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Ananta Shesha Naga: Rise of Demon Prince by Sanjeev K. Sharma

Ananta Shesha
Published: May 14th 2017 by Story Mirror
Read Date: August 11 2017
Star: 2/5
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Blurb (in my words):

Protocol and treaty between Devas, Asurs and Nagas has been violated by 5 brothers of Ananta Shesh Naga- the serpent Emperor of all Sarpas.
Swarna, beautiful golden sarpini, has ceased the seed and Nagamani of these 5 traitor Sarpa brothers and as the result of this treachery the destroyer of the world, Demon prince, Karushetu, is to be borne to rule the universe and to destroy all mighty rulers of the universe- Devas, Asurs and Sarpas.
None can stop this monstrous demon prince except great Naga warrior, Ananta Shesha Naga himself and his lord Maha Rudra. What destruction will bring this demon prince? How Ananta Shesha Naga is going to stop him?

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First of all if you don’t know who Ananta Shesha Naga is, let me give you a brief detail. As I mentioned in the blurb, he is the serpent Emperor of all Snakes. Have you seen the poster of Lord Vishnu resting on the 1000 hooded snake? That’s him. Here is picture for better understanding-

Ananta shesh
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Asurs is demons and Devas means Gods. Okay! Back to the book.
The story was about Shesha’s royal family (his brothers), devilish plan of antagonist Vansa, and its execution by Vasna’s deceiving beautiful weapon, Swarna. This results into the birth of destroyer of universe. Lust, sex, vengeance, and war defines this book.
First thought after reading this book was, it had a good potential but poor execution. I usually find something good in the book and end up giving at least neutral rating. Hardly any book can disappoint me and this was one of those books. I will discuss the things that I didn’t like later. So, first good things-
What I liked in the book was– Concept. As you all know I’m hopeless mythology lover, I instantly wanted to read this book when I heard mythology in this book was about Serpent king and his empire, which was different topic than usual mythology book. The only mythology in this book I knew was about Indra, Varuna, Vishnu and Maha Rudra. All about Serpan Empire and Shesha’s brothers was new to me.
Cover of the book is not that intimidating but book started with interesting description and introduction of the leading characters, the birth story of Shesha family and background details was interesting. The horrible plan by Vansa and its execution of by Swarna was good. That was out of the box plot. And I liked that. To be honest, my hopes for this book were real high after reading those first few chapters.
The war part, war tactics and final few chapters, twist and turn during those chapters was real good. In fact, I liked most of the book exactly after the birth of Demon Prince. Story became little interesting after that. So all stars for the interesting concept.
End and epilogue was expected.
Why 2 Stars? Ahem! Ahem! If author is reading this, I apologize for my words and I’m trying to show my dislikes humbly, so don’t get me wrong for what I going to write.
First– I usually don’t judge book by its cover but there could be good design for this book. Showing a bloody war or demon prince and Shesha in real form, Swarna and Vansa the conspirator of war, or anything but this!! No, I don’t like it.
Second– No characters were likable. Hell! I didn’t even like Gods in the book except Vishnu, Rudra, and Shesha. They had just one thing in the mind sex and kill. They saw a beautiful woman and to have a sex with her they broke the protocol and now they are furious because they were deceived. Seriously! Who can be such an idiot!! Apparently characters of this book! All women characters wherever mentioned either Swarna or the Asparas in Indra’s palace were shown like sex object! And rest poor women of city were raped in war! Swarna was created like that but still she was victim. And those kings (Shesha’s brother) who broke protocol were titled victim! In my opinion they were not victim, they were fools. Sorry! I’m being all feminist. But I didn’t like it.
ThirdNo emotions. I didn’t feel hatred, anger, love, passion or even sympathy. No excitement during battles. Nothing! I couldn’t connect myself with anything. I was reading like robot.
Fourth- almost 30% of the book, that is 70 pages, was all about how Swarna accomplished her plan with lust and sex and what Vansa’s priest and 5 kings did to Swarna. It was dirty. God I don’t need that much details, I could imagine how she did it. That actually could be wrapped shortly.
Fifth and major point for where goes all the stars- constant repetitions of things
Repetition of descriptions of Swarna’s look- to be specific her body, even more specific, bosom!! Like all the time she met new person even when she was going for bath! To make specific and sure counts at least 5 times that is just by 5 kings she tricked. All of them mentioned the same thing. Rest I’m not even counting. Excuse me, but I don’t want read that…!! And also the repetitions of all facts, plan, crusade and other minor things. Why editor has not cut those repetitions? That was totally not required. It just increased length of the book and nothing else. Even there was repetitions of adjectives and words. One adjective was so much used that I literally can’t forget that word now – Oceanic. Oceanic beauty, oceanic strength, oceanic depth, and many things were oceanic! And that ‘stark naked’ and ‘crust her bosom’ phrases, I lost the count of it. Many sentence formations I didn’t like.
I’m kind of reader who don’t do DNFs. There are high chances of DNFing by other readers.
In short poor editing and poor execution. This book has so much potential. Base of the story and concept was really good. If it was written properly, I would have liked this book.
Author: Sanjeev K. Sharma
Publisher: Story Mirror
*** Note: I received a book from the author, in exchange for an honest review. Many thanks to author and publisher. ***

What do you think about the book and my review? Share your thoughts in the comment-box below.
Happy Reading! 🙂


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