Best Books I Read in 2020

Hello readers! I wanted to write this post in December or at least in early January but I’m not really a person who stick to plan and now-a-days many unplanned things are happening that keep making me change my schedule or routine. Well, it’s never too late so I’ll jump to the list of book I enjoyed a lot in 2020 in no particular order.

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Contemporary/ LGBTQ Romance/Women’s Fiction-

Lovely, heart-warming, refreshing, and the best contemporary romance and LGBT book I ever read. Best thing in the book was balance between family, friendship and romance. Full Review

This was sweet and delicious Chick-Lit with lots of drama and hilarious moments and made me craving for cakes and pastries and whatever is called baked and sweet. Full Review

Meaningful, inspiring, feel good and entertaining emotional roller coaster with beautiful setting and amazing characters. Importance of school security and school shooting was handled delicately. I enjoyed reading school’s history, each classes in school and its decorations, specially library, Galveston Sea wall, amusement park built on pier, The Great Galveston storm and museum for it. Full Review

Moving, heart-warming and emotional women’s fiction with amazing characters and concept. Best part of the book was past narration and multigenerational relationship. Topic of death was handled amazingly. I didn’t know about death doula until I read this book. Full Review


This creepy psychological thriller had creepiest villain I ever read. Author has knack for creating hell of twisted and demented psychopath. It was dark twisted, riveting psychological thriller. I highly recommend this to fans of this genre. Full Review

Deep, impactful, powerful, and thought-provoking mystery with great characters, philosophical writing and eye-opening history, and honest and raw representation of grief, loss and mental illness. I enjoyed history of Harvard, all scientific and academic information, back and forth argument between Cady and prof. Prokop on quantum physics and its correlation with ghosts and schizophrenia, discussion on poetic verses and on mental intuitions. Full Review

Captivating, though-provoking and heart wrenching mystery thriller with realistic characters and atmospheric setting. This was definitely not easy read. If you are sensitive to rape or reading about rape culture, I would say this isn’t for you. Full Review

Brilliant, thought provoking, action packed and thrilling mystery filled with religious history, science and art. Best part of the book was theme, description of setting and art and history. Story of Brotherhood of Illuminati was mind-blowing. Full Review

Fun, entertaining, action-packed and well written mystery with interesting characters and atmospheric setting. Full Review

Historical Fiction / Historical Romance-

amazing, thought-provoking, and heart breaking historical fiction. Planes of prairie and woods of Missouri, slavery, treatments with slaves, psychology of people and their reaction to free black people and then towards treaty with Indian- it all was narrated wonderfully. It was horrible enough to read Sand Creek Massacre and dark and brutal time period in American history. Full Review

Impressive, intriguing, fast paced, well written and well researched historical fiction. Sydney of 1946- style, fashion, streets, places, and how war changed things in city- was brilliantly described. I liked how author mixed realistic and fictional aspects of history. Full Review

Simple yet beautiful, lovely and refreshing historical fiction with amazing characters and setting. I loved backstory of all characters, beautiful description of Chawton, home of Jane Austen, Knight Estate and its library. Best of all was banter and discussion between characters on Jane Austen books, their dissection of all Austen characters and their passionate love for all her books, and more importantly how they understood Jane Austen through her writing, her view towards society and observation of people through her characters. Full Review


Perfectly well written classic whodunit murder mystery, a great, unputdownable, and enjoyable introductory novella of the series. I enjoyed all the description on his method of deduction, details of his observation and how Sherlock could see all minute details and figure out even height and age of murderer. I liked the layer of Mormon culture, patriarchy, church’s crime and power that made people live in fear, restrictions, and in prison of their own land and house. Full Review

Dystopian Sci-Fi-

Brilliant, thought provoking, and impressive sci-fi thriller with realistic characters and intimidating world. I loved scenes describing the arguments and views on government control with iMe, New Modelist church and its vision of peace and contentment, eco-socialism and its followers, control rebellions, pros and cons of diversity, cyber threats and terrorism in world. More importantly I liked the way drawbacks of technology and its impact was represented. Full Review


Fantastic, mesmerizing, fast-paced, and mind-blowing fantasy with complex world and amazing characters. There was so much going on throughout the book. Each chapters and section revealed so many stories, myths, legends and tales of this world that was set in CE 1005. As said in the praises, “it was epic fantasy at its finest”. Even after reading 800 pages, I didn’t want it to end. Full Review

There was everything I want in fantasy– Mulan meets Project Runaway (I haven’t seen project runaway but I can say it is perfect description from what I have heard), a trial, adventurous quest, peace of kingdom at risk, forbidden romance, a legend and myth, magic, ghosts, and Gods. what more one need! Perfectly written fantasy with mesmerising world, characters, and legends. Full Review

Fascinating, powerful, and perfect sequel with heart aching romance, blood soaked battles, and satisfactory end. World, myth and legends was best part of the book. The enchanted mirror, carpet, and the cloth crane Maia created was gorgeously narrated. I enjoyed reading the legend of The Beggar God, story of Kiatan princess and Edan’s master’s vision of how Maia’s destiny was woven with the magic and myth and what fate has set for her. Full review

Perfect definition of high fantasy with strong characters, descriptive and captivation world, lovely OTP and well written actions and twist and turns. As the plot progressed we know more about history of Plateau and Continent and how three kingdoms of Plateau were divide, what was their custom and how they helped each other and how war was affecting all three kingdoms, magical artefacts, magic, story of hidden magical library, and the Mages and their powers.  It was all mind-blowing to read and was perfectly balanced with characters, plot, and romance. Full Review

Fast paced and fabulous fantasy with magical world and mysterious and most interesting characters. World was best part of the book. All elements were well explored. There were maze of secret passages of Golvahar palace and Soraya’s beautiful rose garden, Persian terminology, demons, different types of demons, their appearance and power, legends and stories, mythical creature, and spellbinding forest and mountain of demons. It was fascinating to read how author created world inspired by ancient Persia and its folklore. Full Review

Have you read any of these books? If so, what do you think about it? Is any book from this list on your TBR? Which were the best book read in 2020?


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