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The Magic Shop (The Shadow Magic Series #1) by Justin Swapp

magic shop

Published: June 2015 by CreateSpace

Read Date: August 23rd 2017

Stars: 3.5/5

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Ellie and Markus Twin sibling never believed in magic even though their family business is ‘The Magic Shop’. When they find out the secret room their grandparents were hiding in their shop, they are thrown into the magical world. The magic talent show organized by their rivalry ‘The Magic Box’ across the street act as ticket to their entry in it.
As Marcus and Ellie unravel the secrets about their family, they know more about the magical world and realize that magic is real and it runs in the family.
Developing magic in them, unanswered questions and saving family take them to the dangerous magical adventure.

Story revolves around Fith family and their secrets, twin sibling- Marcus and Ellie, The Magic Shop, magical world, and lots of adventure. I will say more about characters here than magic because characters and magic in the book was of equal importance and if I talk more about magic it will spoil the book.

Do not disturb. Violators will be shot, survivors will be shot again.

Can I have this sign board of Markus?? It’s cool, isn’t it?
Marcus was irresponsible, reckless boy who was not listening to his grandparents and not understanding what actually family means. All he could see the struggle they were having because of not enough money and his electronic gadgets. He never liked magic and so never liked to work at their shop.
Ellie was bookworm who loved reading, so you can see, she was easily likable, plus she cared for her brother Marcus and always watching his back. She was responsible and more understanding.
Grandparents were too much secretive about thongs that they should have shared before but as story progressed I understood why they kept so many secrets.
Uncle Caleb, Aunt Anabell and antagonists were surprise package in the book. Actually all characters were unpredictable specially Markus. All secondary characters played a good role I could understand them better than main characters Marcus and Ellie.
At the end of the story it was like I have seen only one side of these siblings, it’s just the beginning and might know more in further books of this series.
What I liked_edited
Epigraph with Percy Jackson quote. Whee!! Nothing is better than that.
Wonderful magical world and concept. The descriptions of magic, magical creature and artifacts was beautifully written. It was easy to imagine all things. Little myths thrown here and there in the book was interesting. Best part of the book was when Elba explained everything to Marcus. I won’t tell who Elba was, it will spoil the fun of reading those chapters but that was best and most interesting part of the book. Tests of Marcus gave the idea along with characters what was going on. I like it when I and characters walk at same pace through the story. I loved the lesson behind those tests about choice of being good or bad and how bad choices affects even after death.

Just because we die, it doesn’t mean that who we are changes. Life is your time to master yourself and determine who you are, because once you die it is done, and those tendencies are there; they are part of you.

Bonding of Marcus and Ellie was great. Few of Marcus’ remarks were rude but his sarcastic nature made the book little lighter. Magical action scenes were exciting. If book didn’t have that excitement I would have cut more stars and I’m glad author didn’t disappoint me here.
Second half of the book was pretty fast than the first one. I flew through pages like fastest magic was at work. Loved this second part. It was like information flooding in this half. Everything came at once and enjoyed all those information. I was waiting for this from very beginning and I think this will be most essential part of whole series. Unimaginable twist and turns. Even characters turned out totally unexpected. If the whole book would have been like this second half, I definitely have given it full 5 stars.
End– Awesome climax and just perfect ending. Loved that last twist.
why not 5 stars_edited
First half of the book- It took me little while to get into book. To be exact I liked book more after Ellie and Marcus paid second visit to their uncle at mental hospital. Till that it was little bit slow because I didn’t like the way Marcus was behaving and all secrecy of magic by their grandparents. It was hard to feel related to characters till that point. Plus I felt irritated at some point. I was like what we are waiting for! Just get to the point.
Second thing that I’m still thinking after finishing book, why Elba didn’t explain magic to Ellie, she took test of Markus only why not Ellie? It was clear that she was same like Marcus and if she was different, what kind of magic she had! So the Ellie thing was very unclear and book was more focused on Marcus than her. I hope in second book I will get the answers for these questions.
This book could be more fun if there was humor in it.
Overall, different concept with exciting magical adventure. I don’t want to end this adventure here and would like to read second book of the series, The Shadow’s Servant.
Who should read it? Fantasy magic book lovers would like to read this book.

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Author: Justin Swapp

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*** Note: I received a review copy from the author, in exchange for an honest review. Many thanks to author. I am glad I got a chance to read this book. ***

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