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#BookReview : Music & Mirrors (Cursed Hearts #2) by Candace Robinson @literarydust #fantasy // A perfect wrap up of fascinating duology

Music & Mirrors (Cursed Hearts #2) by Candace Robinson

Expected publication: March 17th 2021

Publisher : Midnight Tide Publishing

Genre : YA / Fantasy

Pages : 272

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Before Ridley became the Mirror Keeper, he was just a guy in love who’d had a tough life before meeting Leni. Through Leni, he thought he’d found a way to truly live in the music they loved. But in the Mirror Dimension, everything can easily be broken—even their bond.

Leni has been haunted by shadows her whole life. She had kept the burden a secret from everyone—except for Ridley and her brother—and turned to music as a distraction. But those shadows are what led her to become the Piper, whether she wanted it or not. The only reason she continued on her destructive path is the secret she must protect at all costs.

Now back in the Mirror Dimension, Ridley and Leni must face punishment by the royals in charge of the curse. Music alone won’t be enough to help them this time. In order for Ridley and Leni to save themselves, they must seek help from the two people they almost killed. If they can’t band together to defeat the royals, Leni will end up dead and Ridley will become something he truly hates. 

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*** Note: I received e-copy of this book from the author, in exchange for an honest review. Many thanks to author. ***

Music & Mirrors was amazing second book in Cursed Hearts series that revolved around Leni and Ridley and trying to break curse and connection with earth dimension. It was about oppressive and greedy rulers, troubled past and life, finding solace in music and love, family, relationship, secrets, heartbreak, and curse.

Writing was engaging, and fast paced. It was alternative dual third person perspective from Leni and Ridley. I loved the chapter headings of songs from 80s and 90s, and setting of mirror dimension, called Mira, similar and connected to earth dimension.

Book started from where the first one ended with Leni and Ridley returning Mira after failing in retrieving souls from earth for royals of Mira. Royals punished them by whipping Leni, stripping off her title and taking back her pipe. But now that she was no longer the piper royals were going to announce new piper in seventeen days that put Piper and Ridley in danger they didn’t expect. To save the dimension, their life, and life of innocents they needed help from humans they were connected to- Lark and Auden. It was interesting to find out how they were going to convince Lark and Auden, defeat the royals, save lives, and make things right.

Now my complaint of slow start from first book was resolved in this one and I was starting to get some answers to questions I had in first book from the beginning– why the curse was happening, what was the mirror dimension, how people lived on Mira, how Leni and Ridley met and their relationship, why there were doppels, how Leni and Ridley were connected to Lark and Auden. As the book progressed, we understand the characters, their situation and the world more– why Leni interfered with fillers to use for curse in previous book, why she broke Ridley’s heart, why earth was connected to mirror dimension and how in the first place, history of Mira and Royals, and theory of how they could possibly make things right.

What I loved most was Mira and its history, all technicality of curse thing (how fillers, prefillers worked), shadows, secrets, how music was so important to all characters and helped them fighting their fears, and characters.

Both Leni and Ridley looked like villain in first book, especially Leni as she was controlling Ridley during the curse but in this book, we know real Leni and Ridley, who they were before they had to perform the curse, before they were controlled by shadows and their positions. I couldn’t help but feel for both the characters who turned out lovely, touching and soulful even though they didn’t have soul.

Leni was caring, fiercely protective, and impulsive. I loved knowing about her through her memories from past, how she missed her brother, took Ridley under her wings, how their relationship developed. It showed how kind and lovely she was. So, I didn’t understand what changed her, why she broke Ridley’s heart and why all memories with him were making her sad in the beginning. But once her secret was revealed it answered that question. I rooted for her instantly and I could understand why she did what she had to with the curse. I loved her for apologising to Lark and Auden, seeing things through their eyes, being truthful, and not giving any false hope. I admired her determination and doing everything in her power to keep everyone safe.

Ridley was gentle, patient, caring and lovely person but when it came to loved ones he was as impulsive as Leni. It was sad to see what he had to go through when he was created. It was lovely he found solace in music and Leni. I found myself agreeing to his thoughts, his reasons, reactions, and thoughts from the beginning. Even though he had trouble in expressing things out loud and needed to write things when worried or anxious, he was best person at talking though things. I loved how he convinced Lark and Auden. He surprised me when things started to go wrong. He turned out smart, brave, rebellious and strong.

Lark and Auden were as amazing as first book and I enjoyed meeting them again- so developed, understanding, confident, optimistic, and determined. I loved how they connected to Leni and Ridley not physically but like friends and how they understood and forgave Leni for everything after knowing her story. I enjoyed reading their reaction to mirror world and everything happening there.

I loved new characters- Elliot was my favourite, Millie, Quinna. Villains and their story were horrible but they made the world and plot even more interesting.

Chemistry between Leni and Ridley was amazing. It was lovely to read their relationships, and how even after heartbreak they cared and loved each other without showing it, ups and downs they faced together, and understood each other so well.

All twists and turns were amazing. I couldn’t predict what was going to happen next. Climax was tense and I honestly didn’t know how their theory was going to work until they actually were doing it in that last action before the end which was exciting and surprising. Oh, and there were more revelations that I couldn’t see coming. End and epilogue were perfect.

Overall, Music & Mirrors was fascinating, vivid and fast paced fantasy with interesting world and more depth to characters. It was a perfect wrap up of Cursed Hearts duology.

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What do you think about the book and review? Have you read this book or any book by the same author? Which is your favourite book set in another dimension? If you could create your own dimension how would it be?


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