Monthly Wrap-up : November 2020 #Wrapup

Hello Readers! This month was okay. Lots of people I know got corona positive, most of them are well now bu my grandfather is serious. I still managed to read 7 books which was better than I expected. I also completed my 100 books Goodreads challenge this month. Right now I’m in Hyderabad for a week to collect our furniture and handover the keys of the rent house here. We don’t have WiFi and I’m using mobile data to write the post(it’s such a pain to work with slow data) so I won’t be on line all the time or going to write post until 8th.

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Books Read:

Memories in the Drift by Melissa Payne — [Review] ★★★★★ / / Contemporary, Fiction/ /  poignant and touching fiction that revolved around Claire’s everyday struggle with anterograde amnesia, her past and emotions. It was about alcohol addiction and recovery, abusive childhood, loss, forgiveness, redemption, second chance, memory loss, family, friendship and love.The setting of Whittier, the one roof city was atmospheric. All characters were realistic and relatable. Overall, Memories in the Drift was emotional, touching, exceptional, beautifully written and executed fiction that I recommend to all fiction lovers.

Black River (Jess Bridges Mystery, #1) by Joss Stirling — [Review] ★★★★★ / / Mystery / / Light and hardboiled opening book of Jess Bridges Mystery series that revolved around the murder cases in Oxford’s wild swimming spots and main characters Jess and Leo involved with the cases. It was about difficult family relationship, abusive childhood, friendship, online trolling and abuse, ADHD, manipulation, and obsessive disorder. All twist and turns were amazing. It was action packed and hardly gave time to predict anything. Overall, Black River was fun, entertaining, action-packed and well written mystery with interesting characters and atmospheric setting.

The Demons’ Play by Holly Ann — [Review] ★★★★★ / / Fiction, Mental Health / / Interesting novel about the mental health that revolved around main character, Jane, struggling from depression and joining the therapy with fifteen other characters each suffering from their own mental disorders. It was about different types of mental health disorders, what triggered them, different kind of therapy and how a better consultation and a group therapy helped patients even though they had different disorders but few similarities. Overall, interesting, informative, thought-provoking and inspiring mental health book. It was nothing like I have read before and included much more than I expected.

337 by M. Jonathan Lee — [Review] ★★★★★ / / General Fiction / / It was well written #contemporary that revolved around Sam and his family and their life after his mother left them. It was about bereavement, loss and pain of abandonment, tragedy, anxiety, hope, finding peace with past, and moving on with life. I feared this book will end without answering the question about his mother but we actually get it at the end in just few lines and I’m kind of happy to say I was right all along. This will give a lot to discuss over. The tagline ‘nothing as it seems’ was apt. Overall, 337 was intriguing, emotive, touching and thought-provoking #fiction, a well written story of family tragedy, loss, hope and relationships.

Barnabas Tew and The Case of The Hellenic Abduction (Barnabas Tew #5) by Columbkill Noonan — [Review] ★★★★★ / / Cozy Mystery, Greek Mythology / / Fun and adventurous combination of mythical fantasy and cozy mystery that revolved around bumbling detectives Barnabas and Wilfred and their new abduction case in Greek world. It was about doing right thing even if that means going against the God himself, friendship, morality, and fate. Overall, Barnabas Tew and The Case of The Hellenic Abduction was hilarious and adventurous cozy mystery in the Greek world with uplifting and amusing bumbling detectives.

Lyrics & Curses (Cursed Hearts #1) by Candace Robinson — [Review] ★★★★★ (4.5) / / YA, Paranomal Fantasy / / It was intriguing first paranormal book in Cursed Hearts duology that revolved around Auden and Lark, their shared love for music and how they try to stop the curse of another dimension. It was about troubled past and childhood, friendship, love, family and music. Writing was easy to follow and gripping filled with 80’ setting, style and music. The most unique and amazing thing was main characters’ reflection taking their place in real world- the evil doppelgangers of Auden and Lark- which gave the story amazing twist. Overall, Lyrics & Curses was interesting, mysterious, and unique paranormal YA Fantasy with ’80s setting and music. Music lovers are going to love this book.

Bestiary by K-Ming Chang — [Review] ★★☆☆☆(2.5) / / LGBTQ, Fiction, Magical Realism / / It was queer fiction that revolved around main character’s family history and folklore. It was about life of Taiwan-American family, their life before and after migration, poverty, survival, domestic abuse, trauma, resilience, myths and legend. Overall, Bestiary was weird, unusual, graphic, and lyrical literary fiction, a story of trauma, survival, family, and queer lineage. Some readers will like this while some wouldn’t.

Shielded (Shielded, #1) by KayLynn Flanders (Review to come) / /High Fantasy / / Everything in this book was amazing, specially world. I loved the characters, kingdom’s legends, customs were mesmerizing, all twist and turns were surprising and action scenes were well written.

Best book of the month-

Thank you for reading! Let me know in comments how was your month in reading, if you have read any of these books or going to add to TBR, what are you planning to read for Christmas.

Happy Reading!

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