book blogging rules/advices I Follow and Don't Follow
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Book Blogging rules/advices I Follow and Don’t Follow

Hello Readers! I’m trying to write a discussion post, something out of comfort zone and to make it happen I made a resolution overnight. I know this is a much discussed topic and there are tons of posts out there but I thought maybe giving it personal touch might make it good to post among already existing. Don’t know if I succeeded or not, you can tell me in comments after reading this post. So here are, book blogging rules/advices I Follow and Don’t Follow-

Book Blogging rules I Follow

Write what you want to read

That isn’t just for book writers. I follow that rule with my posts, basically reviews, and so far it has worked well for me.

Be consistent

I don’t have a set of rules though like how many reviews per week or it should be only one post a day or something only I post regularly. I take break in weekends unless I can’t get weekdays dates for tours/blitz I signed up for.

Be engaging

I try to like, share and comment as much as possible. Though I admit not all posts makes me comment and obviously it would be impossible to comment on each and every post but I make sure I have commented on at least 3 blogs daily and if I’m not commenting I at least like and share them on Twitter.

Have calendar

I keep a blogging calendar as I participate in tours or I have promised review on a particular day (usually I avoid that and give rough idea like ‘review will be up in May’ or something. Less stress that way!) and I’m forgetful person. I just forget it if there isn’t reminder or something written in paper and is there in front of my eyes. Calendar is must for me.

Other small but important things

Updated about page – It annoys me when I see no about information or I see that WP default About me page even though blog is around for more than 6 months. I learned very early, it’s most visited page of the blog and kept it updated ever since I started blogging.

Sign up or WP follow button – It’s another thing I make sure I have on my blog. When I switched to self-hosted I didn’t have WP follow button and had to search code for it. It make it easy for WP users to follow and there is email sign up for non-WP users.

Enable links to open in new tab – I don’t like it on when I click link it opens in same tab specifically when I’m using phone and going back to original post becomes tough.

Book Blogging rules I don’t follow

I don’t schedule my post

Shocking, right? You must be thinking how I managed 4 yrs of blogging. Well, this doesn’t work for me. There is always something to do, reading, blog hopping and daily chores and honestly after so many hours spent on laptop I don’t want to look at screen at the end of the day. You might be saying why not do it in weekends when you’re not posting. Well, I have family, now that my parents are nearer, half the time I’m at their place, I want watch to TV, movie, series and let’s not forget reading. I know these all sounds like excuse but hey, I tried and it didn’t work.

So how I manage? I have habit of writing reviews as soon as I finish the book in word document. So hardest part is already done days ago. As for the formatting and all I do it when I’m in mood for it when I have time. (mostly it’s on the day of tour or whenever I have blank space in calendar)

No Memes

I did Monday meme for few years but then I switched to Weekly wrap up that I can post either on Sunday or Monday without making it meme and I also can include other things, links I enjoyed, life updates and much more. I love bookish prompts, I love seeing bloggers posting list books for particular prompts on every Tuesday but I don’t think I have many books to participate in it. I mean yes for a year or two I would love it but then what? I don’t want to repeat the books. So, I don’t want to do Tuesday posts. Don’t see any point with Wednesday WWW post when I’m already saying that thing in weekly wrap-up. All other daily memes out there doesn’t inspire me.

I’m not always there on social media

I spend most of my time reading and blogging. Recently I’m on Instagram more but never more than an hour. For twitter or Goodreads! I would pop, post, scroll for exactly 5 mins and disappear. I do like, retweet, reply and all those things but only when I have time.

Thank you for reading! Let’s chat…

What advice or Book Blogging rules you follow or don’t follow?

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