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The Secret of His Turquoise Eyes (Mindblood Series Book 1) by Praachi Verma

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The Secret of His Turquoise Eyes (Mindblood Series Book 1) by Praachi Verma
Publication Date : March 29th 2019
Read Date : June 26th 2019
Genre : Fantasy / Sci-fi
Pages : 439
Stars : ★★ 1/2 /5

Praachi marries elements of fiction, science, spirituality and romance, transforming them into a thrilling journey- a concoction of unthinkable yet logical unnaturalness.” (Free Press) 

“The adventure never fades. Fantasy, science, para-normal characters and unpredictable secrets entwines to create a stellar masterpiece.” (The Pioneer) 

THE SECRET OF HIS TURQUOISE EYES is a page turner of a mystery thriller. It melds together fantasy and science in such a way that it will stay with you long after you finish.

‘A gifted eye that can see the unperceivable, a secret that cannot be seen; with clock ticking the hunt to decode this enigma begins.’ 

Rudra Gautam is a theoretical physicist whose mesmerizing turquoise eyes aren’t just his most impressive feature, but are gifted to visualize the world of electric and magnetic energies around them. He keeps his extraordinary capabilities hidden until his uniqueness is chosen to unravel an abstruse secret. The clues to which are hidden in strangest of places; the directions to which can be obtained only by solving complex codes, that only the most knowledgeable can figure out.

Rudra quickly realizes that he will need the help of Azna Jahe, a Glacial-Geography and Lhasa expert whom he once loved. Their quest takes them on a harrowing journey over the world’s most unforgiving elevations where their innermost fears comes to life. They skim through the layers of increasingly complex ciphers, all while being pursued by a para-human assassin who will stop at nothing to obtain that secret.

But it requires a lot more than just knowledge to unravel that secret; will Rudra be able to cross those barriers to solve it? If so, then will there be any coming back for him?

How far will he go until he realizes that the answer to it lays within him? 

The Secret of His Turquoise Eyes was mixture of fantasy, sci-fi, mystery and thriller that revolved around a turquoise-eyed hero of the book. It was about power meditation and yoga, spirituality, science and technology, greed and cruelty, adventure, and good vs evil, love, and saving the world.

Rudra was uniquely intelligent protagonist who could see aura of person with his inbuilt infrared detecting turquoise eyes. (I wonder why he didn’t have x-ray vision.) His abilities were narrated in first chapter only. He was technically a superhuman and so was his uncle, Gautam who was recently elected as a prime minister of India. He was clever, smart and humble human who was guided to his equally unique quest through his dreams. He was good both as person and in his quest.

Azna was Rudra’s ex-girlfriend. She was a good companion on this perilous journey, a good person and really important part of the puzzle and Rudra’s life. She was smart and all but was shadowed by Rudra.

I liked Rudra’s uncle, Gautam who was father figure to him. He was Rudra’s true parent and after knowing everything about him I liked him.

Villains were fab. So malevolent and creative. Genetic engineering, unimaginable procedure and blood-chilling stories about them was most amazing part of the book. Half star more for creative villains.

Okay, I liked characters a little. Their description was so in-depth that I could have recognized them if they have come out of pages into real life. But… I will talk about it later.

First chapter introduced main character, his Prime Minister uncle/father, how he was raised in monastery and later his uncle came to take him back home, and how Rudra’s journey to Himalaya that directed him towards immense power that in hands of enemy could destroy the world. And then there was a dangerous superhuman enemy on Rudra’s trail.

I was curious to know, why Rudra had this superhuman abilities, specially that turquoise eyes as no Indian had that eye color, why he was dreaming strange things which was directing him to Himalaya, why he was chosen for cryptic ancient book and where it was leading him, why he broke up with Azna. As I read more I had more questions and I got all the answers eventually.

Rudra’s journey from Himalaya to his destiny to meet his love once again, to mysterious caves, deathly peaks of mountains and chilling weather was adventurous. I liked the way all complicated puzzle pieces were placed throughout the story and the way both main characters succeeded in deciphering them along with loads of spirituality, metaphysics, and science.

World-building and plot was different. The Mitzlah clan, power of meditation, yoga and spirituality, science, technology and astrophysics, secret caves and magical world was great to read.

All characters’ life story was thoroughly depicted. Romance was not strongest but I liked Azna’s story and the way Rudra and Azna cleared their confusion.

Mystery was complex. I couldn’t guess where they were heading and what kind of power was awaiting at the end of their journey. Climax was great. Battle between two mighty giants was thrilling, the only moment where I was holding my breath. I cannot exactly describe how I felt for the events after climax till the end. It joined all pieces but it was too out-worldly to actually believe it.

End was okay, different from what I expected, Rudra got what he was wandering for and all. This was first in series but I don’t think I can continue the series.

Writing. There is flowery writing and then there is overly descriptive writing that describes character’s nose, eyes, lips, hair and everything with adjectives and some more description! This was the later kind and I’m not fan of such writing. Even the scenery had too much description that made the plot boring. The sentences like “her eyes were thinking” felt really odd. How can eyes think? All I want to say it could be better with some professional help.

I didn’t like word carcass being used for a person who was killed to protect Rudra. It’s good to have vast vocabulary but some words don’t have be replaced by impressive looking synonyms.

Though the author attempted to write a good constructive plot, it felt dry, slow, and unexciting. It didn’t have the strong hold on reader. No humor, nothing to refresh reader from that heavy, complicated cryptic puzzle which made it really tiring.

I’m not fan of sex-in-middle-of nowhere-when-the-enemy-is-on-your-trail-when-anything-can-happen-at-any-time kind of thing. I don’t like such distraction, that too, lengthy.

Characters were okay but I didn’t feel for them or connected with them. They felt unrealistic and unrelatable. There emotions also were not affecting.

Overall, nice concept, interesting at places but it was not for me.

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