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Weekly Wrap Up – Fast week with fast read!

Hello readers! I hope you all are well and safe. While the previous week felt slow with slow reads, last week went super fast with jest speed book. It was best decision to pick up sequel of Illuminae after I read back to back slow reads. It took me so long to finish Roughest Draft that I could only start Gemina on Thursday and guess what I finished Gemina by end of Saturday. If you haven’t read Gemina let me tell you it’s is over 600 pages book and I finished it in 3 days! My average speed is 80 pages a day and that too when I have good time for reading so you can do the math and see I was reading that book at lightyear speed. Okay, that’s a lot of exaggeration but I blame it on Gemina. I can’t get the book out my head and I don’t want it out of my head.

As for the life, is it bad to say I didn’t even notice what was happening around me while reading Gemina? Okay, I’m not bad mother, I did take care of all things I do for my kid and other chores, and then there was a social interruption that you can relate to if you’re living in your home town, near parents, near relatives, near everyone who knows your business and also India where no one calls before they visit you. And yes, I gave my attention to all necessary things, and yet I felt I wasn’t really aware of the life around me. I don’t know about you but I call it a good week with a fabulous book.

Last Week I Read

The Roughest Draft by Emily Wibberley, Austin Siegemund-Broka

So if you read those few lines in the beginning of the post you must get I’m not happy with the book. It turned out okay with mixed feelings. I loved few things like, plot, the idea, writing but I didn’t like Katrina, one of the main characters. I was frustrated for first half of the book and everything I wanted to happen came much later in book, at 60%! And everything moved at turtle speed, I also didn’t feel the chemistry between Kat and Nathan. It’s not all disaster like I said I liked main thing writing and the process of how co-authors work but that’s it. I might give this 3 stars.

Gemina (The Illuminae Files #2) by Amie Kaufman, Jay Kristoff

10 Reasons to Read Gemina

Here is my most favorite book of the year. Yup even better than Illuminae. This is super immersive, gripping, brilliant, mind-blowing and the most fantastic sci-fi I ever read. It’s the best sequel I have read in my life. Me and Toni both loved this book. The only thing we don’t agree is, she is team Kady though and I’m team Hanna. I spent time until now writing review on this book that’s why you’re seeing my post late today. It was hard not to just sit with laptop and write everything I feel about this book. We can’t wait to start with last book of the trilogy but I have some priority reads this month so you’ll hear about Obsidio next month, around date.

Next I’ll Read

Sadie on a Plate by Amanda Elliot

A chef’s journey to success leads to discovering the perfect recipe for love in this delicious romantic comedy.

Sadie is a rising star in the trendy Seattle restaurant scene. Her dream is to create unique, modern, and mouthwatering takes on traditional Jewish recipes. But after a public breakup with her boss, a famous chef, she is sure her career is over–until she lands a coveted spot on the next season of her favorite TV show, Chef Supreme.

On the plane to New York, Sadie has sizzling chemistry with her seatmate, Luke, but tells him that she won’t be able to contact him for the next six weeks. They prolong their night with a spontaneous, magical dinner before parting ways. Or so she thinks. When she turns up to set the next day, she makes a shocking discovery about who Luke is….

If Sadie wants to save her career by winning Chef Supreme, she’s going to have to ignore the simmering heat between her and Luke. But how long can she do that before the pot boils over?

Don’t this sound delectable? I couldn’t resist this ever since I got that email from publisher and now it’s time to read it. A perfect lovely book after that tense breakneck speed Gemina. My spot is on 15th.

My Mother’s Gift by Steffanie Edward

When Erica gets a phone call to say her mother, Ione, is ill in St Lucia, she knows she must go to her, even though their relationship has always been difficult. The island – the place of her mother’s birth – is somewhere that Erica has never called home.

Even when the plane touches down in the tropical paradise, with its palm trees swaying in the island breeze, the sound of accents so like her mother’s own calling loud in the air, Erica doesn’t find herself wanting to stay a moment longer than she has to.

But stepping into her mother’s house, she is shocked by what she finds. Her mother’s memory is fading and she is having strange, erratic episodes. Erica knows the right thing to do is to stay with her, even if it means leaving everything in England behind.

Could you uproot your whole life for the person who raised you? Can a place you’ve never felt at home ever feel like where you belong? And – as you experience loss – is it ever possible to also find love and peace?

A captivating tale of grief, love, sacrifice, and what it means to find home, perfect for fans of Andrea Levy, Jojo Moyes and Amanda Prowse.

A heartfelt story, for fan of Jojo Moyes? Hard to resist. I always enjoy good women’s fiction and from the synopsis, it looks like this has an interesting mother-daughter relationship. Another tour book and my spot is on 25th. Yes, I’ll read this early as I wish to read April tour books as soon as I finish this book.

Thank you for reading! Let’s chat…

Have you read any of these books or added to TBR? 
What are you planning to read this week?

QOTW – Do you plan your reads for the month or you’re moody reader?
I’m bit of both as you can see I always know what I’m reading next but my plans always have space for mood reading.


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