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Hello readers! Happy weekend! It’s release day for Anbatar – Legacy of the blood guard by Anne Dolleri, a new in fantasy genre, less magic and dragons, more personal quest, is available now! Check out the book details in this post.

Anbatar – Legacy of the blood guard by Anne Dolleri
Publication Date
: September 14th 2019
Genre: Fantasy


Zessalon’s war with the Northern Kingdom has ended, their enemy once more defeated. But Nareth—ruthless Samerier warrior and half-brother to the Southern king—can find no rest behind the battered walls of the Golden City. Craving unity after centuries of bloodshed, he rides north to initiate peace talks with his kingdom’s lifelong enemies. There, he discovers the Northerners’ hatred of him and his people runs far deeper than he suspected. In the dark alleys of Anbatar, Nareth encounters a fierce enemy, turning his quest into a battle of life and death.

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About Author:

Anne Dolleri never dreamed of becoming an author. Yet, she always had a thing for beautiful words and brave fictional characters. Holding a pen in her hand was natural for her. It began with a poem; the poem became a shortstory. Shortstories became novellas and suddenly there was this book in her closet… She does not plan to write, she just writes. Apart from her love for tragic heroes, heroic villains and those who are a bit of both, she loves her regular job as a gardener, and the power of music. Anne lives in Germany and has published two fantasy novels and a growing thriller series.

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Look at that Golden City on the cover, isn’t it beautiful? I’m going to read this book in November or maybe October. I can’t wait to discover the quest of Nareth.

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What do you think about the book? Are you going to add it to TBR? Do you like to read fantasy, adventure or quests?



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