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Hello readers! I hope you all are at home, safe and adjusted to this long lock down situation. It was difficult in the beginning but things has settled down in good way. Although I miss evening walk and window shopping in weekends and I’m really tired of cooking all the time. It feel like I just prepared lunch and spent few time doing something and it’s already time to cook dinner! Am I only one who feels that? For once I would like to enjoy ready meal.

I read many books and wrote one discussion and one list post and I got tons of eBooks. Okay, that’s bit exaggeration but I feel they are too many and I just couldn’t stop myself from getting them. They are all so awesome. I should write post what I received.

Total books read : 9
Reviews : 8
Pages read : 3295

Books I read in April:

Autoboyography by Christina Lauren — [Review] ★★★★★

LGBT, contemporary romance about finding and accepting true self, being you and loving yourself the way you are, family relationship, Mormonism, views on bisexuals and gays and their feelings, friendship, and m/m romance. This book was amazing. Loved Family dynamic, friendship and relationship. It was perfectly balanced. It was lovely, heartwarming, refreshing, and the best contemporary romance and LGBT book I ever read.

Those Who Came Before by J.H. Moncrieff — [Review] ★★★★★ (4.5)

Those Who Came Before

This book revolved around a survivor, a detective, a dreadful mythical creature, and cursed Native American land. It was about horrible human deed, sins and its consequences, vengeance, violence, and greed, police brutality, curse and disease, and kindness vs cruelty. First few chapters were filled with lots of blood, gore and grotesque murders. All characters were flawed and interesting. Best part of the book was Wendigo. Author did amazing job in describing Wendigo, what people said about it and how it came to existence. It was creepy thrilling horror with horrible creature and amazing characters. Horror lovers would love to read this book.

The Memories We Bury by H.A. Leuschel — [Review] ★★★★★

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psychological fiction about obsession, manipulations, friendship, family, trust and betrayal. About danger that comes with trusting a stranger that comes under title ‘neighbor’ and its consequences, impact of childhood and its role in shaping person, controlling parents and their mistakes. Loved the message and insight in this book and best thing about the book was it was very realistic. It was gripping, realistic, emotive, and steady paced psychological fiction with beautiful writing and great characters.

The Twin by Natasha Preston — [Review] ★★★☆☆ (3.5)


This was psychological thriller was basically an evil vs good twin novel. It was about unhealthy and toxic sister relationship, trust, betrayal and manipulations. This was great throughout the book but end ruined it for me. I couldn’t digest the end. It was great, dark, twisted, psychological thriller with brilliant villain but heavy and tragic end. Those who doesn’t want or expect happy ending in thrillers, will love it. I still can’t stop thinking about this book.

Verona Comics by Jennifer Dugan — [Review] ★★★★★

51901322. sx318 sy475

It was cute and complicated YA, queer contemporary about anxiety disorder and mental health issue, dysfunctional family, love and complications, learning to love yourself and life, looking for a solution of problem rather than finding an exit door. At first it thought it will be light hearted and cozy but it turned out much more complicated with serious issues. I loved how author showed young love and complications that comes with it, how course of life can be changed at any minute, one cannot have full control over life and most of all representation of anxiety disorder and panic attacks. Overall, realistic, deep, complicated, and heartwarming YA LGBTQ cotemporary romance. I highly recommend this to fans of this genre.

The Priory of the Orange Tree by Samantha Shannon — [Review] ★★★★★

40379447. sy475

This book was awesome. A fantastic high fantasy about magic and mages, royal politics, religion and hypocrisy, legends with its truth and lies, love and friendship, good vs bad dragons, and putting away differences to fight the darkness of the world and changing mindset for great good. The plot was amazing and it was more complex than I thought. The world and the characters were vast and were equally balanced. Mysteries, actions, adventure, and surprises were in abundance. My most favorite part of the book was legends and magic.Overall, fantastic, mesmerizing, fast-paced, and mind-blowing fantasy with complex world and amazing characters. As said in the praises, “it was epic fantasy at its finest”. Even after reading 800 pages, I didn’t want it to end. It was that good. I highly recommend this book. I’m surely getting other books by Samantha Shannon.

The Lucky Ones by Liz Lawson — [Review] ★★★★★

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A poignant YA contemporary that revolved around May who lost her twin brother in school shooting and Zach whose life turns upside down when his mother took shooter’s case as defense lawyer. It was about grief, loss, guilt, depression, trauma, hope, friendship, family, and love. Characters were amazing. I loved friendship and relationship in this. Author narrated emotions of grief, loss and impact of school shooting perfectly. Overall, it was powerful, emotional and poignant YA contemporary with heavy topic that recommend to all.

NUTSI wants to catch the moon by Emma Paidge, Gaëlle Cogan (Translator) — [Review] ★★★★☆ [3.5]

42948368. sx318

This was short and cute children’s book about fear children feel and talking about them with your family. Message and illustrations were good. I wish more scenarios were explored and a warning note as well. It was good children’s book that parents and kids can read together and a great discussion starter.

Be Careful What You Wish For (The Clifton Chronicles #4) by Jeffrey Archer


This was another brilliant installment with many surprises and twist. I loved reading the Clifton and Barringtons’ tragic and dangerous situation and how they came out of the traps set by Martinez. Another cliffhanger that left me with no choice but start next book soon. I haven’t written review yet but these is no doubt it will be 5 stars from me. I’m shocked seeing some lower ratings for this book.

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