Goodbye, 2021! Year End wrap up

Hello readers! Are you ready to say goodbye to 2021 and welcome 2022? Ready or not, it’s time now and here is the 2021 year end wrap up that took me so long to write. I somehow kept procrastinating writing this post even after I had all stats and graphs ready. Holiday feel or it was the end of the year time whatever the reason this year at this time I felt wanting to be more relaxing than doing lot more work with finishing reading challenge (that thankfully I did), all year round-up posts and then making reels on Instagram for the same. Finally, it’s over, 2021 is over and I hope to start 2022 with renewed energy. So here is 2021 wrap up!

Reading stats and blog and social media stats

Reading stats-

Books Read – 100 (this year it was a little struggle to achieve)
Total Pages – 31272
Average Rating – 4.4

This year I read more more fantasy than last year which was only major difference.Rest of the stats more or less looks same as last year. Here is my reading in charts-

I included only major genres so it looks better than last year.

Year in blogging-

I wrote less posts than last year but that gave me more time to interact and that means yes comments and avg comments per post was better and satisfactory.

Year in social media-

Of course, Twitter surprisingly has more spike. This time I put extra effort in Instagram changed few things, it’s slow process in compare to Twitter but I’m happy how it looks and with numbers as well.

I would like to add one more category for diverse and own voice books in 2022.

Best things happened in 2021

1. I self-hosted my blog. Okay it took lot of work and was nightmarish with losing my old domain but now it runs smoothly except for those hosting server maintenance that sometimes shut down my site for an hour but there were a lot more positive things. I love how my blog looks now and I could at least get few dollars with ads (not a big amount) but at least it’s better than nothing. At least no one can say you don’t get anything out of your reading and blog.

2. My daughter finally started speaking and she is halfway to potty trained. Speech improvement was the biggest thing.

3. My daughter started going to pre-nursery which brought lot of improvement in her. As her admission for nursery started in November we also took her admission in school which is starting from April 2022.

4. My husband bought me an Ipad air. That was amazing gift and I love it so far. I might go paperless with journaling next year now that my Case-U stylus just arrived. Honestly, we couldn’t afford apple pencil after buying iPad, that thing alone took lots of money but Case-U stylus pen is best for me as I’m not a drawing person.

5. I read more from the shelf and bought less.

6. Found my buddy reader, Toni.

7. I attempted to write something different than the usual with less tours and spotlight posts and more list and discussion posts.

8. No one had COVID with two marriages in family and many social gatherings.

What I plan for 2022?

For now I’m setting Goodreads challenge for 70 books as I struggled to finish 100 books this year. Another reason is, my kid’s school will start from April so I don’t know how that is going to change our routin and affect my reading. I can always change the goal once I’m near to the number.

I might participate in few challenges but I will keep it manageable. I surely would do 2022 “SUPPORT BOOK BLOGGERS” CHALLENGE hosted by Krysta and Briana @ Pages Unbound. Here is link to Sign up. I also like this year’s Popsugar challenge that I say every year I will try but then leave it but this year I will do it for real.

Premium Vector | Postcard tiger happy new year 2022 for graphic design.

Thank you for reading! Let’s chat…

How was your year in reading and blogging? What do you plan for 2022 or looking forward to?


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