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Hello Readers! I received the sneak peek of this book from the publisher. It was pre-approved NetGalley widget so I thought why not try it and give it star prediction. Here is a little about book and what I thought about it after reading few chapters.

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The Best Laid Plans by Cameron Lund
Publication Date :  April 7th 2020
Publisher : Razorbill
Genre : YA / Contemporary / Romance

High school senior Keely Collins takes on firsts, lasts, and everything in between in this sweet, sex-positive rom-com for fans of Meg Cabot and Jenny Han.

It seemed like a good plan at first.

When the only other virgin in her group of friends loses it at Keely’s own eighteenth birthday party, she’s inspired to take things into her own hands. She wants to have that experience too (well, not exactly like that–but with someone she trusts and actually likes), so she’s going to need to find the guy, and fast. Problem is, she’s known all the boys in her small high school forever, and it’s kinda hard to be into a guy when you watched him eat crayons in kindergarten.

So she can’t believe her luck when she meets a ridiculously hot new guy named Dean. Not only does he look like he’s fallen out of a classic movie poster, but he drives a motorcycle, flirts with ease, and might actually be into her.

But Dean’s already in college, and Keely is convinced he’ll drop her if he finds out how inexperienced she is. That’s when she talks herself into a new plan: her lifelong best friend, Andrew, would never hurt or betray her, and he’s clearly been with enough girls that he can show her the ropes before she goes all the way with Dean. Of course, the plan only works if Andrew and Keely stay friends–just friends–so things are about to get complicated.

Cameron Lund’s delightful debut is a hilarious and heartfelt story of first loves, first friends, and first times–and how making them your own is all that really matters. 

The Best Laid Plans started with Keely’s birthday party, organized by her best friend Andrew at his home that ended with only other virgin girl from Keely’s friend circle losing her virginity. Now Keely was only virgin left in high school and everyone including Keely were making it big issue. Apparently parents found out about party and as punishment they told Andrew and Keely to find a job for summer before college start. Andrew secured one at his uncle’s office that left Keely finding one for herself with help of Hanna- her second best friend. Luckily they found a sign of employee needed at video store where the hottest college junior of the town worked.

From first 6 chapters I read and from synopsis, I can tell where this was going, how messed up and complicated it will get.  Probably this is friends-to-lover trope and is about Keely’s plan to get laid before college starts.

I liked Hanna and Andrew. Danielle was not likable. She was proud and didn’t value her friends. I didn’t like her comment on virginity. She said “virgin in college is like having a disease”, just because she now regretted losing it and didn’t even noticing it was making Keely uncomfortable. It was strange Keely felt so insecure and left out in these initial chapters. I understand her doubts and question but at the same time I wish she didn’t think it as something one should achieve before attending college. I hope there is development in rest of the book and she realize it shouldn’t be a checkbox in list and understand love and respect should come first.  

So far, The Best Laid Plans sounds interesting and entertaining YA contemporary romance. Star prediction for this book – 4.

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What do you think about the book? Have you read it already? Have you read any book with friends-to-lovers trope?

Happy Reading!

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