion of the series.

My review – Book 1 / Book 2 / Book 3

Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

There is no doubt this is the best fantasy duology I read in my life so far. Me and Toni literally didn’t want to pick any fantasy after reading this as we knew nothing can come closer to this perfection. There is a reason why people consider this best work of author and it is 100% best heist fantasy book you can read. Many readers would disagree but Me and Toni both think you should read Grisha Trilogy first as 1) you get to know Grisha world better with it which was mentioned in this duology just briefly, 2) this takes place after the end of Grisha trilogy, and 3) you can’t exactly like Nikolai on his reappearance if you haven’t first met him in Siege and Storm. I think we did discuss this point in our discussion so check it out HERE (scroll down to discussion).

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Waiting for Tom Hanks duology by Kerry Winfrey

First one Waiting for Tom Hanks was one of the most favorite book of the year. I enjoyed this romance duology that follows two different characters but we also see characters from the first book as protagonists of both books were best friends. Annie and Chloe’s friendship was amazing in both books. First book was Annie’s romance which had meet cute, hate to lovers arc. it had everything that cheesy romance novels have but what made it different and refreshing was lots of references of rom-com movies. The second was Cloe’s romance that can be said a workplace romance? Chloe worked in cafe and Nick was the owner so maybe! It was great with forced proximity, one bed situation, many sexy and lovely moments and all but it wasn’t as good as first book because Chloe was much more serious in this than I expected which I get was necessary for the plot but I didn’t exactly like her many poor reactions to things that happened.

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Cursed Hearts Duology by Candace Robinson

This was an interesting paranormal romance duology with parallel world concept with both books following different main characters but whose lives connected because of the mirror world. I liked first book which took place in our world but I didn’t get the parallel mirror world clearly which was done more amazingly in second book as most of the story took place in mirror world.

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Little Beach Street Bakery Trilogy by Jenny Colgan

This was lovely, cozy, and heartwarming series. Polly was sweetest heroine I ever read and it was great to read her journey from being homeless, jobless and heartbroken to finding home, job, and love once again at the remote island, Mount Polbearne which was beautiful place; running her own bakery in second book that faced issue on death of owner, facing financial and relationship issues; and finally in last book learning to confront life problems, moving on in life and taking next step in relationship. I love the way author writes and I’m going to read all books by author from now on.

My review – Book 1 / Book 2 / Book 3

Thank you for reading! Let’s chat…

What do you think about this post? Have you read any of these series? If so, did you enjoy them? What series are you planning to read in 2022?


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